Kim Seon-yeop 
South Korea
New roster confirmed
September 7, 2017
QO confirmed the roster of the new Immortals today on Twitter. The lineup will consist of the old MVP.Phoenix roster: QO, MP, ForEV, DuBu and Febby.
The past year has been comparatively disappointing for all five members of the new Immortals. QO and Febby struggled immensely on Fnatic, failing to post any good results. ForEV, DuBu and MP enjoyed more success on their teams, but none ever reached the same status they enjoyed on MVP.Phoenix.
Released from Fnatic
August 25, 2017
In a release on their website, Fnatic confirmed that QO would be leaving the team as the 2017-2018 competitive season begins.
Since joining Fnatic in April, QO's results have been extremely poor. That old Fnatic roster struggled immensely even against regional competition. Their qualification for The International 7 came as a surprise, but once in Seattle they didn't make it far. Fnatic was one of the two teams eliminated during the group stages, never even getting a chance to play in Key Arena. QO has made no announcement of a new team.
Eliminated from TI7 with a final loss
August 6, 2017
QO was knocked around as Fnatic was swept 2-0 by Evil Geniuses in the group stages of The International 7. QO finished the series with a 4/15/4 KDA.
After a series of disappointing matchups, Fnatic's run at TI7 culminated with one final sweep at the hands of EG. Neither QO or anybody from Fnatic could match with EG as Fnatic was stomped in quick fashion. QO led his team in deaths and put the skill level between himself and a player like Universe on display. Fnatic has a lot of growth to do before being able to compete on a stage like TI.
Can't handle LGD
August 2, 2017
QO did not seem ready as Fnatic was swept 2-0 by LGD Gaming in the group stages of The International 7. QO finished the series with a 6/12/9 KDA.
One of the two teams in this series came out inspired and one came out timid. Playing scared and overwhelmed doesn't usually bode well, and that proved true as Fnatic was the victim of a beatdown. Fnatic worked hard to make it to TI and will need to avenge this loss in a substantial way if they want to prove them belong.
Struggles in the middle lane for Fnatic
August 2, 2017
QO finished with an overall KDA of 8/10/11 in Fnatic's 0-2 loss to Team Liquid in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 QO played Queen of Pain. He had a rough game against the massive Liquid burst damage potential. Although Blink did give him some mobility, it wasn't nearly enough to keep up with Liquid. QO finished with a 1/4/3 KDA in a quick 23-minute loss. In Game 2 QO played Ember Spirit. This was a brutal game for QO. His Flame Guard wasn't nearly enough to protect him from the insane magical burst from Mircale's Zeus, and QO quickly found himself on the back foot. He ended up finishing the game with a 7/6/8 KDA.
Severely contained by his opponents
June 28, 2017
Qo was heavily contained by TNC in their match for a slot at The International 7. The explosive mid laner was limited to a KDA of 3/8/4.
Qo was on the Outworld Devourer on the lone match. TNC constantly sent heroes to gank him in the mid lane as his laning stage went terribly. He died multiple times and was often relegated to the bottom of his team's net-worth chart. Qo did an admirable effort catching up, as he still managed to grab a Hand of Midas, but it was all for naught as TBC were already too far ahead.
Struggling with ragtag team
February 7, 2017
QO finished WanteD's 2-0 defeat at the hands of Digital Chaos during the Dota Asia Championships North American Qualifier with a final KDA of 8/16/12.
QO played Lone Druid in Game 1. Already saddled with a wonky lineup due to a jungling Pudge, QO's middle-lane Lone Druid didn't do much to help. He suffered heavily against w33's aggressive Queen of Pain and was almost ready to become an effective fighter when the game ended. In Game 2, WanteD went for broke by drafting a Phantom Lancer and Shadowfiend, with QO to play the latter. Faring a little better this time around, QO was still no match for w33's Ember Spirit. With little lane assistance from his supports or offlaner, QO was helpless to stop the snowballing Digital Chaos from rolling him over.
Bears the brunt of compLexity's wrath
February 6, 2017
QO finished WanteD's 2-0 defeat at the hands of compLexity during the Dota Asia Championships North American Regional Qualifier with a final KDA of 12/17/13.
QO played Storm Spirit in Game 1 in the middle lane. Though he had a fairly successful early game, he was plagued by Moo's Weaver. Chasing him about the map with his Orchid Malevolence, Moo killed QO a total of four times by the end of the game. Despite being plagued by Moo, QO couldn't find any success in large engagements either. compLexity's lineup stayed close together and was well prepared to delete QO with an array of chain stuns. In Game 2, QO played Juggernaut in the middle lane, where he was completely outplayed by canceL's Tinker. Already at a severe disadvantage due to the range disparity between the middle lane heroes, QO worked himself into a hole early by feeding four kills in 15 minutes. Things never picked up for QO as canceL took off, racking up 16 kills and zero deaths, to put WanteD out of their misery.
Starts off NA Dota career with win over Digital Chaos
February 3, 2017
QO looked solid, but less flashy than his days in MVP Phoenix in a 2-1 WanteD win over Digital Chaos in the DAC 2017 regional qualifiers. QO finished with an overall KDA of 16/14/27.
In Game 1 QO played Outworld Devourer in the Radiant middle lane. The game started out well for QO and the rest of WanteD, but DC's Meepo eventually overwhelmed them. QO dealt a lot of damage in fights, but DC's multiple saves and natural durability made it much too difficult for QO to get anything done. He finished with a 4/8/9 KDA. In Game 2 QO played Ember Spirit in the Dire middle lane. Ember Spirit has long been one of QO's best heroes, and the new magic-damage build seems to suit him well as a player. He was constantly moving around the map and in fights, locking down DC heroes and doing constant burn damage. QO finished with an 8/4/21 KDA. In Game 3 QO played Outworld Devourer again. He had a much better time in this game without a w33 Meepo to contend with. QO was able to dish out a lot of damage for his team in fights, while staying alive through most of them. He finished the game with a 4/2/7 KDA.
