Avery Silverman 
United States
Forward Gaming
Outmatched in the late-game
July 29, 2018
SVG finished with an overall KDA of 5/18/32 in a rough 2-0 loss to Fnatic at the Summit 9.
In Game 1 SVG played a decent Elder Titan but couldn't find the positioning to totally swing fights for VGJ.S. He finished with a 4/9/15 KDA. Game 2 didn't go much better for SVG, on Crystal Maiden this time. He put on some nice pressure in the early game but just couldn't hold his ground in fights as things progressed. He didn't get the farm or levels that he needed to survive being jumped. SVG finished with a 1/9/17 KDA.
Strong series from VGJ.S captain
July 26, 2018
SVG finished with a 6/12/36 overall KDA in a 2-0 win vs Optic at the Summit 9.
SVG played a great Winter Wyvern in Game 1. His positioning allowed him to get off Winter's Curse in nearly every fight, giving the rest of his team more than enough time to get into position. He finished with a 1/5/17 KDA. In Game 2 SVG provided some more good disables but also a lot of damage for his team with Jakiro. His positioning in fights was good, allowing him to live through a lot of fights and get good experience. He finished with a 5/7/19 KDA.
Demoralizing loss to Team Secret
June 3, 2018
SVG finished a rough 2-0 loss to Team Secret with a 16/16/40 overall KDA at the China Supermajor.
In Game 1 SVG played Disruptor. He found a lot of nice pickoffs in the early and mid-game, as well as helping set up for great VGJ.S fights. Unfortunately, VGJ.S failed to end the game when their lead was strongest and quickly fell behind. SVG finished with an 11/10/24 KDA. SVG played Warlock in Game 2. He did his best to help his teammates with their lanes, but he couldn't help all three at once. SVG finished with a 5/6/16 KDA.
Takes VGJ.Storm to a minor grand final
May 12, 2018
SVG finished with a 7/6/27 overall KDA in an impressive 2-0 win over Fnatic at GESC Thailand.
SVG played a very effective Disruptor in Game 1. He was constantly in position to either grab kills with Glimpse or use it to set up for an entire fight by following up with a nice Static Storm. His positioning was good all game, making sure that SVG got the gold and experience that comes from living through fights. He finished with a 4/2/16 KDA. In Game 2 SVG played Jakiro, supporting his team with a different set of disables. He made very good use of Ice Path in fights and dealt a nice amount of damage to Fnatic's towers with his Liquid Fire. His ability to add to VGJ.S' push was a huge part of what let them shut the door on Fnatic. He finished with a 3/4/11 KDA.
Secures invite to Supermajor
April 26, 2018
SVG finished with a 10/9/23 overall KDA in a 2-0 win against VGJ.Storm in the China Dota 2 Supermajor qualifiers.
In Game 1 SVG played Disruptor. He had a rough time in lane, but his deaths usually came with at least one kill for his allies. In the mid game SVG really shone though. Glimpse was incredibly good against the highly mobile Immortals lineup, and Static Storm was the final nail in the coffin that sealed the deal in teamfights. SVG finished with a 4/5/13 KDA. SVG played Bane in Game 2. With no clear counters to Fiend's Grip on the Immortals lineup, SVG was free to get maximum value out of his ultimate on almost every use. He provided very valuable setup all game, finishing with a 6/4/10 KDA.
Leads his team one step closer to securing a Major invitation
April 24, 2018
SVG secured a 2-0 win against Optic Gaming in a best-of-two series in the Supermajor North American qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 10/7/35.
In Game 1 SVG played Witch Doctor. Its difficult to really show off at Witch Doctor, but SVG played a commendable game against Optic. His positioning was good, meaning he got to live through most fights, and he provided some great utility with his stun, healing, and damage. He finished with a 6/3/17 KDA. In Game 2 SVG played Disruptor, giving VGJ.S a large amount of teamfight and chase potential. With vision from MSS' Night Stalker, SVG was able to use Glimpse to devastating effect. He finished with a 4/4/18 KDA.
Free Agent
Removed from Team NP
April 6, 2017
In a video blog on 1437's personal Youtube, it was confirmed that SVG had been kicked from Team NP along with 1437.
SVG joined the team in September of 2016 as one of the founding members. This was SVG's longest time spent as a part of any professional team. During his tenure with NP, the team took second place at the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational, losing to Wings Gaming. Apart from that result, NP's finishes in premier tournaments had been disappointing.
Ravages as Slardar in Game 1
March 27, 2017
SVG finished Team NP's 1-1 tie with Evil Geniuses during the group stages of DAC 2017 with a final KDA of 4/12/31.
SVG played a roaming Slardar in Game 1 and couldn't have found more success if he tried. Netting several kills in the middle lane, SVG then went on to torment Evil Geniuses in teamfights. He locked down multi-man stuns that the casters took to joking that he may as well be playing Tidehunter. His consistent precision in engagements helped Team NP surprise EG in Game 1 to take the win. In Game 2, Team NP collectively fell flat. Still intent on pulling out a solid game, SVG played a roaming Bane. After succeeding on several sly ganks, SVG met the same fate as the rest of NP. Evil Geniuses steam rolled their fellow North American squad to tie the series 1-1.
Impressive performance after a shaky Game 1
March 12, 2017
SVG had a rough Game 1, but did very well in both other games of Team NP's 2-1 win over Team Freedom in the Kiev Major qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 9/18/35.
