Ivan Borislavov 
Team Liquid
Shows off his flexibility
September 27, 2018
Mind_Control stepped it up for Liquid as they secure their Minor slot at the DreamLeague Season 10. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/9/32.
Mind_Control kicked off the series with Venomancer in the mid lane. The laning adjustment worked perfectly for Liquid as he schooled Fey's Bloodseeker. He was always pressuring the towers of MangoBay which created so much space for Liquid to work with. In Game 2, he was on offlane Drow Ranger. He struggled early on but he bounced in the mid game as he cut down on his deaths and was just reading the map well.
Comes back after brutal Game 2
September 26, 2018
Mind_Control played a solid series overall in Liquid's 2-1 win in the Dreamleague Season 10 Qualifiers, finishing with a 21/17/37.
Mind_Control put the pressure on in Game 1 with his Nature's Prophet. He made excellent use of the hero's mobility, moving around the map early with Kurokyky's Chen to take a quick lead for Liquid that they were able to snowball into a dominant victory. Mind_Control finished with a 10/6/9 KDA, leading the match in both kills and overall kill participation. In Game 2 Mind_Control's Nature's Prophet was very well handled by Lithium. They shut down a lot of his attempts at kills and he quickly became and easy kill. He finished with a 5/10/10 KDA. In Game 3 Mind_Control took Dragon Knight to the middle lane with great results. He played very well against MagE's Storm Spirit in lane, showing off Mind_Control's prowess as an overall Dota player. Mind_Control continued to play very well all game, pressing his advantage into a win. He finished with a 6/1/18 KDA.
Liquid's offlane shut down
September 20, 2018
Mind_Control finished with an overall KDA of 4/15/24 in a rough 0-2 loss to Team Secret at the Kuala Lumpur Major qualifiers.
In Game 1 Mind_Control played Dark Seer. He got shut down hard by Puppey's Crystal Maiden and the root from Frostbite. Mind_Control's mobility was rendered completely useless by that one spell, making him and easy kill all game for Puppey +1. Mind_Control finished with a 2/10/4 KDA. Mind_Control was much more successful in Game 2 on Nature's Prophet, but couldn't shut down the Secret onslaught. He did a much better job staying alive and contributing to kills, but Secret's Drow Ranger draft made it very difficult for him to actually square up against anyone. He finished with a 2/5/20 KDA.
Does the dirty work for Liquid
August 24, 2018
Mind_Control was a steady presence for Liquid in their sweep of Secret. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 16/14/31.
Mind_Control had a hot start on Batrider in Game 1 of the series. He was picking off kills against Secret's bottom lane with good usage of Sticky Napalm and Firefly. His Blink Dagger at the 17-minute mark allowed him to pick apart the Secret contributing to 25 of his team's 40 kills. In Game 2, he had a rougher start with Wraith King, but he was constantly forcing Secret into bad fights with his initiations.
Never got going
August 22, 2018
Mind_Control was not in control against PSG.LGD as Liquid were relegated to the Lower Bracket. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 9/10/2.
Mind_Control's Enchantress struggled very early on in the game. A big turn around with Nature's Attendant coming into the mid game helped him catch up against the PSG.LGD onslaught. He couldn't play his normal greedy way and had to rush Black King Bar, but it wasn't enough as PSG.LDG were already too ahead. Mind_Control brought Ursa to the offlane in Game 2. He was the only one who had success in the laning phase. Mind_Control tried to make the space for Miracle once he got his Blink Dagger, but he was still easily controlled and taken down by PSG.
Takes Drow in Game 1
August 17, 2018
Mind_Control finished Team Liquid's 2-0 victory over Evil Geniuses during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 6/4/15.
Mind_Control played Drow Ranger in Game 1 as Liquid's strategy revolved around Drow staying alive instead of being the big damage dealer, instead giving that role to Miracle's Clinkz. The strategy worked well as Mind_Control rarely died and managed to find the levels and gold he needed to keep Liquid's strategy afloat. In Game 2 Mind_Control played Weaver. Instead of being a major split-pusher he opted more for a utility role, dealing out area-of-effect damage and itemizing to help keep his teammates alive.
Rolled in Game 1
August 17, 2018
Mind_Control finished Team Liquid's 1-1 draw with PSG.LGD during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 3/6/13.
Mind_Control played a roaming Bloodseeker in Game 1, as Liquid was going for a very fast finish. Mind_Control didn't find his usual level of success as Bloodseeker this time around, trying to force the hero in and awkward tank role and not picking up a Crimson Guard until 26 minutes in, racking up 11 deaths and only recording two kills before game's end. In Game 2 Mind_Control was able to recover a bit as Brewmaster. He played safe and got enough farm for a 14-minute Blink Dagger. His crowd control of LGD was crucial for keeping Chalice's Ursa down and allow Liquid to prolong fights to get their damage out.
Continues to look good in group stages
August 17, 2018
Mind_Control finished with an overall KDA of 15/5/34 in a 2-0 win over Mineski in the group stages of The International 8.
Mind_Control made some very nice global plays on Nature's Prophet in Game 1. His ability to show up to any fight is what kept Liquid in the game early on when they were losing, and really helped to cement their lead once ahead. He finished with a 9/3/19 KDA. In Game 2 Mind_Control dominated Mineski with Enchantress. He only gave up two deaths all game while dishing out huge damage from the edges of fights with Impetus. His choice to rush a Monkey King Bar proved to be a fatal one for Mushi's Phantom Assassin, letting Mind_Control find easy kills against the evasion-based hero. He finished with a 6/2/15 KDA.
