Vega Squadron
Good early game micro
March 4, 2018
Zayac showed good micro on his Chen in the Vega Squadron defeat against Newbee at the Bucharest Major. The support finished with a KDA of 1/7/8.
Zayac's Chen in the only game of the series helped Palantimos find a lot of farm in the laning stage with his good creep micro. He even had several Holy Persuasion send backs that really saved his cores from a bad spot. But as the game dragged on, he found it difficult to get anything done for his team.
Mid Faceless Void crashed and burned
March 4, 2018
UnderShock wasn't much of a factor in Vega Squadron's lost against Newbee at the Bucharest Major. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 3/4/6.
UnderShock interestingly brought Faceless Void to the mid lane against Sccc's Dragon Knight. The gamble did not pay off for AfterShock as he couldn't really do much against the DK's tankiness. It didn't improve for the Faceless Void pick as the game went on. His Chronospheres lacked the follow-up damage and he even had to pop his ultimate defensively a couple of times.
Late game Divine Rapier did not pay off
March 4, 2018
Palantimos gave a commendable effort but Vega Squadron was still outclassed by Newbee at the Bucharest Major. The young carry finished with a KDA of 10/2/5.
Palantimos played the popular Gyrocopter in the only game of the series. He managed a lot of farm in his aggressive early game against Moogy's Pugna. Unfortunately, he eventually came to lack the damage because he had no choice to buy a very early Black King Bar against Newbee's magic damage heavy lineup. He eventually brought a Divine Rapier to compensate for the damage in the end game, but quickly dropped it afterward.
Good start did not amount to much
March 4, 2018
Blizzy had a few good plays but was still disappointing overall in Vega Squadron's lost to Newbee at the Bucharest Major. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 1/6/13.
Blizzy played Batrider in the only game of the series. He was involved in his team's First Blood against Kpii's Underlord very early on. But his performance quickly went into a freefall from there even after a nine-minute Blink Dagger. He had some good Flaming Lassos but his overall decision making in the game was questionable.
Outclassed by LGD.FY
November 24, 2017
CeMaTheSlayeR's Rubick couldn't stop LGD Forever Young in a one-sided loss for the CIS team. He finished with a 1/6/2 KDA. Vega Squadron are eliminated from the Perfect World Minor, finishing in 7th-8th place.
This was a very depressing game from the Vega Squadron camp. CeMaTheSlayeR didn't manage to get much done in the early game, which snowballed itself into a massive defect for Vega. By 15 minutes they were over 10,000 gold behind, and there was no coming back from that.
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