Yazied Jaradat 
Team Secret
Weird roaming Ancient Apparition did not pay off
October 23, 2018
Yapzor had an efficient series against Evil Geniuses at ESL One Hamburg. The flamboyant support finished with a KDA of 8/7/29.
Yapzor went with Ancient Apparition in Game 1. He dedicated much of his time early to rotating. Unfortunately for Secret, his rotations did not amount too much as Ancient Apparition isn't really known to be an early game presence. In Game 2, Yapzor managed to turned things around with his signature Rubick. This time around, Yapzor didn't roam around too much and Secret was all the better for it. He managed to be involved in 31 of his team's 44 kills.
Great series from Secret's position four
September 20, 2018
YapzOr finished with an overall KDA of 9/9/35 in a 2-0 win over Team Liquid in the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers.
YapzOr played Earthshaker in Game 1, bringing a huge array of stuns to the table for Secret. YapzOr gave Secret an incredible advantage in fights, both in terms of damage and the constant lockdown he was able to provide. He finished with a 6/4/16 KDA. In Game 2 YapzOr played Sand King, delivering powerful stuns and damage from a different strength support hero. He finished a 15-minute Blink Dagger that made him extremely effective for the rest of the game, enabling his cores to shine. He finished with a 3/5/19 KDA.
Incredible three-man Echo Slam highlights series
August 24, 2018
Yapzor had a few good moments, but it wasn't enough for Secret against Liquid. The Jordanian support finished with a KDA of 9/16/29.
Yapzor had a pretty good game with Earthshaker in the series opener. His 21-minute Blink Dagger was a lot slower than he would have like but it immediately had an impact. A three-man Echoslam gave his team the lead for a brief moment in the game. In Game 2, Yapzor couldn't replicate his magic in the first game with Lina. He missed some crucial Light Strike Arrays that could have helped Secret take control of the game.
Couldn't really do much with his extra farm
August 21, 2018
Yapzor couldn't set the tempo in Secret's favor against Evil Geniuses. The Jordanian support finished with a KDA of 2/15/47.
Yapzor was given a hefty amount of farm for a support in both games of the series and it felt like it didn't do anything for Secret. In Game 1, he gambled with the roaming Earth Spirit. He was more annoying than deadly against EG as he never had a kill threat. His only item pickup in the game was a Spirit Vessel at 35 minutes when the game was all but over for Secret. In Game 2, he played his signature Rubick. His rotations allowed him to get 2 kills which were highly underwhelming. He had a few good Spell Steals that helped Secret turn things around but Secret needed a lot more from him.
Incredible Dark Willow play
August 18, 2018
Yapzor was styling against TNC as he took over from the support role at The International 2018. The flamboyant support finished with a KDA of 16/4/41.
Yapzor tried his luck with Dark Willow in the series opener. He tried to pressure Raven but was mostly unsuccessful. But once he turned Level 6, he instantly made his presence felt as he picked up two kills for Secret to give the European team signs of life. Yapzor had so many crucial Bramble Maze and Terrorize casts that TNC never got to take the fight that they wanted. Yapzor once again went with Dark Willow in Game 2. He was instrumental in Fata taking over the top lane. When TNC was finally showing signs of life, Yapzor would stop them in their tracks with pinpoint Terrorize usages.
Big plays all around from the Secret support
June 9, 2018
Yapzor continues to impress at the China Dota Supermajor. The flamboyant support finished with a KDA of 9/6/44.
Yapzor was back in business with his Rubick. He kept stealing important spells for Secret even stealing Dream Coil in one of the first important engagements in the game. Yapzor's mechanical skills were once again on full display with Elder Titan in Game 2. He was stacking three stacks at a time a time and using it with Ancestral Spirit to hit like a truck early on for Secret. His discipline of holding his Earth Splitter, until after the Call from Axe or Duel from Legion Commander made all the difference for Secret.
Never lets up the pressure
June 3, 2018
YapzOr finished with an overall KDA of 22/14/43 on Skywrath Mage in a 2-0 win vs VGJ.Storm at the China Supermajor.
YapzOr played well in a crazy comeback Game 1 win. He died a lot to VGJ.S in the mid-game, but Secret were able to hold out to the late-game. With some levels and gold under his belt, YapzOr was really able to shine. He finished with a 10/12/24 KDA. YapzOr played even better in Game 2. He managed to deal an insane amount of damage in fights thanks to his excellent positioning keeping him alive. YapzOr almost never died in fights, giving Secret a huge damage edge over VGJ.S. He finished with a 12/2/19 KDA.
Great game from Secret's star support
May 10, 2018
YapzOr played a great Nyx Assassin in a win vs Evil Geniuses at GEST Thailand. He finished with a 6/4/30 KDA.
