Yao Lu 
Erratic showing but enough for win
September 17, 2018
Maybe wasn't his usual dominant self but PSG.LGD still win against Aster. The prolific midlaner finished with a KDA of 13/11/28.
Maybe kicked off the series with a dominant Templar Assassin performance. He schooled newcomer Dstones in the midlane outlast hitting him thoroughly. Once he picked up his Black King Bar in the 24-minute mark, Aster just couldn't deal with him anymore. In Game 2, his Kunkka was this time outdueled by Dstone's Invoker in the midlane. He was slowed down quite a bit but his effectiveness in fights was still there as his Torrent and Ghost Ship usage helped turn fights around for LGD.
Outduels Miracle easily
August 22, 2018
Maybe dominated Liquid in their Upper Bracket matchup. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 26/5/24.
Maybe tried his luck with Leshrac in Game 1. He easily recovered from his rough start in the laning stuff by getting involved in teamfights. Once he got his mobility and Bloodstone, he had no fear and was just bombarding Liquid with his immense magic damage. He switched it up to mid Bloodseeker in Game 2. He was aggressive very early and was on a Dominating Streak at minute six. Maybe just ran away with the game as he was wiping Liquid heroes off the map.
Dominant performance from the LGD star
August 18, 2018
Maybe came to play as PSG.LGD destroyed Mineski. The prolific midlaner finished with a KDA of 21/7/26.
Maybe played Zeus in the midlane to counter Moon's Tinker in Game 1. He was off to an early Killing Spree as he bagged a double kill against Iceiceice and Moon. Maybe was just right on top of controlling Moon with Nimbus once he got his Aghanim's Scepter. He was left unchecked by Mineski and just rained damage from the heavens. In Game 2, Maybe played Queen of Pain in the mid game. He struggled early against Moon's Storm Spirit. But good rotations and smart itemization allowed him to bring it back for LGD. His 10 kills were key in the PSG.LGD victory.
Destroyed as Alchemist
August 17, 2018
Maybe finished PSG.LGD's 2-0 loss to Evil Geniuses during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 5/7/6.
Maybe was completely dumpstered in Game 1 as Alchemist. Despite drawing the middle lane against SumaiL's Tiny, he needed so much more farm to be effective that by the time he was ready to start killing he had no kills and 10 deaths while SumaiL was ready to end the game. In Game 2 Maybe had a better time as Clinkz, but was ill suited to deal with EG as the game went on. His small health pool left him exposed to Cr1t's Dagon burst or a gank from Arteezy's Ursa.
Struggles against Liquid
August 17, 2018
Maybe finished PSG.LGD's 1-1 draw with Team Liquid during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 5/6/11.
Maybe had a rough Game 1 in the middle lane as Lina, despite winning his lane. Well-timed ganks from Liquid resulted in his first major item being delayed until 26 minutes into the game, making Maybe reliant on Ame and Chalice to carry the game. In Game 2, Maybe had a rougher time in lane but managed to come out with a staggering 10-minute Blink Dagger. The only problem was that the rest of his team had lost their lanes and were painfully ill equipped to take on MATUMBAMAN's Broodmother.
Falls flat after a great Game 1
June 10, 2018
Maybe started out extremely hot but fell off hard in a 2-1 loss to at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 32/19/19 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Maybe dominated on Shadow Fiend. After getting early souls from fy's Clockwerk Power Cogs Maybe snowballed into completely taking over the game. He could kill any hero with his early Shadow Blade, forcing to play in fear practically all game. He finished with a 16/1/4 KDA. Maybe played a super aggressive Outworld Devourer in Game 2, diving past tier three towers with a huge lead and giving VP a window back into the game. He finished with a 13/11/11 KDA. In Game 3 Maybe had a miserable time on Invoker. He got dominated practically all game by VP. Maybe wasn't given nearly the space he needed to make his hero work, finishing with a 3/7/4 KDA.
Showed off his superiority against Infamous
June 3, 2018
Maybe completely outclassed P4pita in the midlane at the China Supermajor. The Chinese star finished with a KDA of 24/6/27.
Maybe own both laning stages with ease with ease against P4pita. He kicked off the series with Mirana in the midlane. Maybe decided to rush a Black King Bar to terrific effect as he nullified most of Infamous's damage output. He managed to only die once and find the game-high 12 kills. In Game 2, it was pretty much the same story for Maybe as he made short work of the mid lane with his Shadow Fiend. He once again rushed a Black King Bar after a Shadow Blade and Infamous were powerless to do anything against Maybe.
Good all-around performance from LGD mid laner
April 3, 2018
Maybe had a solid series for LGD in their win over Evil Geniuses at the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 15/10/21.
