Roman Fominok 
Can't carry all on his own
June 3, 2018
Resolut1on finished with a 23/18/28 overall KDA in a 2-0 loss to Team Secret at the China Supermajor.
In Game 1 Resolut1on played well on Sniper. He did a nice job living through mid-game fights while keeping up his farm. In the late game though, VGJ.S' damage was almost entirely reliant on Resolut1on and he simply couldn't put it out quickly enough. He finished with a 19/6/16 KDA. Resolut1on played Luna in Game 2. He had a few decent fights but got targeted by Doom more often than not. Despite doing a good job keeping up in farm, all his net worth was easily rendered useless by one ultimate. He finished with a 4/12/12 KDA.
Deathless series against Fnatic
May 12, 2018
Resolut1on played a perfect series in a 2-0 win against Fnatic at GESC Thailand. He finished with a 19/0/12 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Resolut1on played Medusa, going all game without giving up a single death. He was nearly untouchable in fights, sitting back and just pounding away at Fnatic with Split Shot and Mystic Snakes. After doing well in lane and farming up very quickly, Resolut1on was untouchable by Fnatic all game. He finished with a 5/0/9 KDA. Resolut1on played Morphling in Game 2, taking over the map very quickly. He got his core of Linken's Sphere and Ethereal Blade by 23 minutes and spent the rest of the game hunting down Fnatic's supports and collecting free kills for himself. He finished with a 14/0/3 KDA.
Secures the North American Supermajor qualifier slot
April 26, 2018
Resolut1on went without a single death in a convincing 2-0 win over VGJ.Storm in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers. He finished with a 16/0/15 overall KDA.
Resolut1on started the series off with a fantastic Gyrocopter performance. After a slow start to the lane phase, Resolut1on exploded into the mid game. His area-of-effect damage was quite simply overwhelming for Immortals. There was no answer to the amount of damage Resolut1on could front load in a fight, which set VGJ.Storm up for easy cleanups. He finished with an 8/0/6 KDA. Resolut1on played excellent again in game 2, on Medusa this time. His positioning was good all game, and he did a great job in lane so Resolut1on was able to hold his ground in fights. In combination with the area-of-effect damage from YawaR's Gyrocopter, there was no hope for Immortals once the two VGJ.S carries got going. Resolut1on finished with an 8/0/9 KDA.
Commanding win for VGJ.Storm's middle lane
April 24, 2018
Resolut1on played a great series vs Optic Gaming in a best-of-two in the Supermajor North American qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 18/3/41.
Resolut1on played very well on Leshrac in Game 1. His positioning in fights allowed him to live through most engagements, giving him the opportunity to put out insane AoE damage. In VGJ.Storm's 32-minute win here, Resolut1on lead the server in damage done with a whopping 22,400. He finished with an 11/3/22 KDA. Resolut1on played Sniper in Game 2, managing to avoid giving up a single death. With MSS and YawaR in front of him and Sneyking's Omniknight backing him up, Resolut1onlution was a complete nightmare for Optic. There was no good answer to his range, and although his damage wasn't always amazing Resolut1on was always alive and poking away at Optic. He finished with a 7/0/19 KDA.
Joins VGJ.Storm
April 14, 2018
VGJ.Storm announced via its website that Resolut1on would be joining the team to replace Timado.
In the post it mentioned that this decision was partially made due to an undisclosed situation, yet to be resolved, that prevented Timado from attending team boot camps. VGJ has been on the fringe, despite reforming with a new roster after dumping the former members of isGG. Resolution certainly gives this team a better chance to make it to The International 2018, but the odds are still against them.
Released from OG
March 18, 2018
In a post on the team's Facebook page, it was announced that Resolut1on would be leaving OG.
This move comes after months of disappointing results for the OG roster. In December of 2017, the Resolut1on roster took first place at MDL Macau, but since then has consistently come up short of expectations. OG's captain, 7ckngMad, will be standing in while a new replacement is found.
Can't do it all on his own against Liquid
March 7, 2018
Resolut1on put forth a commendable performance in a close loss to Liquid at PGL Bucharest. He finished with a 15/3/10 KDA.
Resolut1on played a great Death Prophet against Liquid but couldn't manage to control the game enough on his own. Resolut1on was an absolute beast in fights thanks to support from Fly's Dazzle making Resolut1on survive way longer than Liquid wanted. Unfortunately for OG, two of Resolut1on's three deaths came in the late game, where a mistake like that can prove fatal.
ESL One Katowice run ended
February 22, 2018
Resolut1on played well in Game 1 but couldn't carry the day in a 0-2 loss to Liquid at ESL One Katowice.
