Kim Doo-young 
South Korea
Gets his wings clipped by EG
June 24, 2018
DuBu finished with a 5/7/13 KDA on Night Stalker in a loss to Evil Geniuses in The International 8 North American qualifiers.
DuBu had a rough time trying to make plays and open up the map against EG. It was extremely difficult for him to just run in and start fights and both EG's cores were very elusive if he couldn't land his initial silence.
Crushed by VGJ.Storm
April 26, 2018
DuBu finished with an overall KDA of 1/10/11 in a disappointing 0-2 loss to VGJ.Storm in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 1/10/11.
In Game 1 DuBu played a very ineffective Bane. His spells were all useless this game against Sneyking's Abaddon and he basically fed kills away all game. He finished with a 0/5/4 KDA. In Game 2 DuBu played Ancient Apparition. He struggled once again to have much impact for his team. Immortals were once again put on the back foot early, and DuBu was unable to perform at such a disadvantage in gold and levels. He finished with a 1/5/7 KDA.
Shows off the potential of Winter Wyvern in a win over Secret
October 19, 2017
DuBu finished with an overall KDA of 2/11/48 in Immortals' 2-0 win over Team Secret in the group stages of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
DuBu played Winter Wyvern in both games of the series. Game 1 wasn't a particularly flashy game for DuBu, but his positioning was good and he was able to reliably save allies all game. Cold Embrace was very good in this game thanks to Secret's physical damage focused lineup, and Winter's Curse is always a powerful spell, especially when the game goes very late like this one did. He finished with a 1/7/20 KDA. DuBu and the rest of Immortals did a very nice job making this hero work so well in this series. DuBu's positioning was one again on point in Game 2, and he was able to support his team to a relatively easy victory. He finished Game 2 with a 1/4/28 KDA.
Performance deserved an encore
August 8, 2017
DuBu stepped up to the plate to help Digital Chaos eliminate Invictus Gaming Vitality in The International 2017. The flashy support finished with a KDA of 1/2/15.
DuBu went with the niche pick support Naga Siren in the match. He played very aggressive from the start and was rewarded instantly by securing the first blood. DuBu was also instrumental in giving the Sven a hard time with his harassment. In the mid game, he was in perfect sync with his teammates as he fully used Song of the Siren to its full potential in turning around engagements.
Scrappy performance from support helps secure Digital Chaos win
April 24, 2017
DuBu was an annoyance for Newbee as Digital Chaos make short work of the Chinese squad in the Kiev Major. The Korean star finished with a KDA of 9/12/43.
DuBu started the series with the still popular Monkey King. He made a lot of plays in the early game that helped his team secure the game with his vision game and Boundless Strikes. His crucial 28-minute Skull Basher was also nifty for his team as he provided the extra crowd control. In the second game, DuBu went with Undying. He had no fear as he pressured Newbee early with his constant Decay spams and Tombstones. Despite playing from behind, DuBu controlled himself and limited his deaths and ended up having the highest assists (21) by the end of the game.
Joins Team Onyx for Kiev Major season
January 4, 2017
Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports reported Tuesday that Dubu will be forming Team Onyx with other veterans for the Kiev Major.
The relatively new-to-the-scene playmaker has never played for a team outside of South Korea, and this will be an interesting first for Dubu. He has been a key catalyst for MVP.Phoenix in his time with them, but now Dubu will be taking his talents to North America. Will Dubu finally improve on his top-six finish at The International 6 with his new set of allies in Team Onyx?
Slow start gains traction, but not fast enough
December 6, 2016
Having a slow start showed mental fortitude this series for DuBu. While the beginning was rough, he ended up being the most consistent player for MVP Phoenix in their 1-2 loss to Team NP, finishing with an 11/13/31 KDA.
DuBu had a very high-risk playstyle in Game 1 on all fronts. While playing Ogre Magi, he had a 4/7/4 KDA. His play was erratic and risky, doubling down on Ogre Magi's initiations and inconsistent damage. The silver lining was his 80 percent kill participation which helped him keep a clear mind going into Game 2. Stealing Warlock, a quintessential part of Team NP's Game 1 strategy, DuBu was on fire. With a 4/2/13 KDA in the 22-minute slaughter, DuBu was all over the board. Having 6,000 damage and 9,200 healing, he helped out in teamfights in both offensive and defensive capabilities. After a performance like that, MVP Phoenix was confident going into Game 3. Team NP switched up their draft a lot which was something that was a factor in MVP's dominance of Game 2. Things looked bright for the squad, having a 14,000 gold lead at 44 minutes. "Doesn't matter if it is by an inch or a mile, you still won" must have been Team NP's mantra this game, though. MVP's lead diminished quickly due to a few key kills and after 48 minutes, Team NP finally got a gold lead and closed it out in that minute, ahead by less than 2,000 net worth. MVP Phoenix will face Group D's first seed, OG, in the bracket stages at the Boston Major.
