Incredible Tinker game highlights win against TNC
May 16, 2018
Moon was the catalyst that drove Mineski forward in their win against TNC at MDL Changsha. The mid laner finished with a KDA of 27/4/17.
Moon completely styled on TNC with his Timbersaw in the series opener. He bullied Armel's Dragon Knight in the laning stage and he got a lot of farm to show for it. With him in the frontline, Mineski were diving Tier 2 towers with ease by the 10-minute mark. Moon's Tinker was the star of the show in Game 2. He took advantage of the fact that TNC had no real way of catching him. Moon even had a bunch of perfect cleanup jobs where he just wiped out TNC in the later engagements with his Dagon 5.
Proves he is still one of the best
May 16, 2018
Mushi turned back the clock against TNC at MDL Changsha. The Malaysian star finished with a KDA of 14/2/33.
Mushi had a deathless game with his Gryocopter in the laning phase. He wasn't contested much by Sam H, and his economy game was booming from an early point. In the mid game, Mushi even had a perfect Black King Bar usage that completely destroyed TNC's hopes of mounting a comeback. Mushi's Lifestealer in Game 2 had a slow start but it didn't stop him from having a good game. His 25-minute Radiance was a bit later than he would have liked. When he finally got it, Mushi went old school and actually went for the Ancient Infest trick, which worked wonders for Mineski.
Another impressive performance
May 16, 2018
Jabz was always in the right place at the right time for Mineski in their win against TNC. The spitfire playmaker finished with a KDA of 5/8/35.
Jabz's Io in the opening game created problems for TNC from the laning stage. His three-minute Soul Ring allowed Mushi to have unlimited mana in the laning stage. His Relocates were also on point in the mid game, punishing TNC's mistakes across the map. Jabz played Clockwerk in Game 2 of the series. He never really got a lot of farm going, but his initiation was on point for the SEA-based team. Jabz was involved in 25 of his team's 35 kills in a very well-rounded performance from the Thai star.
A consistent force for Mineski
May 16, 2018
iceiceice churned out another good series for Mineski at MDL Changsha against TNC. The offlaner finished with a KDA of 5/5/32.
iceicice's Doom had a very fruitful early game against TNC, keeping Raven and his Morphling's farm in check while finding a lot of gold for himself. With timely rotations from ninjaboogie's Bane, he found crucial kills on Raven. Once his Shadow Blade was online, he kept hunting Raven to keep him shut down. iceiceice played Underlord in Game 2. He was harassing Raven very well with the help of Jabz's Clockwerk. ice was just constantly making space for Mineski, and in the late game his Dark Rifts did not disappoint.
Did all he could in a painful loss
May 5, 2018
Ninjaboogie played Lion, finishing with a 2/6/15 KDA in a disheartening best-of-one elimination loss to Virtus.pro at EPICENTER XL.
Despite playing well almost all game, Mineski failed to close out the match with their hefty 11,000 gold lead. They quickly lost two back-to-back fights centered around Roshan, and just like that Mineski found themselves behind with Virtus.pro charging down their base.
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