Textbook Underlord play from VGJ.Thunder
March 6, 2018
Yang played a quiet game in Vici Gaming Thunder's win against TNC at the Bucharest Major. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 3/5/16.
Yang played Underlord in the only match of the series. He didn't really do any flashy throughout the game but built a lot of tanky aura items as you would expect from an Underlord. In the end game, he used Dark Rift to quickly get his team out of bad situations.
Incredibly smart decision making from the VGJ.Thunder carry
March 6, 2018
Sylar wasn't the star of the show but Vici Gaming Thunder still defeated TNC at the Bucharest Major. The veteran finished with a KDA of 4/3/17.
Sylar played Death Prophet in the safelane of the game. Though not normally a carry hero he still made a lot of plays for VGJ.T. He rushed a Eul's Scepter of Divinity which allowed him to stay in the middle of teamfights as much as possible. In one crucial engagement, he instantly popped a defensive Eul's after a quick Omnislash from Raven's Juggernaut. They fell behind in the mid game but Sylar's Exorcism usage really prevented TNC from taking more objectives.
Insane triple Divine Rapier game
March 6, 2018
Freeze was the endgame raid boss of Vici Gaming Thunder in their victory against TNC at the Bucharest Major. The prolific mid laner finished with a KDA of 13/3/6.
Freeze brought Gyrocopter to the mid lane in their only game of the series. He drew the laning phase against Armel's Puck. His decision to rush a Black King Bar at the 22-minute mark after farming only a Yasha proved to be a very smart decision. TNC's incredible magic burst proved useless against him and he only died three times. Freeze then bought an insane three Divine Rapiers in the late game to close it out against TNC.
Greatly outroamed his opponents
March 6, 2018
Fade provided a lot of tempo in Vici Gaming Thunder's victory against TNC at the Bucharest Major. The young support player finished with a KDA of 1/6/19.
Fade's Nightstalker allowed Vici Gaming Thunder to really delay the game. He was all over the map from the laning stage. From providing vision with Hunter in the Night to clutch canceling TPs, Fade did a little bit of everything for Vici Gaming Thunder.
Joins VGJ Thunder
February 3, 2018
VGJ Thunder announced via Twitter that they would complete their roster with the addition of DDC.
DDC brings plenty of experience in his role to the surging VGJ squad. His addition means that the long time stand-in for the team Ayo will be departing.
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New roster and team name revealed
September 6, 2017
In a weibo post today, the new Vici Gaming rosters were revealed.
The old Vici Gaming.J roster has been completely shuffled except for rOtk who will be moving to the coaching role, and the team has undergone a re-branding. The team's name moving forward will be VGJ.Thunder. The five players on the team will be Sylar, Ghost, Yang, Fade and Ayo. Ayo and Fade are relative newcomers to the professional scene who spent the past year playing for the Vici Gaming Potential squad.