Team Liquid
Leads Liquid to an easy win
June 4, 2018
Kuroky was impressive in a 2-0 win vs TNC at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 3/5/37 overall KDA.
Kuroky played Naga Siren in Game 1, providing valuable vision and teamfight setup for Liquid. He played very well in lane, moving around the map to help out his teammates early on. Later, Kuroky provided the easy setup for Mind_Control's Dark Seer to follow up on. Kuroky finished with a 3/3/27 KDA. In Game 2 Kuroky crushed TNC with Warlock. His massive initiations were just another nail in the coffin for TNC, giving Liquid an overwhelming damage advantage. Kuroky finished with a 1/2/10 KDA and 11,100 damage done in a 20 minute game.
Quick start to the playoffs at the Supermajor
June 4, 2018
gh finished with a 3/9/38 overall KDA in a 2-0 win vs TNC at the China Supermajor.
gh had a rough Game 1 on Nyx Assassin. He died a lot trying to scout out TNC and provide valuable intelligence for Liquid. Despite his deaths, he was also able to give Liquid a lot of vision that lead to them being able to take and win decisive fights. gh finished with a 1/7/23 KDA. In Game 2 gh played a great Sand King. He provided the initiation that lead to Liquid's overwhelming fight wins and subsequent tower pushes. gh finished with a 2/2/15 KDA.
Easy series for the Liquid offlaner
June 4, 2018
Mind_Control was very strong in both games of a 2-0 win vs TNC at the China Supermajor. He finished with a 12/3/21 overall KDA.
In Game 1 Mind_Control set the pace of fights on his Dark Seer. With the setup from Kuroky's Naga Siren, Mind_Control was able to easily hit multiple heroes with his Vacuum and Wall of Replica. This grouped up TNC for the rest of Liquid, leading to easy follow up stuns and damage. He finished with an 8/3/12 KDA. Mind_Control played Leshrac in Game 2, snowballing his way to a very quick win. After taking his lane, Mind_Control was able to group up with his team and obliterate TNC. He finished with a 4/0/9 KDA.
Tramples TNC
June 4, 2018
Miracle played an excellent series in a 2-0 win over TNC at the China Supermajor. He finished with an overall KDA of 21/5/19.
Miracle played a commanding Templar Assassin in Game 1. He dominated the middle lane, picking up a Desolator and completed Power Treads by 11 minutes. This let him snowball extremely hard into the mid-game, giving Liquid and insurmountable mid-game damage lead. Miracle finished with a 13/4/13 KDA. In Game 2 Miracle played an equally as impressive Juggernaut. He once again took control of the game early on, using Liquid's overwhelming pushing abilities to end the game quickly. He finished with an 8/1/6 KDA.
Strong start to the Supermajor playoffs
June 4, 2018
MATUMBAMAN finished a convincing 2-0 win over TNC at the China Supermajor with a 24/5/24 overall KDA.
In Game 1 MATUMBAMAN played an excellent Visage. He applied a lot of pressure to the TNC offlane, getting himself off to a great start. He was later able to navigate fights well from the edges, applying pressure with his Familiars and bursting people down with Soul Assumption. He finished with a 15/4/16 KDA. In Game 2 MATUMBAMAN ran over TNC with Lycan. He had a nice lane, finishing up a quick Helm of the Dominator and Necrobook. With those two items, he proceeded to absolutely destroy TNC. Any won skirmish was able to be converted into an easy objective thanks to MATUMBAMAN's lead. He finished with a 9/1/8 KDA.
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Dota 2
Welcomed to the top with direct invite to The International 2017
June 19, 2017
Valve announced via their official Dota2 website on Monday the direct invitations and regional qualifier invitations for The International 2017. Team Liquid earned the fourth invitation out of the six available.
Team Liquid has long struggled to find its rhythm and groove, suffering though juxtaposing periods of dramatic highs and disastrous lows. It has been a slow buildup for Team Liquid, beginning with a disastrous finish at DAC, a decent finish at Kiev and culminating with first place finishes over TNC and a red hot Evil Geniuses at Starladder and Epicenter 2017 respectively. Team Liquid will look to keep their momentum heading into The International and hope to add a long coveted Aegis of Champions to their trophy case.