Natus Vincere
Runs it back against Espada
September 25, 2018
Sonneiko finished with an overall KDA of 6/24/36 in a 2-1 win over Espada in the Dreamleague Season 10 CIS qualifiers.
In Game 1 Sonneiko played an annoying but ineffective Nature's Prophet. He moved around the map well in the early-game, but his presence in fights as things went on left a lot to be desired and his split pushing wasn't strong enough to make up for it. He finished with a 1/9/7 KDA. Game 2 was once again rough for Sonneiko, on Winter Wyvern this time, but it ensured that the rest of Na'Vi had a great time. He was constantly putting himself in risky positions to start fights, and finished with a 2/11/16 KDA. In Game 3 Sonneiko closed out the series with a Lich game. Early points in Frost Blast and Ice Armor made Sonneiko very effective in fights and kept his cores alive against Espada's physical damage lineup. He finished with a 3/4/13 KDA.
Keeps it cool after a tough start
September 25, 2018
Chuvash had a hard Game 1 but came back strong to close out a 2-1 win for Na'Vi in the Dreamleague Season 10 CIS qualifiers. He finished with a 14/15/29 overall KDA.
Chuvash had a tough Game 1 on Vengeful Spirit. Things started out ok for Chuvash and Na'Vi, but once they started losing fights Chuvash began racking up the deaths trying to save his cores from Espada. He finished with a 2/11/6 KDA. Chuvash game back with two excellently played Tiny games to run back the series for Na'Vi. He was extremely active all game in both games, moving around the map and starting fights off with a quick kill. He finished Game 2 with a 6/3/12 KDA and a 6/1/11 KDA in Game 3.
Shuts down Espada in the final two games
September 25, 2018
Blizzy came back with a vengeance to secure a 2-1 win over Espada in the Dreamleague Season 10 CIS qualifiers. He finished with a 12/7/39 overall KDA.
Blizzy played Ursa in a rough Game 1 loss to Espada. He struggled to get much done as the game progressed and Espada's team became too mobile and durable for him to reliably burst down. He finished with a 4/6/8 KDA. In Game 2 Blizzy played an excellent Enigma. His positioning was great all game, and even just the threat of a Black Hole was enough to secure fights for Na'Vi and let them push afterward. He finished with a 5/1/17 KDA. Blizzy played a great Batrider to close out the series for Na'Vi. This was a good showcase of Blizzy's skills as an initiator, using a powerful single-target disable to ensure fights started as a 5v4 in Na'Vi's favor. He finished with a 3/0/14 KDA.
Closes out the series with a thunderous Zeus game
September 25, 2018
Magical finished with an overall KDA of 19/7/26 in a 2-1 win over Espada in the Dreamleague Season 10 CIS qualifiers.
Magical played Templar Assassin in Game 1, getting off to a fiery start but failing to carry things into the late-game for Na'Vi. He dominated Nix's Ember Spirit in lane, but this huge lead only amounted to a small advantage for Na'Vi. He finished with a 5/5/2 KDA. In Game 2 Magical played Alchemist. He was forced into the jungle early on by Espada's pressure, but this ended up working out in favor of Na'Vi in the end. Magical finished a 13-minute Radiance and from there it was all over for his opponents. He finished with a 6/2/15 KDA. In Game 3 Magical played a great Zeus, grinding Espada down for a quick Na'Vi win. Magical dealt huge magic damage all game, finishing with 18,000 damage done in just 25 minutes of gameplay. He finished with an 8/0/9 KDA.
Comes back after a demoralizing Game 1
September 25, 2018
Crystallize played a good series, taking it 2-1 over Espada in the Dreamleague Season 10 CIS qualifiers. He finished with an overall KDA of 20/8/20.
In Game 1 Crystallize played Morphling. He had an OK start but failed to transition into the late-game monster Na'Vi needed him to be. Despite all his elusiveness, Espada was able to bring down Crystallize reliably in the late-game, shutting out a lot of his effectiveness. He finished with a 5/5/3 KDA. Crystallize played a great Ursa in Game 2. He was able to find kills all game, even on his own, and scaled very well as the game went on. He finished with a 10/3/9 KDA. Crystallize finished off the series with a great Phantom Lancer game. He was practically un-touchable all game, moving around with complete impunity and ripping apart Espada's heroes. He finished with a 5/0/8 KDA.
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Dota 2
Withdraws from ESL Birmingham
May 14, 2018
Na'Vi announced via its own website that in addition to the roster changes the team would withdraw from ESL Birmingham.
Na'Vi cited needing time for the roster to train together and focusing on the Dota 2 Supermajor as reasons why the team would back out of ESL after qualifying. The team will now be forced to play through the TI8 open qualifiers