Constantly picked on in loss
September 30, 2016
DuBu couldn't do much in the series as MVP Phoenix lost to Vici Gaming 2-1 in the first round of the lower brackets of the MarsTV Dota 2 League. DuBu finished with a 9/24/46 KDA in the series.
Whether MVP was trailing or in the lead, DuBu was not at the top of his game. In Game 1 DuBu was the only person with a KDA less than 4.0, as he somehow died a team-high seven times. Game 2 was the same story, as he died a team-high 10 times, this time allowing Vici to take the victory. With 17 deaths and just 20 assists through the first two games, it was clear that DuBu wasn't playing his best. Game 3 was a very close game that looked to be in favor of MVP, but Vici came back late to steal the game and the series. DuBu will be able to learn a lot from this series.
Inconsistent performance assists in two victories over OG
August 10, 2016
DuBu had two amazing games, those being Games 1 and 3. In Game 2 he didn't have a strong showing by any definition. He did come through when it counted for MVP Phoenix, ending with an 11/24/49 KDA.
DuBu had great games against OG when MVP Phoenix was ahead. In Game 1, DuBu played Spirit Breaker and charged his way to a 5/9/24 KDA. Most of his deaths came while the game was contentious, but once MVP Phoenix got a lead, he started playing stronger and only died twice in 20 minutes. Inconsistency can kill a team, and while DuBu had a strong Game 1, it was a totally different story for Game 2. Playing Vengeful Spirit, DuBu did not have a good game. OG ended up winning Game 2 with DuBu having a 0/13/8 KDA. There wasn't any real standout stat for DuBu, but he needed to bounce back for the deciding Game 3, and bounce back he did. Playing Shadow Demon, he was able to rack up a 6/2/17 KDA alongside 7,100 hero damage. This was a game where MVP Phoenix was ahead for almost the entire game and DuBu's play reflected that. Wings Gaming will be a tough opponent and DuBu will need to be able to perform better when MVP Phoenix is behind if they hope to secure a winner's final spot on Wednesday, August 10.
Unstable series in 1-1 split with Vici.Reborn
August 6, 2016
DuBu played a hit and miss series in the 1-1 tie between MVP.Phoenix and Vici.Reborn. He ended the series with a 7/14/19 KDA.
For Game 1, DuBu played Oracle in the Dire safe lane. Early on he kept MP in good shape with heals, and set up some key kills with Fortune's End. In teamfights he worked in tandem with Febby's Wisp, using False Promise on teammates at the brink of death so that he and Febby could heal them up or Relocate them out to safety. These saves kept the momentum high for MVP.Phoenix, and they prevailed over Vici.Reborn for Game 1. DuBu had a lackluster Game 2 as he played Earth Spirit. A small success in lane was overruled by being caught out without escape from END's Ursa. DuBu's eight deaths set back MVP.Phoenix too far, and so they lost Game 2.
Respectable play despite MVP.Phoenix's 0-2 loss to EHOME
August 6, 2016
A good series from DuBu despite MVP.Phoenix's 0-2 loss to EHOME. He ended with a 3/6/18 KDA.
Keeping in mind his team's play, DuBu did okay for Game 1 where he played Lich. His positioning was on point in teamfights, and he effectively kept Ice Armor on his teammates. However, EHOME's heroes had a stronger fighting skillset, so MVP.Phoenix lost Game 1. For Game 2, DuBu played Lich again in the Dire off lane. Better Chain Frosts were seen from DuBu in this game, and his team did show promise, but were ultimately overrun by EHOME's push, and MVP.Phoenix lost Game 2.
Gank-heavy gameplay finds mixed results
August 4, 2016
DuBu earned a 6/10/31 KDA during MVP's tie against Secret.
DuBu had two games that could not have been further from each other in terms of performance. After multiple bans on the stealth roamers that he favors, he opted into an Earth Spirit pick in Game 1, a pick that hasn't yet seem a particularly impressive amount of success at the International. This game would prove no different, as while he did find some early kills with his roaming, Secret found more in the same time frame and on the more important cores, rather than the support kill that DuBu found. The game quickly got out of control for MVP, and Secret spent the last 10 minutes of the game just killing any MVP member they saw while they waited for the Roshan and items they would need to outright end the game, which they did in short order once they were ready. Game 2 would prove much more successfully for DuBu, largely because he seemed to have a moer focused plan going into it: camp the everloving daylights out of anyone across the lane from MP. That proved wildly effective, and MP's Lifestealer got outrageously fed as a result. After getting his position-one core fed, he then proved useful in another aspect: teamfight initiation. Secret had no answer to the Charge of Darkness from DuBu, and even less of an answer to the extremely fed Lifestealer that popped out of him once he had found his mark. MVP would go on to win Game 2 in the same dominant fashion that Secret had taken Game 1 after a hilarious number of early skirmishes and kills put them completely out of reach of Secret's ability to catch up.
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