Kim Yong-min 
South Korea
Painful game for the hard support
June 24, 2018
Febby had a very tough time on Bane in a loss to Evil Geniuses in The International 8 North American qualifiers. He finished with a 4/9/9 KDA.
It's almost always difficult to play the position five support in a losing game and this was no exception. Febby was forced to try and make plays that almost always ended in his death, and often never even panned out into kills for Immortals.
Goes down without much of a fight
April 26, 2018
Febby had a weak series against VGJ.Storm, losing both games of a best-of-two in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 3/10/7.
Febby had a rough time on Earthshaker in Game 1. His 24-minute Blink Dagger says enough about the state of this game for Febby. He found nothing early and couldn't fight in the mid game, contributing nothing outside of a single Fissure in most fights. He finished with a 1/4/1 KDA. Febby played Clockwerk in Game 2. He did make a few nice rotations around the map, but too many of these didn't end up in kills and Immortals soon fell behind VGJ.S, who opted to just sit and farm in their lanes. Febby finished with a 2/6/6 KDA.
Rough rotations doomed Immortals
November 4, 2017
Febby had a terrible series for Immortals as they are eliminated from Dota Pit. The roaming support finished with a KDA of 1/10/15.
Febby hard committed to helping MP with his early game struggles. But he was often too late to the party and his Ice Shards weren't too effective. His 35-minute Force Staff underlined his struggles of the game.
Gallant performance in lost
November 3, 2017
Febby did his best against Team Liquid, but Immortals were still swept in Dota Pit. The support player finished with a KDA of 6/8/37.
Febby kicked of the series with Nyx Assassin. His early-game rotations at top helped Qo win his lane. His Impales were on point as he often lined up multiple enemies at a time. He was also providing a lot of vision for his team with Vendettas later on, which led to an impressive 24 assists. In Game 2, Febby went back to the nerfed Lich. While the hero isn't as good in the early game anymore, he still made it work. He picked up 13 assists and he was often in the right place at the right time for his team.
Locks down lanes in Games 2 & 3
October 22, 2017
Febby finished Immortal's 2-1 victory over Team Secret during the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor with a final KDA of 15/11/45.
In Game 1, Febby's Night Stalker, like the rest of his team, was simply unable to cope with Team Secrets last pick Meepo. Wherever he went Puppey's Spirit Breaker would follow, which kept him from giving any lane an early advantage. In Game 2, Febby repeated as Night Stalker, but this time he went on an incredible tear, helping to dominate the offlane and secure the game early for Immortals. In Game 3, Febby's Lich was a crucial part of Immortals uncharacteristically slow strategy. Helping to give his laning partner an experience advantage early, he moved on to specializing his items in order to deal with Secret's Terrorblade and Necrophos with great success.
Starts his first minor with a nice win
October 19, 2017
Febby finished with an overall KDA of 10/11/47 in Immortals' 2-0 win over Team Secret in the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 Febby played Night Stalker. He finished an Aghanim's Scepter at 25 minutes, which gave Immortals a massive advantage in the vision game. This meant that Immortals were the ones who got to choose when to start fights, and this usually lead to wins. Febby finished with a 3/7/19 KDA. In Game 2 Febby played Spirit Breaker. He played very well in this game. Alongside FoREV's Bounty Hunter, Febby was constantly finding kills all game. Thanks to all the fights he was a part of, Febby got a lot of levels and was also able to survive fights. He finished with a 7/4/28 KDA.
Out of Fnatic
August 25, 2017
In a release on their website, Fnatic confirmed that Febby would be leaving the team as the 2017-2018 competitive season begins.
Febby joined up with Fnatic in January, but the roster failed to produce any results of note. Besides The International 7, the only event Fnatic managed to qualify for was the ZOTAC Cup Masters, in which they placed 3rd-4th. More recently, Fnatic was eliminated in last place at The International 7, failing to make it past the group stages. Febby has yet to make any announcement regarding his next team.
Struggles to stay alive
August 2, 2017
Febby was made into a bystander as Fnatic was swept 2-0 by LGD Gaming in the group stages of The International 7. Febby finished the series with a 3/13/10 KDA.
No matter what Febby and Fnatic would try in the brief series, it fell short. Febby played both Io and Rubick, but didn't find anything close to success on either. He and his teammates were clearly outmatched in this series.
