Vladimir Minenko 
Safe-lane Death Prophet pays off
April 6, 2018
N[o]one had an efficient series for Virtus.Pro in the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The prolific mid laner finished with a KDA of 6/1/13.
He brought the Death Prophet to the safe lane in favor of Ramzes's Broodmother. His lane went tremendously his way, and Ori barely had any farm after the early phases of the stage. His 12-minute Eul's Scepter of Divinity provided so much utility for him, and Vici Gaming could rarely engage on him cleanly.
Brings the pain to Evil Geniuses
April 5, 2018
No[o]ne dominated Evil Geniuses at DAC, finishing with a 16/2/13 KDA on Gyrocopter.
There was simply no answer on EG this game for the amount of damage that No[o]ne was able to output in almost the blink of an eye. His Call Down accuracy this game was enormous, which gave VP a huge innate advantage in almost every fight. With a powerful supporting cast to keep him alive, No[o]ne was able to deliver his full payload easily in fights.
Drops down to the lower bracket to face Evil Geniuses
April 4, 2018
No[o]ne had a rough time in a 0-2 loss to Team Liquid at DAC 2018. He finished with an overall KDA of 11/7/24.
In Virtus pro's first game on the main stage No[o]ne played Dragon Knight. He fell behind early along with the rest of his team, losing two early lanes of barracks to Liquid. No[o]ne did prove to be a huge part of VP's ability to hold though. His reliable stun and damage carved the way for Ramzes' Lifestealer to clean up kills, but in the end, it wasn't enough to overcome Liquid's massive gold lead. No[o]ne finished with a 3/4/16 KDA. No[o]ne played Puck in Game 2. Despite posting an impressive personal KDA of 8/3/8, No[o]ne didn't have enough impact on this game to help Ramzes carry against Liquid. He dealt a lot of burst damage, but the effectiveness of this scaled off sharply in the late game.
Impressive late-game decision making
April 1, 2018
No[o]ne played Death Prophet vs Team Secret at DAC 2018, finishing with a 9/4/20 KDA.
Although he never managed to take control of the game like 9pahsa's Enchantress, No[o]ne was still a key part of's teamfight. His Exorcism was always difficult to fight into, even as the game dragged on past an hour. No[o]ne also gave a lot of pushing power and extra help when it came time to take Secret's high ground, which proved to be extremely difficult.
Neutralized in a surprising loss
March 5, 2018
No[o]ne didn't make much of an impact as Virtus.Pro lost to OpTic Gaming 1-0 in the group stage of The Bucharest Major. No[o]ne finished with a 2/4/7 KDA.
Pulling out the Dragon Knight, No[o]ne had an overall underwhelming game. Maybe it was because we just saw him at his best in Katowice, but No[o]ne was not a major factor in this match. He went with the flow in order to get his team an early lead but was forced to watch as it slipped away in dramatic fashion. No[o]ne will need to play like the person we saw in Katowice if VP wants to make another title run.
Highly impressive plays all around
February 25, 2018
N[o]one gave Fnatic nightmares in's victory in the semifinals of ESL One Katowice 2018, finishing with a KDA of 25/4/19.
He set the tempo of the series from the get-go with his Outworld Devourer. He outclassed Abed's Medusa in the midlane. His super-quick Force Staff and Blink Dagger allowed him to rack up 12 impressive kills and 0 deaths in the opener. In Game 2, he played Timbersaw against Fnatic's fairly tanky lineup. He was always causing problems in the frontline and was a true nuisance for Fnatic after getting his eight-minute Hood of Defiance.
Shined brighter than any other
February 24, 2018
No[o]ne could not be stopped as defeated Evil Geniuses 2-1 in the quarterfinals of ESL One Katowice, finishing with a 26/2/26 KDA.
This was arguably No[o]ne's best performance of the tournament so far, and it came at the perfect time. With a trip to the semifinals on the line, No[o]ne, made sure that EG had no chance of advancing. His monstrous KDA is just beautiful and tells the entire story of the series. Surprisingly, EG managed to take a game, but VP was clearly the better team and No[o]ne was clearly the strongest player. If he can keep up this play, VP won't be stopping at the semifinals.
Best player in's struggles
February 22, 2018
No[o]ne was's best performer in their loss against Vici Gaming in ESL One Katowice. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 19/12/14.
