Erratic showing but enough for win
September 17, 2018
Maybe wasn't his usual dominant self but PSG.LGD still win against Aster. The prolific midlaner finished with a KDA of 13/11/28.
Maybe kicked off the series with a dominant Templar Assassin performance. He schooled newcomer Dstones in the midlane outlast hitting him thoroughly. Once he picked up his Black King Bar in the 24-minute mark, Aster just couldn't deal with him anymore. In Game 2, his Kunkka was this time outdueled by Dstone's Invoker in the midlane. He was slowed down quite a bit but his effectiveness in fights was still there as his Torrent and Ghost Ship usage helped turn fights around for LGD.
Was his usual explosive self
September 17, 2018
Fy made a lot of impact plays anew for PSG.LGD against Aster. The flashy support finished with a KDA of 9/14/31.
Fy opened up the series with his favorite Earthshaker. Fy was consistently making plays for LGD in throughout the game. Fy's 20-minute Blink Dagger was on the slow side but once he got Aster simply couldn't take clean fights against his team anymore in fear of his Echoslams. In Game 2, he switched it up with Phoenix. Fy's early game in the top lane with Chalice's Necrophos was key in PSG.LGD taking an early advantage. In the mid game, his Supernova placements were a thing of beauty as Aster struggled to deal with him.
Played nerfed heroes with ease
September 17, 2018
Chalice had a rough series but PSG.LGD still pull through against Aster in the Kuala Lumpur Major Qualifiers. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 14/12/22.
Chalice played Enchantress in the offlane despite several nerfs in the latest patch. He managed to do okay in lane against Xxs's Pugna. Chalice, however, did create a lot of space with his six deaths. LGD capitalized on Chalice's space as they edged out Aster. In Game 2, Chalice played Necrophos. He created a lot of problems early on against Sylar's Clinkz. His decision to get a quick Blade Mail put Aster in awkward scenarios during team fights that helped LGD overturn their early game deficit.
Showed off his newfound confidence from The International 2018
September 17, 2018
Ame did not lose a beat after PSG.LGD's beautiful run in The International 2018. The carry finished with a KDA of 18/4/22.
Ame played Lycan in the opening game of the series. He was actually rotating very early on as he couldn't find a good lane against Aster's lineup and was relegated to the jungle at times. But it did not slow him down one bit as his 17-minute Level 3 Necronomicon allowed him to dominate the game with ease. In Game 2, his Faceless Void was not as explosive but was still a huge threat for Aster. His Chronospheres allowed his team a huge comeback against Aster's advantage.
Outduels Miracle easily
August 22, 2018
Maybe dominated Liquid in their Upper Bracket matchup. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 26/5/24.
Maybe tried his luck with Leshrac in Game 1. He easily recovered from his rough start in the laning stuff by getting involved in teamfights. Once he got his mobility and Bloodstone, he had no fear and was just bombarding Liquid with his immense magic damage. He switched it up to mid Bloodseeker in Game 2. He was aggressive very early and was on a Dominating Streak at minute six. Maybe just ran away with the game as he was wiping Liquid heroes off the map.
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