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Steps down from EG's Dota 2 roster
May 27, 2018
In a tweet today, Fear announced that he would no longer be playing for Evil Geniuses.
Fear has spent nearly the past seven years with Evil Geniuses, either as a player or a coach. This history makes it unclear if Fear will be retiring but he did express a similar frustration to Misery with the past few months, calling it exhausting and disappointing.
Put together a quiet game
May 23, 2018
Fear did not make a big impact as Evil Geniuses lost to Fnatic 1-0 in the group stage of ESL One Birmingham. Fear finished with a 3/3/7 KDA.
We are used to Fear having a much more impactful game on Medusa. However, Fear was neutralized in this one as Fnatic took the emphasis off of fighting. Even though EG lost, they only had two less kills than Fnatic. EG is still improving with their new roster, but they don't have too much time left to learn before TI8 spots are clinched.
Comes close to victory
May 10, 2018
Fear finished with a 6/4/11 KDA on Lycan in a rough loss to Team Secret at GESC Thailand.
This was an underwhelming performance from Fear. He had the fewest deaths of anyone in the game, but also didn't contribute much in the later stages of the game in fights. He was able to kill some supports, but usually went down in the return fire from Secret's cores. This ultimately hurt EG, who were unable to convert their early wins into enough objectives.
Lackluster showing from the veteran
May 10, 2018
Fear had almost no impact against Fnatic at GESC Thailand. The veteran finished with a KDA of 3/9/6.
Fear shifted to the offlane with Axe for their important group stage match against Fnatic. His dual lane with Cr1t didn't really amount to much, as EternalEnvy (their main target of aggression) only died once in the whole game. Fear still found a 14-minute Blink Dagger, which was respectable, but his initiation was oftentimes lackluster.
Very weak showing from Evil Geniuses veteran
April 5, 2018
Fear played a poor game on Vengeful Spirit against Virtus.pro in an elimination match at DAC 2018. He finished with a 2/6/4 KDA.
Outside of the first five minutes of the game, Fear's Vengeful Spirit felt almost totally absent. He almost never started fights that favored EG, and in many cases was forced to swap a teammate into certain death just to try and save himself. Core Vengeful Spirit is a very bad hero from behind, and EG never held a lead of more than 1,000 gold.
Forgetabble performance from the veteran
April 3, 2018
Fear had a poor series for Evil Geniuses against LGD at the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The veteran finished with a KDA of 6/13/31.
In Game 1, Fear played Razor in an aggressive lane with his supports. He didn't have an easy time in the laning stage but still managed an 11 minute Drums of Endurance. As the game went on though, his effectiveness waned because Fear struggled to complete his Black King Bar at a good time. In Game 2, Fear struggled anew with his Dragon Knight. He couldn't pick a kill and his Drums of Endurance was even delayed further.
Stood his ground against Sccc
April 2, 2018
Fear had his usual quiet but effective series for Evil Geniuses at the Dota Asia Championships 2018. The veteran finished with a KDA of 3/2/13.
Fear's Dragon Knight in the opening game actually got the better of Sccc's Invoker in the laning stage. After getting a decent Shadow Blade timing at 14 minutes, Fear rushed the Black King Bar and Newbee struggled to keep him in check in engagements. In Game 2, Fear switched it to another staple hero of his with Death Prophet. He once again outplayed sccc early on and he made every use of Exorcism count for Evil Geniuses.
Bullied hard by Mineski
April 1, 2018
Fear had a rough game on Viper vs Mineski at DAC 2018, finishing with a 1/6/5 KDA.
This was a brutal game for Fear. He was essentially the punching bag in fights, getting brought down quickly and efficiently by Mineski's burst damage. He rarely had an opportunity to deal damage in fights and was never able to really stick on any targets and chase them down like Viper wants to.
Eliminated right away after a 3-0 group stage
March 9, 2018
Fear played a very solid series overall, coming up just short of victory against Liquid in a 1-2 loss. He finished with an overall KDA of 15/9/13.