Early exit from the Boston Major
December 8, 2016
QO was too wild for MVP.Phoenix's sake as they bow out of the Boston Major against OG. The unorthodox mid finished with a KDA of 8/9/16.
QO, the man known for caveman doto, and the rest of MVP.Phoenix said goodbye at the Boston Major thanks to some forgettable performances. He kicked off the series with a Sniper in Game 1. While he did have the highest gold per minute (403) and hero damage (20,800) for his team, he lacked the oomph he is usually known for. He couldn't set the pace of the game with the Sniper pick and MVP.Phoenix struggled because of it. QO died too early in the teamfights and was forced to pick up a 23-minute Black King Bar which stifled his damage output in the long run. In the next game, QO found more success with the Weaver. He kept OG on their toes with his timely pick-offs even killing Ana's Invoker twice. But in the big clashes, QO was burst down too easily, and that doomed his squad.
Slow start turns into strong play
December 6, 2016
QO's performances got stronger as the series played out against Team NP. While he showed up late, the team's early loss ultimately turned into a 1-2 series. He ended the battle with a combined 19/13/21 KDA, with the majority of those deaths from the first game.
QO had a rough start to MVP Phoenix's match against Team NP. In Game 1, hoping to counter EternaLEnVy's Mirana, he decided to take Phantom Assassin as the game's last pick. Unfortunately, they had practically opposite KDA's, with QO at 2/7/2. While his performance wasn't strong, he was hoping to build off of his team-leading 8,400 hero damage. He was in fact, able to carry over that small amount of momentum and snowball it into a 5/1/9 Sniper in Game 2. He led the game's hero damage in the 22-minute shutdown. They ended up sending the series to Game 3 and had a kill score of 24-5. It was apparent QO wanted to win. Playing Slark in the middle lane, he was an absolute monster. With a 12/5/10 KDA, he and FoREv's Bristleback were the team's carries. Unfortunately, some weight is too heavy and they lost a game that was practically theirs. After leading for 48 minutes, Team NP got some key kills and took Game 3. MVP Phoenix got fourth place in Group B and will go on to face OG.
Strange picks and a difficult series for MVP's carry
December 4, 2016
QO struggled to lead MVP Phoenix against Newbee in the Boston Major. The aggressive Korean finished with a KDA of 5/7/8.
In the series opener, QO was on the unorthodox Visage in the mid lane. He fared okay against Sccc's Templar Assassin in the early game but when mid game rolled in everything fell apart from them. His decision to pick up an early Hand of Midas was punished by the Chinese squad. QO did manage the highest hero damage at 9,500, but his four deaths easily overshadowed his poor performance. In Game 2, he decided to go with the greedy Naga Siren. Despite a poor start, QO still managed an 18-minute Radiance and 605 gold per minute. But the rest of MVP faltered and the Koreans eventually succumbed to Sccc and Newbee.
Goes down swinging in the series sweep
September 28, 2016
QO had issues trying to stay alive as MVP Phoenix lost to Newbee 2-0 in Group Stages of the MarsTV Dota 2 League. QO finished with a 12/12/10 KDA and destroyed a tower and a barracks in the series.
QO was as involved in the teamfights as possible throughout this series, getting mixed results each time. He led his team in both kills and deaths as he played Outworld Devourer and Morphling. He also had team-low assists, showing that he was not playing as well off of his team members as he should have. MVP Phoenix looks to rebound as the Group Stages continue.
Business as usual for QO
September 27, 2016
QO played slightly shaky, but overall soundly in MVP's 3 game series against LGD.ForeverYoung. Finishing with a combined KDA of 22/8/23
Starting off Game 1 with his signature mid lane PA, QO delivered a dominant performance. QO got his first kill at -00:41 against Super's Storm Spirit and he kept on rolling from there. QO battered LGD across the map accumulating six kills before his only death at 17:10. QO's did not stay down for long, roaring back on a seven player kill streak, before ending the game at 31:09. Game 2 saw LGD make a swift resurgence against MVP, who opted for a magic damage centric lineup. QO floundered on his Tinker dying early and often to a multitude of heroes. After being hit hard early, MVP was unable to recover as LGD stormed to a 27 minute victory. QO finished Game 2 with an KDA of 2/6/7. Where the first two games saw both teams exchange quick blows and quick wins, Game 3 was a drawn out slug-fest. QO played Naga Siren and built his hero to set up for large teamfight ultimates and to lay down some pushing pressure. QO was successful racking up 18 assists, fully disabling LGD for just shy of 4 minutes and dealing 64% of the teams structure damage. QO's song and push helped MVP find a hard fought victory at 51 minutes. He finished with an 7/5/18 KDA.
Free Agent
No longer a part of MVP Phoenix
August 31, 2016
According to the Valve major registration website, QO has left MVP Phoenix.
QO played with MVP Phoenix for over two years, beginning in March of 2014. He made his first worldwide appearance at The International 5, upsetting their way to a 7th-8th place finish. Since then, QO has carved out a niche in the Dota world for himself, dominating with aggressive heroes like Phantom Assassin and Slark. With his ex-teammates MP and FoREV going to Team Secret, the prospect of QO also going to another western team is very exciting.