He played Gyrocopter in the mid lane of the series opener. No[o]ne did alright in the laning stage against Paparazi's Razor. He was constantly at the top of the net-worth chart and even picked up a Divine Rapier to try and make the impossible hold for VP. But it wasn't enough, as Vici Gaming's well-oiled machine could not be stopped. In Game 2, N[o]one tried his luck with Tiny. This time around he wasn't as effective against Ori's Death Prophet. His 12-minute Blink Dagger was a great timing, but he failed to set the tempo of the game with it as he was killed seven times.
Advances to the semifinals with a nice win
February 20, 2018
No[o]ne started the Major off with a nice win against Optic, finishing with a 5/2/17 KDA.
No[o]ne played Queen of Pain to open off ESL One Katowice. He started out behind after a tough time in lane, but was able to keep pace in farm well enough. When took a pair of huge fights followed by a key Roshan No[o]ne found himself back in control of the game.
Plays well but can't carry alone
January 26, 2018
No[o]ne played pretty well but it wasn't enough in a 0-2 loss to Evil Geniuses at ESL One Genting. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/7/7.
No[o]ne played Queen of Pain in Game 1. Despite playing a very explosive and high-tempo game, No[o]ne wasn't able to turn the tides enough in VP's favor. He was very effective for most of the game, delivering a large amount of burst damage with the mobility to navigate fights. Unfortunately for VP, he wasn't does well enough to carry on his own. He finished with a 10/4/6 KDA. In Game 2 No[o]ne played Death Prophet. He won his lane against Fear's Lycan, but the rest of his team's lanes were suffering heavily. Just like in Game 1, No[o]ne was pretty much the only one on his team with the damage to stand up to EG, but he couldn't do it alone. He finished with a 5/3/1 KDA.
Rolls over Kinguin
December 17, 2017
No[o]ne was excellent in's 2-0 win against Kinguin at the Summit 8. He finished with an average KDA of 9/2.5/10.
In Game 1 No[o]ne played an excellent Tiny. He was a constant threat all around the map to Kinguin's heroes, able to quickly burst down the enemy supports in fights. His positioning all game was excellent as well, only giving up a single death. He finished with an 11/1/7 KDA. No[o]ne played Tiny again in Game 2, once again to great effect. Although he didn't manage to post as good of a KDA in this game, coming in a 7/4/13, he was extremely effective at making space for Ramzes' Razor, who dominated the game.
Destroyed everything that he saw
December 13, 2017
No[o]ne was able to punish everyone that challenged him as Virtus.Pro defeated Sacred 3-0 in the group stages of The Summit 8. No[o]ne finished with a 35/7/20 KDA in the series
VP was the dominant team in this series as No[o]ne led the charge. No[o]ne led the team with 35 kills while only dying seven times across the three games using three different heroes. No[o]ne and all of VP was able to use some of this series to experiment, extremely valuable in a tournament like this without having to sacrifice a win. No[o]ne will need to continue to be the enforcer to let VP live up to their expectations.
Good game despite a few rough moments
December 8, 2017
No[o]ne outplayed Dendi in Virtus Pro's win against Natus Vincere. The prolific mid laner finished with a KDA of 13/4/10.
No[o]ne played Death Prophet in their game against Na'Vi. He had an innate advantage against Dendi's Templar Assassin early on. He got a Eul's Scepter of Divinity at the 13-minute mark and this allowed him to get in and out of teamfights. His usage of Exorcism was efficient as they often took objectives when used, but in the late game, he made some plays that put VP's position in question.
Classic combo works wonders for VP
November 4, 2017
No[o]ne dominated the midlane with ease in's win over SG Esports in Dota Pit. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 16/3/12.
No[o]ne's Mirana in the midlane completely outplayed 4dr's Leshrac. Thanks to the classic Bane Nightmare into Sacred Arrow combo, no[o]ne easily took control of the game. He racked up a game-high 16 kills and his Sacred Arrows were hitting impossible shots even without any setups in the mid-game.
Classic instance of 'win lane, lose game'
November 4, 2017
No[o]ne finished with a 3/3/5 KDA in's loss to Newbee in the lower bracket elimination rounds at the DotaPit Minor. have now been eliminated.
No[o]ne played Bane middle, capitalizing on the new changes in patch 7.07. He absolutely dominated his lane, giving practically nothing to Sccc's Mirana. Despite his early game domination, No[o]ne's effectiveness fell off heavily as the game went on.
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