Xie Junhao 
LGD Forever Young
Underwhelming performance from the middle lane
March 4, 2018
Super finished with a 3/6/5 KDA in a loss to Liquid.
Super had a rough time on Razor in LFY's first game at the PGL Bucharest Major. He lost middle lane to Miracle's Shadow Fiend, and was then was just generally ineffective in fights as the game progressed. Even with magic immunity, Super still struggled to enter and survive fights.
Returns to LFY
February 3, 2018
LiquidDota reported Saturday that Super would be rejoining LGD.Forever Young immediately.
Super, who appears to have been on loan to Invictus Gaming was immediately recalled to LFY in light of the departure of two players which was sparked by the sudden retirement of Inflame.
Can't recover from poor start
December 8, 2017
Super was completely outclassed by Resolut1on in LFY's defeat at the hands of OG in MDL Macau. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 11/8/7.
Super's Razor in the only match of the series struggled from early on. He was ganked often by Jerax's Tusk and never really got going. In the mid game, he fared a lot better, since he was getting more from his Static Links and got his Black King Bar. However, he really lacked help from his teammates as they eventually succumbed to the more fluid OG side.
Well-respected by his opponents
November 25, 2017
The consistent Super was held to a poor series by Vici Gaming in the Perfect World Masters. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 7/7/3.
Vici respected Super's signature Dragon Knight and banned it in both games. In Game 1, Super went with Sniper in the mid lane. He won early against Ori's Queen of Pain thanks to his natural advantage. But as the game went on Super struggled to stay effective due to his hero's vulnerability against Vici's more mobile line-up. In Game 2, Super went with the much tankier Timbersaw in the mid lane. His early game ended pretty much even against Ori's Puck but as the game went on his impact similarly waned. He rarely died but it was still a poor pick in the end for LFY.
Just another day in the office for LFY midlaner
November 24, 2017
Super played a solid series for LFY as they eliminate Team Secret from the Perfect World Masters. The soft-spoken mid laner finished with a KDA of 15/5/31.
Super kicked off the series with his favorite Dragon Knight in the mid lane. He struggled a bit early on against Medusa, but once he got his ultimate, he found ways to get right back into his game. He was pushing towers, rotating often while making full use off his Elder Dragon Form whenever it was off cool down. In Game 2, he went with Death Prophet. His early game again wasn't good, but his game sense and creativity paid off later on as he found ways to keep LFY's control of the game. From pushing towers to the clutch Silences, Super was everywhere for his squad.
Solid game from LFY's dependable middle lane
November 24, 2017
Super took to one of his favorite heroes, Dragon Knight, to keep LFY's tournament hopes afloat. He finished with a 3/0/9 KDA.
Well known for his reliable and safe playstyle, this game was a great example of how Super can branch away from that. When LFY realized they had such a huge early lead, the entire team put their foot on the gas. With Super leading the charge, LFY's back line was well protected and able to dish out massive damage to Vega.
Heroic performance in sweep
August 10, 2017
Super is the glue guy for LFY and did all the right things for his team in their series against Virtus Pro. The veteran mid laner finished with a KDA of 16/7/22.
His numbers actually went up in the series, but he didn't necessarily do anything mind boggling. His opening game on Death Prophet was a walk in the park for him. He farmed well and pushed whenever Exorcism was available. He was only killed once and he rarely made mistakes in the game. In Game 2, he was on the niche pick Pugna. Despite the hero's win rate dropping at TI7, Super still made it work by taking advantage of the opportunities given to him. He overstayed his welcome at times and was picked off, but he against generally made good plays for his team as he racked up 13 kills.
Continued to stay super hot
August 5, 2017
Super played another great series as LGD Forever Young swept Newbee 2-0 in the group stages of The International 7. Super finished the series with a 13/6/32 KDA.
LFY has been on a mission all TI7 long, and Newbee ended up being just another obstacle in their way. Super played a beautiful Medusa in Game 1 as his team eased to victory. Super switched over to Dragon Knight for Game 2, but saw the same great result for his team. LFY has been scary good, and this series was no different.
Super series from LFY's middle lane
August 3, 2017
Super finished with an overall KDA of 14/2/12 in LGD.Forever Young's 2-0 win over in the group stages of The International 7.
