Made important space for his big cores
August 20, 2018
Jabz wasn't his usual explosive self but Mineski still picked up the win against TNC. The Thai support finished with a KDA of 4/11/9.
Jabz went with the meta popular Dark Willow in the sudden death game. He struggled early on as he tried to match TNC's trilane with Iceiceice. It took him awhile to finally impact the game but with Mineski falling behind hard his Terrorizes were very key in their disengages. Jabz even got a solo kill against Kuku's Silencer in the late game for all of his stolen intelligence in the game.
Smart usage of space from his teammates
August 20, 2018
Mushi had a vintage performance against TNC to move on in The International 2018. The veteran finished with a KDA of 5/2/9.
Mushi played Spectre in the important match-up. He got to farm efficiently early on despite the constant harass from SamH's Pugna. His smart itemization to get a quick Blade Mail into a Manta Style helped him contribute to team fights than the normal Radiance build. He was utilizing the space his team provided him and always used his Haunts at the perfect time.
Makes full use of Double Damage Rune
August 20, 2018
Moon was the most valuable player in Mineski's win against TNC. The midlaner finished with a KDA of 7/1/7.
Moon placed his trust with Shadow Fiend in the sudden death match-up. He did alright early on despite the unfavorable laning stage against Armel's Tiny. With Mineski playing with a 15,000 networth disadvantage at the mid game, Moon was keeping his hopes alive with beautiful moments across the map. He picked up a crucial Double Damage in the late game that he utilized to swing the game in Mineski's favor.
Perfect game of tactical feeding
August 20, 2018
Iceiceice had a rough game but he did what was necessary for Mineski. The star offlaner finished with a KDA of 2/6/9.
Iceiceice played one of his favorites in Brewmaster against TNC. His laning left a lot to be desired against TNC's trilane. He was relegated to just getting experience and not much gold to go with it. He still got his Blink Dagger at a decent time and exhibited good crowd control with his Splits. His greedy decision to buy a Hand of Midas instead of a Black King Bar afterward did hurt him at times since his Blink initiations were shut down by TNC. Iceiceice was still successful in his mission of making important space for Mushi and Moon.
Rough showing from the Mineski leader
August 18, 2018
Mushi struggled against PSG.LGD in The International 2018. The veteran finished with a KDA of 7/7/20.
Mushi played Wraith King in the first game of the series. He was effectively shut down by Fy and Chalice in the laning phase. Mushi eventually got his important Blade Mail and Blink Dagger to help him contribute to the teamfights positively. He fell off pretty quickly though as with multiple Diffusal Blades on the enemy team, his Reincarnation never actually activated. In Game 2, Mushi had a slightly better game with Spectre. He shrugged off his early game struggles to lead Mineski in the networth charts with decent Radiance and Manta Style timings. But a bit of misplays around the map from his team, Captain Mushi just couldn't turn the game around.
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