Maybe started off the series with Viper in the midlane. He drew the lane against SumaiL's Enigma and went for Helm of the Dominator first on his list. Maybe was in most of LGD's engagements making sure that Arteezy was slowed to a crawl all the time. Maybe had his spells up on EG for over five minutes. In Game 2, Maybe's Outworld Devourer was more efficient. His defensive Astral Imprisonments on himself and his allies were on point and really gave EG a lot of problems. On the offensive side of things, Maybe was no slouch for LGD as he managed 16,000 hero damage in the game.
Needed more help from his team
March 31, 2018
Maybe was the only real spark for LGD in their loss against Optic in the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The midlaner finished with a KDA of 6/3/3.
Maybe was on Lina in the important match. He had a good laning stage which he transitioned into efficient roaming every time his Laguna Blade was off cooldown. His six kills were the highest for his team but he really lacked any real help from his two other core teammates.
Shut down by Secret
February 21, 2018
Maybe finished with a 14/7/9 overall KDA in an underwhelming 0-2 loss to Secret at ESL One Katowice.
In Game 1 Maybe played Shadow Fiend. He had a good lane and early game, but fell off quite hard after a disastrous fight loss. Although he could still put out a lot of burst, he was extremely squishy if disabled and was instantly focused by Secret in fights. He finished with a 2/3/2 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Queen of Pain. He had a much better time than in Game 1, getting off to an explosive start and racking up a lot of kills. His mobility didn't do him much good in fights unfortunately, there was too much disable and mana burn on Secret for him to do much. He finished with a 12/4/7 KDA, but most of his kills were ultimately low impact.
Explosive series from LGD's middle lane
February 20, 2018
Maybe dominated Evil Geniuses at ESL One Katowice, finishing with an 11/0/6 KDA.
Dragon Knight is not a hero that usually snowballs out of control, but Maybe managed to absolutely run away with this game. He crushed Fear's Lycan in lane, and his quick Shadow Blade allowed him to extend his advantage around the map. In a full-on fight Maybe was both an unstoppable force and immovable object for LGD.
Electrifying Storm Spirit game not enough for LGD mid
February 1, 2018
Maybe gave a very commendable effort against Liquid in Starladder but it wasn't enough. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 22/12/20.
Maybe opened up the series with Storm Spirit in the mid lane. He struggled early on against the rotations of Liquid but quickly bounced back. His 12-minute Kaya and 18-minute Bloodstone were still very good timings. He was really making plays for LGD in the best way possible picking up the game-high 17 kills in the losing effort. In Game 2, his Shadow Fiend did not have as much impact. He died often, and his 14-minute Eul's Scepter of Divinity did not amount to much for his team as they were quickly routed by Liquid.
Decent individual performance not enough
December 14, 2017
Maybe finished with an overall KDA of 21/9/16 in three losses to Optic at The Summit 8.
In Game 1 Maybe played Puck. This was a particularly rough game for Maybe. He was forced into a position where his teammates needed him to create space, but Maybe didn't have the gold or levels to really make this happen. He finished with a 5/0/5 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Tiny. He was looking hot in the early game, but after LGD failed to get enough of an advantage from this he started to fall off hard. His Ava-Toss combo was no longer enough to get kills, and he was completely helpless against Optic's Medusa. Maybe finished with an 8/4/5 KDA. In Game 3 Maybe played Shadow Fiend, once again showing off his individual skills. In an eerie repeat of Game 2's storyline, Maybe got off to a hot start but was brought to a sudden and hard stop by Optic's teamfighting ability. He finished with an 8/5/6 KDA.
Styled on SumaiL
October 22, 2017
Maybe completely styled on Evil Geniuses in his team's victory at the PGL Minor. The explosive midlaner finished with a KDA of 23/5/18.
Maybe completely outdueled Sumail for the majority of the series. His opening game on Ursa dominated the early game. He was picking up kills left and right as he snowballed in perfect fashion. He picked up ten kills and only died once in Game 1. His follow-up game on Mirana was once again highlight-reel worthy. He didn't dominate the early game but he quickly picked up the pace in the mid-game. His Sacred Arrows were hitting at crazy moments and he really set the tempo for his team with 13 kills.
Weak showing from LGD's fiery middle lane
October 22, 2017
Maybe finished with an overall KDA of 8/9/11 in LGD Gaming's 0-2 loss to Mineski in the grand finals of the PGL Bucharest Minor.
In Game 1 Maybe played Ember Spirit. He played pretty well despite being behind practically all game. Although his team was losing, Maybe was still a decent threat to Mineski. Maybe also did a nice job staying alive for most of the game. He had no good answer to Mineski's physical burst damage though, which would prove to be his downfall. He finished with a 4/1/7 KDA. In Game 2 Maybe played Mirana. This was another tough game for LGD. Without the elusiveness of Ember Spirit, Maybe found himself dead a lot more in this game. He didn't get a good start in lane, and once both teams started grouping up Maybe found himself dying quickly to the Mineski cores. He finished with a 4/8/4 KDA.
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