YapzOr was extremely annoying all game. He never gave Evil Geniuses a moment of rest, even when Secret was playing from behind in the mid game. His movement around the map also gave Secret tons of great vision and information that let them dodge fights when they needed to and then take them when it was time.
Ineffective rotations from Secret support
May 4, 2018
Yapzor rough early game spelled doom for Team Secret in their elmination at Epicenter XL against Mineski. The support finished with a KDA of 0/5/6.
Yapzor played Slardar in the important match but the pick didn't feel effective at all for Secret. Yapzor tried to get tempo going for his team by constantly making rotations in the laning phase. He even got Haste at a good opportunity early on against Mushi, but it simply wasn't meant to be for the Jordanian playmaker. He tried use Slardar's innate Roshan advantage to help Secret back into the game with an Aegis of Immortal before the 20-minute mark, but Mineski knew exactly what was going on and took Roshan for themselves.
Totally shut down in both games
May 2, 2018
YapzOr struggled vs Virtus.pro in a 0-2 loss at EPICENTER XL. He finished with an overall KDA of 8/7/15.
In Game 1 YapzOr played a very underwhelming Skywrath Mage. He was just unable to be effective all game. He was too fragile to enter fights with confidence, which left him under-leveled and took a lot of the power away from his spells. He finished with a 2/2/3 KDA. In Game 2 YapzOr played Rubick. Despite a few nice Spellsteals, this was another uphill battle for YapzOr and the rest of Team Secret. They fell behind early and spent the rest of the game on the back foot, holding out for a miraculous high-ground defense that never came. YapzOr finished with a 6/5/12 KDA.
Ran out of steam after impressive Game 1
April 30, 2018
Yapzor started excellently but fizzled out quickly as Team Secret lose against OG in Epicenter XL. The flashy support finished with a KDA of 11/10/24.
Yapzor had an excellent Rubick game in the series opener. His rotations were perfect and he was more farmed than Fata's Nightstalker which was a very impressive feat. Unfortunately, the scintillating form for Yapzor quickly fizzled out in the rest of the series. His Zeus was a glorified sentry ward in Game 2. He never really made any plays to swing the game in Secret's favor. In the final game, Yapzor tried his luck with his signature Io. But his presence early on was atrocious. He gave away first blood and he couldn't keep Ace's Gyrocopter alive in many of the laning stage ganks.
Very impressive game on the newest Captain's Mode hero
April 1, 2018
YapzOr played Pangolier in a loss to Virtus.pro at DAC 2018. He finished with an 8/7/17 KDA.
Things started out very slowly for YapzOr, but as soon as he was given a bit of space to farm and get levels he transitioned into a very powerful hero. He was able to deal a lot of damage in fights, but in this game was extremely weak to 9pahsa's Enchantress. The extreme speed of Rolling Thunder came back to bite YapzOr, putting huge distance between him and 9pasha's Impetus attacks.
Sends Liquid to the loser bracket
March 23, 2018
YapzOr finished with a 16/4/36 overall KDA in a 2-0 win over Team Liquid at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9.
In Game 1 YapzOr played a great Rubick. His positioning all game was excellent, especially his early-game movements that set Secret up for a dominant mid game and a quick win over Liquid. YapzOr finished with a 3/2/16 KDA. In Game 2 YapzOr managed to steal the show on his Witch Doctor somehow. He showed up to nearly every fight and walked away not only alive but with the majority of his team's kills. Throughout all of this, YapzOr ended the game with the second most damage done at 17,600 and a 13/2/20 KDA.
Shows off how to carry as support
March 4, 2018
YapzOr was fantastic against compLexity, finishing with an impressive 4/3/23 KDA.
YapzOr played a great Earthshaker against compLexity at PGL Bucharest. He did a fantastic job all game of positioning himself to both avoid dying and get the most use from his spells. He was able to both save his teammates and set up Secret for excellent fights all game.
Knocked out of ESL One Katowice
February 23, 2018
YapzOr had a tough series overall against Liquid, finishing with a 9/15/26 overall KDA in a 1-2 loss.
Game 1 was rough for YapzOr, who was on Tusk. He never had a good lane to rotate to in the early game, and this draft move from Liquid would prove to be a huge part of his downfall. YapzOr was still able to make decent use of Snowball, but he was just delaying Secret's loss at that point. He finished with a 1/6/6 KDA. In Game 2 YapzOr played Earthshaker. His early game was slow once again, but he was still able to finish a Blink Dagger by 17 minutes. His initiation for the rest of the game was great, both starting fights and turning things around on Liquid. He finished with a 4/4/16 KDA. YapzOr played Rubick in Game 3. He made some nice moves around the map to find kills, but was ultimately unable to shut down Liquid's rampaging cores before they could get off to the starts they needed. In the late game, there were no good spells for YapzOr to steal with any reliability and he floundered in fights. He finished with a 4/5/4 KDA.
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