Natus Vincere
Shot blanks against Newbee
February 21, 2018
General was a non-factor in Natus Vincere's defeat against Newbee in ESL Katowice 2018. The versatile offlaner was limited to a KDA of 1/11/14.
In Game 1, General played Beastmaster in the bottom lane. He lost his matchup against Moogy's Razor and was played behind the whole of Game 1. General did help Natus Vincere's vision game, but his late Necronomicon really hurt his team's chances. In Game 2, General played Brewmaster. He again did not have the desired impact, as his crowd control during Brew Splits was underwhelming at best.
Gets plenty of courier kills, but not much else
February 21, 2018
Lil could have done more in Natus Vincere's poor showing against Newbee in ESL One Katowice 2018. The newly minted Navi support finished with a KDA of 3/10/16.
Lil played Bounty Hunter in both games of the series. He killed Newbee's courier numerous times across the whole series. Unfortunately, that was Lil's best contribution for Navi as his minimal rotations failed to set the tempo. Lil was brought in to Navi to help the Dota Pro Circuit Points and his amazing tempo control as a roaming support, but this series was far from the Lil that many have come to love (and hate).
Solid showing, but not enough from Na'Vi icon
February 21, 2018
Dendi had a solid performance against Newbee's Sccc, but Natus Vincere were still eliminated at ESL Katowice 2018. The Dota 2 icon finished with a KDA of 9/9/7.
Dendi kicked off the series with his favorite Queen of Pain, notable this was Dendi's 150th game on the hero. He didn't have a good matchup against Sccc's Dragon Knight but still found the farm for an 11-minute Veil of Discord. His rotations resulted in some kills, but his effectiveness quickly waned as the game went on. In Game 2, he played a less snowball-dependent hero with Death Prophet. His early game was mostly spent on farming, but he did make a few rotations that surprised Newbee. Dendi managed the most hero damage for his team at 16,000, but they really lacked the crowd control to finish anyone of.
Still no dice on signature hero
February 21, 2018
Crystallize had a forgettable series against Newbee in ESL Katowice 2018. The rising star finished with a KDA of 5/5/13.
Crystallize opened up the series with his signature carry Faceless Void. He found a lot of farm early on and picked up the meta-ubiquitous Battle Fury. His first Chronospheres really helped Natus Vincere's cause, but in the mid game, he was letting Faith's Rubick steal Chronosphere way too often, which became really troublesome for Natus Vincere. In Game 2, he went from the teamfight hero to a skirmishing hero in Weaver. He again had an easy time in the early game, which resulted in a 17-minute Diffusal Blade. Crystallize was focusing on keeping the lane equilibrium in Natus Vincere's favor and looked for kills when available. However, in the full five-man engagements Crystallize was hard pressed to get anything done.
The final piece of the new Na'Vi roster
February 5, 2018
In a release on its website, Na'Vi announced that LeBron would be taking the fifth spot on the new Na'Vi roster.
LeBron has played as a stand-in for Na'Vi in the past, but never for another top-tier team in any region. Always a strong player in qualifier teams or lower tier competition, LeBron comes as a solid choice to complete the Na'Vi roster alongside the team's new addition of Lil. The new roster's first competition will be the upcoming qualifiers for the Dota 2 Asia Championships.
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