Did little to help the Fnatic cause
February 25, 2018
Universe couldn't do much against Virtus Pro's aggression as Fnatic fall in the semifinals of ESL One Katowice 2018, finishing with a KDA of 5/9/12.
Universe failed to make use of the farm priority that Fnatic gave him in the laning stage of the series opener. His Beastmaster never really amounted to much in helping Abed get his farming space. In Game 2, he played Underlord but failed to recapture his heroics in their series against Team Secret.
Disappointing series fron Fnatic captain
February 25, 2018
EternaLEnvy had his poorest series at ESL One Katowice 2018 against Virtus.pro in the semifinals, finishing with a KDA of 3/16/17.
EternaLEnvy's most concerning statline against Virtus.pro in the series was his 311 Gold Per Minute average. EternaLEnvy was just as good as a support in the game and his terrible start on Vengeful Spirit with seven deaths really set his poor tone. Game 2 was slightly better on his Wraith King but he was still disappointing overall.
Couldn't keep up with the frantic series
February 25, 2018
DJ was out of his element against Virtus.pro in the semifinals of ESL One Katowice 2018, finishing with a KDA of 4/11/19.
DJ couldn't keep up with Virtus Pro's frantic pace as he couldn't really turn it around for Fnatic early on. His Earthshaker had a decent 15-minute Blink Dagger timing opening but it didn't amount to much for Fnatic's tempo. It was the same story in Game 2 with his Tiny but at least he actually scrounged up four kills in the lopsided match.
Shut down by Virtus.Pro
February 25, 2018
Abed was never allowed to get going against Virtus.pro in the semifinals of ESL One Katowice 2018, finishing with a KDA of 12/7/7.
Since Abed is normally relied upon by Fnatic to carry the game in the end game, Virtus.pro simply locked him down. He got some farm in the series opener as Medusa but he was efficiently countered by n[o]one's Outword Devourer despite being his team's top net worth hero. In Game 2, Abed was curiously playing Viper to counter VP's strong passive reliant heroes. But Viper isn't known to be a hero who can carry games late and was underwhelming at best.
Time with Fnatic comes to an end
January 13, 2018
In a release on its website, Fnatic announced that it would be parting ways with Ohaiyo effective immediately.
Ohaiyo has been a staple of the Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene for a long time, playing for a variety of successful teams throughout his career. His time with Fnatic was notably average though, especially after EternalEnVy and pieliedie joined the team following The International 7. Ohaiyo has not made any announcements regarding a new team.
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Team News
Dota 2
Headed to The International 2017
June 28, 2017
After defeating Clutch Gamers 2-0 in the winner's bracket final of the SEA regional qualifiers, Fnatic has earned a spot beside TNC in Seattle for The International 2017 in August.
With a 7-2 group stage record, Fnatic was edged out for the top spot by TNC, but they would not be denied in the bracket stage. Dispatching both of their opponents with quick 2-0 wins, Fnatic waltzed their way through the competition and closer to an Aegis of Champions.
Dota 2
Rounds out roster with DJ, Meracle and QO
April 8, 2017
Sasha Erfanian of theScore esports reported that Fnatic have completed their roster with the addition of two new players and one familiar face.
After a string of poor results and the depature of Mushi, Fnatic chose to rebuild. Starting with Ohaiyo and Febby, Fnatic brought back a former player in DJ, Febby's former MVP teammate QO and a new star in Meracle. The squad will have a short time to prepare before possible qualifiers for The International 2017.