Vladimir Minenko 
Outclassed by SumaiL
August 23, 2018
No[o]ne wasn't at his best as were eliminated by Evil Geniuses. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 9/12/15.
He opened up the series with Tiny in the mid lane. No[o]ne managed a pretty good last hit score early against SumaL:'s Storm Spirit. His 12-minute Blink Dagger allowed him to get six kills, but EG were reading his movements way too well throughout the length of the match. In Game 2, N[o]one played out of his comfort zone with Pugna in the safe lane. He was making poor decisions in the laning stage that got him killed often. His 3/8/13 statline in the elimination match was well below expectations.
Got his revenge against CCnC
August 23, 2018
No[o]ne found his groove back against Optic in The International 2018. The Ukrainian mid laner finished with a KDA of 27/11/36.
No[o]ne took his chances with Dragon Knight in the series opener. He struggled heavily in the laning stage against CCnC's Huskar. He then shifted over to the jungle, which hurt his game immensely. He couldn't recover from his bad start as he was just a Blink-Stun for He was on a more comfortable hero in Bloodseeker for Game 2. He was killed early in the laning stage against 33's Batrider. However, he still ended up having more impact it was enough for VP. For the deciding game, N[o]one went with Tiny. For the first time in the series, he actually won his lane against CCnC. This allowed VP to finally take a commanding lead at the 13-minute mark. He had his revenge from his Game 1 beating as he killed CCnC repeated in the decider.
Rare weak series from's middle lane
August 18, 2018
No[o]ne played decently but couldn't keep up in a 2-0 loss to Vici Gaming in the group stages at The International 8. He finished with a 12/9/12 overall KDA.
No[o]ne played a decent Phantom Lancer in Game 1, but ultimately came up short in the face of Vici. There were a few moments where it looked like No[o]ne might be able to start cleaning up close fights, but Vici was able to hold on and ride out its lead. No[o]ne finished with a 3/4/6 KDA. In Game 2 No[o]ne played Templar Assassin, but couldn't take over the game like VP needed him to. He did find a lot of kills, but many of them were lower impact kills. He could never bring down the real problem, Io, and Gyrocopter. He finished with a 9/5/6 KDA.
Gets the job done for Virtus pro
August 17, 2018
No[o]ne finished with an overall KDA of 15/6/34 in a commanding 2-0 win over Newbee in the group stages at The International 8.
In Game 1 No[o]ne played the always entertaining Earthshaker middle. He made some great plays with Echo Slam, setting up for kills on typically hard-to-kill heroes like Ember Spirit and Phantom Lancer. He had a tough time against Newbee's Aeon Discs, but his team helped him play around it. In Game 2 No[o]ne played Alchemist, providing his team with a very durable and damaging hero to fight around. He was extremely hard to bring down in fights, and if Newbee managed to take him out it usually meant that Ramzes' Weaver was going completely unchecked.
Keeps team alive in Game 1
August 15, 2018
No[o]ne finished's 2-0 victory over OpTic during The International 2018 group stages with an average KDA of 15/4/13
No[o]ne pulled his team up out of the abyss in Game 1 as Storm Spirit, keeping his head down and collecting his farm. No[o]ne was able to grab enough picks to swing the tide for just as Ramzes came online. In Game 2 his Weaver was just as elusive as his Storm Spirit and just as deadly. His split-pushing ability combined with Ramzes' Broodmother made life very difficult for OpTic.
Comes through in the clutch for
June 10, 2018
No[o]ne had a rough start but came back strong in a 2-1 win vs PSG.LGD at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 21/16/50.
In Game 1 No[o]ne got clobbered on Death Prophet. It's rare for to look so weak with the hero but getting put on the back foot early made it incredibly difficult for No[o]ne to show up to and survive fights. He finished with a 2/8/6 KDA. No[o]ne played Kunkka in Game 2, giving VP the late-game reach they needed to finally close things out after an hour of tense back and forth. He went for a Divine Rapier at 54 minutes that eventually gave VP the damage to shut LGD out of the game. He finished with a 12/6/23 KDA. In Game 3 No[o]ne played a nice Tinker. He died twice in lane but didn't give up anything afterward. He was always able to show up to fights, delivering on-demand burst and some nice area denial with March of the Machines. He finished with a 7/2/21 KDA.
Crushes Optic in two games
June 9, 2018
No[o]ne played a great series in a convincing 2-0 win over Optic at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 19/4/33 overall KDA.
In the first game of the series, No[o]ne continued to prove that you cannot give Virtus pro Death Prophet. All three cores play the hero but this time it was No[o]ne's turn on Dota's #1 ghost lady. He gave VP tremendous teamfight damage, as well as the ability to follow up with easy objectives. He finished with a 9/2/14 KDA. He dominated Game 2 on Kunkka. In combination with Fatal Bonds from Solo's Warlock, No[o]ne's burst damage was impossible to deal with for Optic. He could burst the entire enemy team for over half health even without getting a Crit, leaving very little room for error on Optic's part. No[o]ne finished with a 10/2/19 KDA.
Closes out the series with an exciting Templar Assassin game
June 5, 2018
No[o]ne finished with an overall KDA of 25/7/31 in a commanding 2-1 win vs Newbee at the China Supermajor.