In Game 1 SVG played Spirit Breaker. He did a good job putting early pressure on around the map. Once things shifted to 5-vs-5 fights though, SVG had a rough time keeping himself alive and effective. SVG finished with a 4/9/12 KDA. In Game 2 SVG played Elder Titan. It may not have looked like he did much, but the Natural Order armor and magic resistance reduction from his spirit let his team absolutely shred Freedom in fights. SVG finished with a 2/3/10 KDA. SVG played Ogre Magi in Game 3. He started out middle, where he made Timado's Templar Assassin absolutely miserable for the first 10 minutes of the game. He transitioned into the classic mobile Bloodlust in the bottom lane as the game went on. This was another very non-flashy but effective performance from SVG, just what NP need from their supports. He finished with a 3/6/13 KDA, but got the job done.
Headed to DAC in Shanghai after an excellent series
February 12, 2017
SVG was excellent in both games of Team NP's 2-0 win over Digital Chaos in the DAC 2017 American qualifiers. He finished with a 2/4/24 KDA.
In Game 1 SVG played Spirit Breaker. He was a constant thorn in the side of Resolut1on's Lone Druid, completely negating his attack range advantage with Charge of Darkness. SVG also created a huge amount of pressure in the early game by constantly moving across the map, even if it only resulted in some pressure. He finished with a 1/3/14 KDA. In Game 2 SVG played Bane. Although not a flashy hero by any means, SVG delivered exactly what his team needed from him. The constant disables and huge burst from Brain Sap made SVG an extremely dangerous presence in any fights. He finished with a 1/1/10 KDA.
Poor showing in lopsided loss
January 7, 2017
SVG finished Team NP's 2-0 loss to Virtus Pro in the Group A decider match of ESL Genting with a final KDA of 4/19/30.
SVG played Warlock in Game 1. Opting for a greedy build, SVG built a mid-game Hand of Midas. This interesting pickup did little to ease SVG's suffering and may have kept him from having a larger impact on the game. In Game 2, SVG roamed to different lanes as Crystal Maiden. Becoming little more than cannon fodder, SVG made little impact while practically feeding Virtus Pro. SVG, having removed himself from the game through his antics, was powerless to stop Virtus Pro from steamrolling Team NP.
Steady support play delivers Team NP to the next round at ESL One Genting
January 6, 2017
SVG played two solid but restrained games in Team NP's 2-0 win over Fnatic on day 2 of ESL One Genting. He finished with a 9/12/37 overall KDA.
SVG played Crystal Maiden in Game 1. SVG played a good game, although his final KDA seems to tell a different story. SVG had the unpleasant job of tanking Fnatic's Smoke ganks, which he fulfilled with gusto. SVG finished with a 4/8/19 KDA, still able to be a contributing force in many major fights. In Game 2 SVG played Warlock. He spent most of his time early game in the middle lane pressuring Fnatic's Tinker, but at the cost of both side lanes suffering. This proved to be too much of a cost for NP to handle, and soon enough even Tinker was caught back up. Although the lead changed hands multiple times, NP's ability to fight always revolved heavily around SVG's Chaotic Offering. SVG finished the game with a 5/4/18 KDA.
Impotent against Newbee
January 6, 2017
SVG finished Team NP's 1-0 loss to Newbee during Day 1 of ESL Genting with a KDA of 1/8/2.
SVG played Ogre Magi and was easily handled from beginning to end by Newbee's supports and cores alike. With too many targets in need of disable and little right-click damage to his name, SVG racked up eight deaths as Newbee routed the North American squad.
Weak series from NP's support
December 9, 2016
SVG struggled in both games of Team NP's 0-2 loss to Digital Chaos at the Boston Major. He finished with an overall KDA of 2/8/2.
In Game 1 SVG played support Venomancer. Apart from a few rough early deaths, Saksa had a decent early game. Despite having a Warlock on his team, SVG didn't have much impact in fights because of how quickly he died. His best contribution was the vision and annoyance of Plague Wards. This wasn't enough to deal with DC's Naga Siren, and NP were never able to get off their wombo combo and win a fight. SVG finished with a 0/4/1 KDA. In Game 2 SVG played Elder Titan, one of his signature heroes. He didn't manage to get much done in the early game, but did pull off some nice saves with Echo Stomp. Unfortunately, the weaknesses of Elder Titan really shone through in this game. With no damage of his own to contribute, when his team fell behind SVG felt worthless. He finished with a 2/4/1 KDA.
Sturdy workhorse during victory over EHOME
December 8, 2016
SVG proved an able support during NP's victory over EHOME, where he earned a 6/9/29 KDA.
SVG's series started out in poor fashion, as his Ogre Magi pick in Game 1 failed to pay dividends. His early-game presence was all but stifled by his need to constantly babysit EternaLEnvy in the mid lane, making it impossible for him to have the early-game impact necessary for an Ogre Magi. The two of them proceeded to get totally outlaned anyways, then run over by old chicken's Timbersaw, who had been allowed to easily free-farm mid thanks to their impotence. The second game was a totally different story, as his Sand King quickly took over the game after a few early ganks went slightly awry. His lockdown was a core part of the devastating AoE combo that NP used to win teamfight after teamfight, and EHOME's lineup simply wasn't set up to compete and hadn't snowballed the early game hard enough to force NP to split up. Game 3 was where he came into true form, though, as he presented viewers with the first excellent Disruptor game of the major. His walls and Blinks were a constant bane for EHOME, and his Static Storm consistently denied Sylar's Luna the opportunity to use his Eclipse - an ultimate which EHOME's ability to teamfight was utterly dependent on. He was well rewarded for his efforts, as not only did his team take the third game and secure their advancement to the next round, but he also earned an incredible KDA for a support in the process.
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