In Game 1 Resolut1on played Storm Spirit. He played as well as he could in this game, but was never able to stop Kuroky's Oracle from saving the target Resolut1on initiated on. Getting constantly shut down in fights really slowed down his momentum and left him vulnerable. He finished with a 13/5/5 KDA. Resolut1on played Razor in Game 2, but struggled to have any impact in fights. He was very weak to Liquid's burst damage, and was never able to make great use of Static Link in fights. He finished with a 1/3/4 KDA.
Lone bright spot in tough loss
February 21, 2018
Resolut1on shined in the loss as OG lost to Vici Gaming 1-0 in the first round of ESL One Katowice. Resolut1on finished with a 9/5/8 KDA.
Resolut1on can't be blamed for throwing away OG's lead. He fought very well on Storm Spirit, as he significantly led his team in kills without any unnecessary deaths. Even as the game was slipping away, Resolut1on was doing everything he could to pull it back but came up short. OG now faces the tough road of going through the losers bracket.
The only bright spot for OG
January 9, 2018
Resolut1on finished OG's 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the semi-finals of Captains Draft 4 with an average KDA of 11/5/11.
Resolut1on's Game 1 as Monkey King was solid. He was able to find some semblance of farm but ultimately was incapable of overcoming VG entirely on his own. Resolut1on played better in Game 2 as Terrorblade. However, he was again overcome due to a lack of support from his underarmed and teammates.
Battles back to victory in both games
January 6, 2018
Resolut1on played a great series in a 2-0 win against Empire at Captain's Draft 4. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/4/26.
Resolut1on had a rough start to his Arc Warden game but managed to come back thanks in large part to his teammates. After a rough time in lane, Resolut1on did a great job capitalizing on the space his teammates created for him and came back in the mid and late-game to provide the damage OG needed to lock things down. He finished with a 5/2/16 KDA. Game 2 was almost an exact repeat of Game 1 for Resolut1on, who was on Chaos Knight this time around. He had a rough start to the game, but, thanks to his teammates creating some space, was able to farm his way back into things. He came online a bit earlier this time and was able to join in a lot more fights. He finished with a 10/2/10 KDA.
Good numbers all around for OG mid
January 4, 2018
Resolut1on outclassed Limmp in the mid lane as OG rolled over compLexity in Captain's Draft 4.0. The prolific mid laner finished with a KDA of 10/1/8.
Resolut1on's Death Prophet in the only game of the series had an okay laning stage against Limmp. Despite getting ganked more often by the opposing supports, Resolut1on still found the space to farm. His 20-minute Black King Bar and Eul's Scepter allowed him to stay in the thick of the action with ease. He achieved the game-high 10 kills and also did the most tower damage for OG.
Runs over compLexity
December 18, 2017
Resolut1on finished OG's 2-1 victory over compLexity in the Wild Card Finals at The Summit 8 with an average KDA of 11/2/5.
Resolut1on kept a clean sheet in Game 1 as he put compLexity away with ease on Anti-Mage, finishing with a 14/0/4 KDA. Game 2 was a wash as OG weren't able to contend, being picked apart by compLexity's superior lineup. Resolut1on finished with a 2/5/3 KDA. In Game 3, Resolut1on was back to form on Storm Spirit, managing to hold down 4v5 fights while N0tail was split pushing. Resolut1on finished with a 16/2/8 KDA.
Very impressive in both games of a quick 2-0 win
December 16, 2017
Resolut1on played a great series in a 2-0 win against Evil Geniuses at the Summit 8. He finished with an overall KDA of 16/3/20.
In Game 1 Resolut1on played Sniper. His positioning throughout the entire game was excellent, and with a reliable frontline defending him, Resolut1on was almost untouchable all game. He was allowed to sit back and dish out damage, giving OG easy fight wins. He finished with a 10/2/13 KDA. In Game 2 Resolut1on played the rarely seen Arc Warden. He was exceptionally effective against OG's many ranged cores thanks to Magnetic Field and allowed OG to take and turn around some insane teamfights. His positioning was very good all game, only giving up a single death on a hero that needs to be ahead and farmed. He finished with a 6/1/7 KDA.
Maintains excellent Shadow Fiend play
December 8, 2017
Resolut1on dominated TNC as OG pick up the win in MDL Macau. The star mid laner finished with a KDA of 15/3/18.
He was playing his Shadow Fiend at a high level from the early moments of the game. He easily outclassed Kuku's Razor in the laning stage. He has been rushing Black King Bar recently and he does so again. The importance of the item on the vulnerable Shadow Fiend is really paying dividends for the CIS star. 15 kills and only three deaths is a highly impressive statline.
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