In Game 1 No[o]ne played Kunkka. He did a nice job frontloading a huge amount of burst damage in's teamfights. This made things easy for Ramzes' Slark to come in a clean up the kills. No[o]ne finished with a 5/0/14 KDA. In Game 2 No[o]ne played Razor. Without the same ability to make plays and find kills by himself, No[o]ne looked very underwhelming this game. He was limited to trying to get off good Static Links in fights, but often either failing or dying for it. He finished with a 4/7/3 KDA. No[o]ne finished the series with an explosive Templar Assassin game. He took control of things early and never let up. With Repel from 9pasha's Omniknight, No[o]ne was able to play with extreme recklessness and go for kill that shouldn't have normally been possible. He finished with a 16/0/11 KDA.
Yet another solid series
May 26, 2018
No[o]ne can do no wrong for as they demolish Pain Gaming at ESL One Birmingham. The Ukrainian star finished with a KDA of 17/4/29.
No[o]ne had yet another solid opening for VP on his Dragon Knight. With the help of Rodjer, he was able to take control of his lane against w33's Templar Assassin. His 14-minute Blink Dagger allowed VP to just take the initiative in all of the fights against Pain Gaming. No[o]ne shifted over to Outworld Devourer in Game 2. He died solo against hFn's Medusa in the laning stage but it didn't slow him down too much. His damage was consistent throughout the game and his defensive Astral Imprisonments delayed so many deaths for VP.
Another deathless game from's middle lane
May 24, 2018
No[o]ne dominated Optic on Death Prophet at ESL Birmingham. He finished with a 10/0/15 KDA.
There was nothing Optic could do in this game that even remotely threatened No[o]ne. He crushed CCnC in lane and proceeded to ride that advantage all the way to a swift 28-minute win. With RodjER's Chen supporting him, any fight win was able to be converted into at least a tower if not multiple.
Easy game for the middle lane
May 24, 2018
No[o]ne played an excellent game on Death Prophet, finishing with a 7/0/13 KDA against OG at ESL Birmingham.
No[o]ne's positioning all game was flawless, keeping him in range to deal damage while remaining just out of OG's effective reach. The combination of No[o]ne's Exorcism and the raw pushing power of RodjER's Chen gave the reach the needed to take their lane advantage and ride it to a quick 25-minute win.
Keeps his team in the game long enough to snatch a win
May 5, 2018
No[o]ne played a great Viper in a best-of-one elimination game win vs Mineski at EPICENTER XL. He finished with an 11/4/6 KDA.
ANALYSIS was playing from behind practically all game, but No[o]ne was a huge reason why they were able to hold on long enough to finally win a fight. He was the only person who could stand up and fight in the mid-game, creating much-needed space for Ramzes to recover. Had No[o]ne not played so well, would probably have never had the opportunity to steal this game from Mineski.
Two effective Death Prophet games secure win for VP
May 2, 2018
No[o]ne finished with an overall KDA of 13/5/22 in a 2-0 win against Team Secret at EPICENTER XL. He finished with an overall KDA of 13/5/21.
No[o]ne played Death Prophet in Game 2. He did die twice, but it ended up not mattering much at all in the long run. The lead was too large and built up too quickly for Secret to have a chance at coming back even with big kills like No[o]ne's Death Prophet. He finished with a 4/2/10 KDA. No[o]ne played Death Prophet again in Game 2, putting on another very solid performance despite a few deaths again. He was the linchpin of's teamfight, giving them a powerful spell to fight and push towers around. He finished with a 9/3/11 KDA.
Explosive series from's middle lane
April 29, 2018
No[o]ne finished with an overall KDA of 36/6/32 in a 2-1 win against Newbee at EPICENTER XL.
In Game 1 No[o]ne played an excellent Lina. He did a fantastic job in lane and set up for an excellent mid and late game. His burst damage in fights was backbreaking, blowing up both Dragon Knight and Razor with ease. No[o]ne finished with a commanding 10/1/7 KDA. No[o]ne played Morphling in Game 2, putting on quite a show but unable to win the game on his own. He had a lot of farm and was able to pull off some very impressive plays but Newbee had more than enough to handle him in the late game. He finished with a 13/3/12 KDA. In Game 3 No[o]ne played Death Prophet. He was the cornerstone of's teamfight in this game. His Exorcism provided an extremely potent spell for his team to fight around, and Newbee simply couldn't approach them during it. He finished with a 13/2/13 KDA.
Smashes the opposition after warmup game
April 27, 2018
No[o]ne played a dominant overall series in a 2-1 win against paiN Gaming in the group stages of EPICENTER XL. He finished with a combined KDA of 38/9/32.
No[o]ne started out strong on Viper in Game 1 but gradually lost control of the game to paiN. He dominated his lane, but two disastrous fights threw away's lead and then No[o]ne started to really struggle in fights. He started dying a lot more as well as lacking the damage to get kills on paiN's carries. He finished with a 14/7/10 KDA. In Game 2 No[o]ne played Outworld Devourer. He didn't mess around at all, taking an early lead and never letting his foot off the gas. There was no answer to his damage in fights, and had so many saves that it was impossible for paiN to bring down No[o]ne. He finished with an 8/0/8 KDA. In Game 3 No[o]ne played Skywrath Mage, crushing paiN once again in a quick and one-sided win. His magical burst damage was overwhelming, and the silence from Arcane Seal was actually a huge part of what gave so many kills on hFn's Phantom Lancer. No[o]ne finished with a 16/2/14 KDA.
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