Fear played Pugna in Game 1. He contributed a lot to early kills with his burst damage, but quickly fell off in terms of effectiveness in fights. Fear tried to resort to split pushing lanes, but up against an Anti-Mage on Liquid there was no way Fear was going to win that battle. He finished with a 4/6/2 KDA. Fear played Viper in Game 2. Although not the flashiest hero, Fear played it extremely well in this dominant victory. His positioning was great, and he was able to put out reliable damage in fights. Fear finished with a 4/0/9 KDA. In Game 3 Fear played Broodmother. He looked dominant in fights, but unfortunately for EG he was the only one who could play so aggressive. The rest of his team was busy being killed while Fear was killing supports, leaving him in desperate positions over and over again. He finished the game with a 7/3/2 KDA.
Not at his best
March 8, 2018
Fear fought hard as Evil Geniuses defeated Team Liquid 1-0 in the group stage of The Bucharest Major. Fear finished with a 9/10/20 KDA.
This game looked like a clear win for Liquid. After the constant fighting in the early game started to settle, Liquid was clearly in the lead. That lead only continued to grow, reaching almost a 20,000 net-worth advantage for the TI7 champs. However, Fear reminded everybody that he and EG won a TI themselves as they mounted a major comeback. Each win for EG is huge as they settle into their new roster, but this win may just be one of the biggest yet.
Was not able to carry anything
February 24, 2018
Fear was neutralized as Evil Geniuses lost to Virtus.pro 2-1 in the quarterfinals of ESL One Katowice, finishing with a 9/13/13 KDA.
Transitioning back to his carry role, Fear is still one of the best players in the game. However, you would not have been able to tell that from this series. Fear was knocked around just as much as any of the EG members, being totally neutralized by the surging VP team. There was not a single game where Fear had more kills than deaths as VP asserted their dominance in convincing fashion in both of their two wins.
Provides the extra firepower for Evil Geniuses
February 23, 2018
Fear played a quiet, but efficient game in Evil Geniuses domination of Newbee in ESL One Genting. The veteran finished with a KDA of 9/3/12.
Fear opened up the series with Dragon Knight in the safe lane. He actually managed to play sccc's Ursa Warrior a couple of times early on, which stunted his growth incredibly. He went back to the mid lane with his Razor. He outclassed sccc once again in the laning phase, and Newbee could not recover.
Rough loss sends Evil Geniuses to the elimination bracket
February 20, 2018
Fear struggled in a one-sided loss to LGD at ESL One Katowice. He finished with a 3/5/3 KDA.
He struggled in lane on Lycan, matched up against Maybe's Dragon Knight. After losing in lane handily, Fear's transition to the mid-game was seriously hampered. He did his best to recover by taking objectives, but LGD's lead was too strong.
Constantly outmatched by Liquid
January 27, 2018
Fear finished with an overall KDA of 3/11/2 in a very one-sided 2-0 loss to Liquid at ESL One Genting.
Fear played a terrible Terrorblade in Game 1. He was simply unable to get anything going either in lane or in fights. He was the target of Liquid's burst at the start of fights, meaning he never even got the chance to go for a big Sunder turnaround play. Fear finished with a 0/4/0 KDA. In Game 2 Fear played Razor, once again having a very difficult time against Liquid. His lane didn't go very well, so Fear just didn't have the durability he needed to wade into fights and use Static Link. He died early and often in fights, ending the game with a 3/7/2 KDA.
Solid series from Old Man Fear
January 26, 2018
Fear finished with a 10/7/16 overall KDA in a 2-0 win against Virtus.pro at ESL One Genting.
In Game 1 Fear played Lycan. He played very well all game, even in his very disadvantageous lane matchup. As the game went later, he was very effective at pressuring lanes and capitalizing on the split-pushing done by Arteezy's Tinker. In fights Fear was able to Shapeshift and run down the VP backline, creating a big advantage for EG. He finished with a 9/4/9 KDA. In Game 2 Fear played Lycan again. This was not nearly as explosive a game for Fear, but it didn't matter because this time he had teammates to pick up the slack. Just like Fear created space and made plays in Game 1, it fell to the rest of EG to help Fear recover. He finished with a 1/3/7 KDA.
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