Doubles up on Bloodseeker
August 15, 2018
Mind_Control finished Team Liquid's 2-0 victory over OG during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 12/6/17.
Mind_Control played Bloodseeker in both games and the tale of the tapes tells two completely different stories. In Game 1 Mind_Control found his footing early on and the game lasted long enough for him to be a dual threat alongside MATUMBAMAN's Ursa. In Game 2, Mind_Control was held down with all six of his deaths coming in before the 20-minute mark. Just as he was finally gathering some of his first items, Kuroky was ending the game.
Easy series for the Liquid offlaner
June 4, 2018
Mind_Control was very strong in both games of a 2-0 win vs TNC at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 12/3/21 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Mind_Control set the pace of fights on his Dark Seer. With the setup from Kuroky's Naga Siren, Mind_Control was able to easily hit multiple heroes with his Vacuum and Wall of Replica. This grouped up TNC for the rest of Liquid, leading to easy follow up stuns and damage. He finished with an 8/3/12 KDA. Mind_Control played Leshrac in Game 2, snowballing his way to a very quick win. After taking his lane, Mind_Control was able to group up with his team and obliterate TNC. He finished with a 4/0/9 KDA.
Underwhelms in losing performance
May 24, 2018
MinD_ContRol was outplayed as Team Liquid lost to paiN Gaming 1-0 in the group stage of ESL One Birmingham. MinD_ContRol finished with a 4/8/10 KDA.
paiN came out hot and dominated the early game, and just never looked back from there. Meanwhile, MinD_ContRol and Liquid were trying to keep themselves in it, but never stood a chance. MinD_ContRol struggled on Beastmaster and just seemed to be outplayed throughout. This is a game Liquid would like to move on from quickly.
High deaths but a solid series
April 4, 2018
Mind_Control finished with an 11/17/31 overall KDA in a rough but well-earned 2-0 win over Virtus pro.
Mind_Control played Underlord in Game 1. In addition to playing an impressive game overall, Mind_Control was a part of the huge late-game play that finally secured mega creeps for Liquid. Up against the superior teamfight of Virtus pro in the late game, it came down to a clutch teleport to the top lane from Mind_Control and Miracle. Mind_Control finished with a 6/8/13 KDA. In Game 2 Mind_Control played Venomancer, taking on the sacrificial role that MATUMBAMAN usually plays for Liquid. Mind_Control died a lot, but he also got his ultimate and other spells off in almost every single fight before going down. Despite being tied for most deaths with nine, Mind_Control still did the most damage of anyone in the game with 23,600. He finished with a 5/9/18 KDA.
Commendable performance despite a loss
March 24, 2018
Mind_Control played well, but with a sub on the team, Liquid couldn't stand up to Fnatic at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9, losing 2-0. Mind_Control finished with a 14/13/19 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Mind_Control played Tiny. He played well, moving around the map and finding kills for his team, but it wasn't enough to stop Fnatic in the end. This was a crazy game with lots of fights, and Mind_Control was a part of nearly all of them. He had a lot of impact in the mid-game especially, but Liquid couldn't close out the game fast enough. He finished with a 9/8/8 KDA. Mind_Control played Nature's Prophet in Game 2. He had an excellent start to the game, moving around the map and finding lots of early kills and towers. Liquid were able to take an early barracks, but their retreat cost them dearly. With Fnatic now holding a lead, Mind_Control was unable to exert the same kind of pressure he had in the earlier stages of the game. He finished with a 5/5/11 KDA.
Helpless against Secret
March 23, 2018
Mind_Control finished a frustrating 0-2 loss to Team Secret at Dreamhack Dreamleague Season 9 with an overall KDA of 5/14/7.
Mind_Control played Beastmaster in Game 1. He tried his best, but this was a brutal loss for Liquid. Mind_Control was constantly trying to fight and find any kind of kill or objective for Liquid but got repeatedly punished for it. He finished with a 2/8/5 KDA. In Game 2 Mind_Control played Tidehunter to similar results. He spent the game trying to make plays without the personal strength or team to back him up fully. He finished with a 3/6/2 KDA.
Advances to the next round at PGL Bucharest
March 9, 2018
Apart from getting completely shut out in Game 2, Mind_Control played a great series in Liquid's 2-1 win over EG. He finished with an overall KDA of 7/6/25.
Mind_Control played a fantastic Dragon Knight in Game 1. His quick Blink Dagger (13 minutes) let Liquid find a series of extremely valuable kills on EG's cores to drag out the game when Liquid was behind early. Mind_Control and the rest of Liquid were able to hold on with some scrappy skirmish wins, giving Miracle the time he needed to beef up his Anti-Mage. Mind_Control finished with a 4/1/11 KDA. In Game 2 Mind_Control played Bristleback. For a moment in the early game it looked like Mind_Control might be able to pull Liquid into this game, but EG was too far ahead and playing too well. Mind_Control got totally shut out along with the rest of Liquid, finishing with a 0/3/0 KDA. In Game 3 Mind_Control played Omniknight, carrying his team to victory by making them impossible to kill. He had an excellent lane and was able to get a very quick Radiance, making him a threat in fights for more reasons than just his spells. Guardian Angel was devastating in this game too, shutting down all of EG's physical damage. Mind_Control finished with a 3/2/14 KDA.
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