In Game 1 Super played Medusa. Despite a rough early game Super played extremely well. He didn't lose his cool after his lane went poorly; instead, he banked on the fact that LFY had the superior late game. Super became impossible for to bring down through all his durability, and Stone Gaze completely decimated anyone who tried to get near him. Super finished with a 5/2/9 KDA. In Game 2 Super played Razor. After his relatively tame Game 1, Super was ready to draw some blood. He completely dominated, running over them from start to finish. He ended the game godlike with a 9/0/3 KDA.
Strong start but couldn't keep it up all game
July 6, 2017
Super finished with a 10/6/6 KDA in a loss to OG in the MDL 2017 group stages.
Super played Death Prophet. He did a great job in lane, but his lead didn't end up giving LFY enough of an advantage over OG. As the game dragged on Death Prophet became much less effective, especially once OG were able to burst him down before Exorcism could do the damage required of Super. Compared to his OG counterpart in the middle lane, Super wasn't nearly as effective in the late game.
High death series in a loss to Liquid
June 10, 2017
Super looked weak in LGD.ForeverYoung's 0-2 loss to Liquid in the Epicenter semifinals. He finished with an overall KDA of 16/16/20.
In Game 1 Super played Lina. After an extremely hot start to the game, Super fell off dramatically as the game dragged on. At one point, he had accumulated 20 charges on his Bloodstone, but a chain of deaths sent him back down to six by the time the game ended. He finished with an 8/6/8 KDA. In Game 2 Super played Death Prophet. He had an awful game. He was continually focused down by Liquid, and was unable to run thanks to Rupture. He spent most of his Exorcism time either immobile or he died early in the fight. Super finished the game with an 8/10/12 KDA.
Completely outduels his matchup
June 7, 2017
Super and LGD.FY dismantled Natus Vincere 2-0 in Epicenter. The mid-laning ace finished with a KDA of 14/6/19.
Super's Lina in the opening game gave Dendi a lot of trouble. His 13-minute Eul's helped him take all the fights that he wanted as he accumulated a game-high nine kills and 560 gold per minute. In Game 2, his Death Prophet wasn't very highlight reel heavy, but he still put in the numbers for his team. He lost the early game to Dendi but had the last laugh in the matchup as his decision making and usage of space was key in his team taking control of the match.
Such a thing as too safe
December 10, 2016
Super! finished LGD.FY's 2-1 loss to Ad Finem during the quarterfinals of the Boston Major with a KDA of 15/12/21.
Though Super! was consistent, he was not impressive. Playing Juggernaut in the first game, he was too slow to be relied upon to keep LFY's heads above water. In Game 2, his Timbersaw was able to get a hasty Bloodstone as his teammates helped him to win his lane for fear of Alchemist. With END's Terrorblade doing the heavy lifting, Super notched four kills of his own on the road to victory. In Game 3, Super learned you can play too safe. With delayed, almost late, items on Alchemist put LFY in a bad position heading into the late game, Ad Finem was able to capitalize on Super!'s misfortune.
Survives Maybe in 2-0 victory
December 9, 2016
Super finished LGD.FY's 2-0 victory over LGD in the first round of the Boston Major with a KDA of 14/4/33.
Super played Dragon Knight in both games against LGD. His innate tankiness and high HP regeneration helped him to outlast Maybe in the mid lane, regardless of his hero choices. LGD.Fy was able to use Super's heavy pushing abilities to secure fast objectives behind any kind of pick-off they managed to snag.
Crumbles before Blink in match against Wings
December 3, 2016
Super!'s greatest contribution to this series against Wings was to serve as a punching bag for his opponents, a fact that rewarded him with an underwhelming 2/10/7 KDA.
Super! had an overall terrible series, despite being set up for success by his team. In both games he enjoyed very advantageous lane matchups, yet in both he managed to not only fail to pressure bLink, but was actually put on his back foot by the Wings mid laner. His Invoker in Game 1 proved all but useless, as the combination of Quas/Wex he opted into ensured that he had to win the lane or risk falling behind without the option of picking up occasional Sunstrike kills. Simply put, that didn't happen, and Wings' lineup was very, very effective at picking off LFY's under farmed carries, ensuring that not only did Super fail, he failed hard. Game 2 was no different, as his Outworld Devourer proved just as effective as his Invoker, despite having an even easier lane matchup. He couldn't pressure Blink out early on thanks to the efforts of y', and he failed to even use his Astral Imprisonment as a particularly effective rescue tool, despite Wings' lineup clearly relying on a chain of stuns to be effective. If LFY is to escape the early rounds of the elimination stages, they'll need a dramatically stronger performance from Super, as if he has another showing like this one, their bags are already all but packed.
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