Another lost series for Fnatic
August 2, 2017
Febby finished with an overall KDA of 2/13/17 in Fnatic's 0-2 loss to Team Liquid in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Febby played Clockwerk. He managed to pull off a couple nice rotations, but as the laning phase ended Febby found his usefulness dwindling quickly. He quickly became little more than a walking Hookshot, and even that wasn't much to get in the way of Liquid. He finished with a 1/3/2 KDA. In Game 2 Febby played Earthshaker. This was another rough game for Febby. He spent a lot of time trying to bail out his teammates, but more often than not this cost Febby his life. By the time he finished his Blink Dagger at 26 minutes it was far too late, and Fnatic tapped out only a minute later. Febby finished with a 1/10/15 KDA.
Struggles for the quality Io player
June 28, 2017
Febby crashed and burn after an impressive run so far in the SEA Qualifiers against TNC. The Korean playmaker finished with a KDA of 1/12/7.
Febby was on the roaming Io in the match. He was often at the mid lane trying to get Qo the good start, but his presence wasn't that effective as TNC's rotations against Qo were still successful. Febby also committed too much helping his Bristleback instead of just stacking the Ancients. Normally a quality Io player, this just wasn't the game for Febby.
Another poor performance with Fnatic for ex-MVP Phoenix support
January 6, 2017
Febby looked weak in Fnatic's 0-2 loss to Team NP on Day 2 of ESL One Genting. He finished with a 9/17/18 overall KDA. Fnatic are the first team eliminated, finishing in last place.
In Game 1 Febby played Keeper of the Light. He went for a very greedy skill build, maxing Illuminate and not skilling Mana Leak until level 10. He spent the majority of the early and mid game farming towards his Aghanim's Scepter, but it didn't do anything substantial for Fnatic. He finished with a 1/9/7 KDA. In Game 2 Febby played Riki, a hero much more suited to his playstyle. With Ion Shell from Ohiayo's Dark Seer, Febby was an early-game terror. He transitioned well out of the early game, serving as a delivery vessel for Mushi's Lifestealer and providing yet another powerful silence to combine with Ohaiyo's Vacuums. Although he played well, the game lasted for 74 minutes, at which point it was well out of Febby's control. He finished with an 8/8/11 KDA.
Weak debut on Fnatic
January 5, 2017
Febby struggled against Virtus Pro in Fnatic's loss on day one of ESL One Genting. Febby finished with a 0/5/9 KDA.
In Game 1 Febby played Bounty Hunter, one of his signature heroes from his time on MVP Phoenix. Unfortunately for Fnatic, he failed to find much success on the roamer in the early game. This lead to a late level 6, and by the time they had access to it, Track couldn't do Fnatic much good. They failed to secure the kills needed to come back into the game, and quickly folded after 27 minutes.
Now playing with Fnatic
January 4, 2017
In an announcement on their website, Fnatic said that Febby will be joining the team starting with ESL Genting.
Febby has spent most of his career with MVP Phoenix, where he's become known for his exceptional roaming skills, as well as his abilities as an Io player. He briefly played carry for MVP Phoenix, although to disappointing results. He will be taking up the position-four role again in Fnatic.
Very disappointing series sends MVP.Phoenix home on day 1
December 8, 2016
Febby severely struggled as OG took MVP.Phoenix out of the Boston Major. The soft-spoken support player finished with a KDA of 6/14/14.
The days when Febby was considered a top-tier support are long behind him. In Game 1, Febby went with the odd Abaddon support and tried to bully Ana's Ember Spirit out of his lane. He was effective a whole two minutes before OG's supports started coming into play. Febby sacrificed too much experience for himself as his ultimate was highly delayed as OG contained him before he could dictate the game more. He did pick up four kills, but those were easily kills he should have given to his farm-starved cores. In the next game, he went with the pub favorite Pudge. Febby had a few good Meat Hooks in the game, but this was highly overshadowed by his appalling 11 deaths. The Korean support player is in a dark time in his career and he needs one hell of a pick-me-up to get back on track.
Weak series from MVP's captain
December 4, 2016
Febby's return to his natural support role did not pan out as expected for MVP Phoenix. He finisehd with a KDA of 1/15/12.
The eye-popping statline from Febby's performance is his 15 deaths and that pretty much summarized the series for the support player. In Game 1, he went with the highly contested Ogre Magi. Despite getting the coveted hero, Febby did not make things work. His poor early rotations that did not result in kills kept him underleveled. He did the lowest hero damage for his team at 2,500. He picked up just one kill and five assists and could not control the tempo for MVP Phoenix. In the second game, he was on Undying. His decision to just bully Sccc's Morphling caused QO to be underleveled this time around. His Tombstones were easily brought down by Newbee as he wasn't much of an Undying, dying a total of 11 times. Undying needs a more aggressive line-up to shine and MVP Phoenix just didn't play their cards right.
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