LGD Forever Young
Joins LFY
February 3, 2018
LiquidDota reported Saturday that Yao would be jumping from the LGD bench and into the starting lineup for LGD.Forever Young.
Yao, who was relegated from captain to the bench on LGD, will be joining LFY as the team scrambles to cobble together a team before the roster lock in two days time. It is unclear whether or not this is a loan or a voluntary demotion to the youth squad, but for the time being Yao makes a great addition to this team.
Returns to LFY
February 3, 2018
LiquidDota reported Saturday that Super would be rejoining LGD.Forever Young immediately.
Super, who appears to have been on loan to Invictus Gaming was immediately recalled to LFY in light of the departure of two players which was sparked by the sudden retirement of Inflame.
Heading to retirement
February 3, 2018
VPGame and LiquidDota announced that LFY would be losing three players ahead of this month's roster lock, with Inflame announcing his retirement.
No reason was given for Inflame's sudden retirement, however, his departure was a catalyst for the subsequent departure of DDC to VGJ.Storm and Op to possibly reunite with Invictus Gaming. This leaves LGD.FY with only four players with two days until roster lock.
Leaves LFY
February 3, 2018
VPGame and LiquidDota have reported that Op will be leaving LGD Forever Young.
Op's decision to leave comes along with the announcement that teammate Inflame is set to retire in the coming days. This announcement is also what sparked the departure of DDC, who had already joined VGJ.Thunder. It is rumored that Op will be returning to Invictus Gaming.
Outdueled by his opposing mid
January 23, 2018
Op couldn't keep up with Moon in LFY's elimination against Mineski in ESL One Genting. The former Invictus Gaming star finished with a KDA of 7/9/9.
Op kicked off the series with Death Prophet in Game 1. He was ganked often in the laning phase and couldn't find as much farm as he wanted. His 15 minute Eul's Scepter of Divinity was decent enough but it didn't amount too much. He also had Exorcism stolen by the opposing Rubick which hurt his team's chances. In Game 2, Op tried his luck with Shadow Fiend. His laning stage went horribly as he didn't get his first last hit until around two minutes into the game. He never recovered from the slow start and Mineski just steamrolled them the rest of the game.
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