Ji Hoon Yoon 
South Korea
3-vs-5? No problem
November 17, 2017
Sign made big plays in the 2-0 victory against the Red Canids in the HGC Finals.
Sign took Red Canids' overaggressive maneuvers and shoved them down their throats in Game 1 on the map Towers of Doom. At the 12-minute mark, Sign was able to use Falstad's Mighty Gust to push four members of Red Canids into a very precarious situation, allowing his team to pick up a 2-for-0 trade. Game 2 had Sign on Muradin, picking up the first blood for his team at the six-minute mark with a great Dwarf Toss. Sign's best play was in the final moments of the game, when he was able to take a 3-vs-5 fight with the help of Lockdown's Abathur Symbiote. This was amusing to watch, as not only would Sign not die, but he would proceed to crush two healers, two assassins and a tank almost single-handedly.
New D.Va meta
June 27, 2017
Sign played great in a 3-0 victory over BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Signed opted for a strange Anub'Arak pick in Game 1 on Sky Temple. Sign picked Anub which while it turned out to be an alright grab, could have been a complete nightmare as BlossoM drafted Valla, one of the best counters for Anub'Arak. Had BlossoM taken Greymane as well Tempest would have been in dire straights since Sign would not have had the health pool to take on two auto attack assassin heroes. While the hero choice was poor, Sign did play Anubb very well and showed that his macro play is just as good as his micro play with expert decision making and intelligent burst targeting. Sign also went with Anub'Arak in Game 3 on Cursed Hollow as a part of a ridiculous cheese strategy that relied on heavy CC which Sign had plenty of. BlossoM genuinely lost this match during the draft and didn't have an answer for the team comp they were up against, leading to some very one-sided play.
Strongest player on a losing team
May 16, 2017
Sign played well, and when his team wasn't throwing he performed admirably. As soon as things started to fall apart it felt like Sign simply disappeared, making no game changing plays in Part 2 of HGC Korea Phase 1.
Sign drafted Tyrael in Game 1 on the map Dragon Shire, opting for the heroic Judgement at level 10. While the commentators speculated this was mainly to hype up their fans they were quickly proven wrong, with Sign making an epic escape by flying across the map to pick up a kill on the enemy Genji at the 10-minute mark. For the remainder of Game 1 Sign's Tyrael play carried them to a haphazard victory. Game 2 had Sign on E.T.C and he did a great Job at landing his Mosh Pit in the early stages of the game. The rest of the match however, Sign just ended up baiting his team into bad engages by attempting to solo Mosh pit the enemy against an Uther healer. This would always result in a Divine Shield, and the fights momentum completely shifting to Raven.
Out of retirement
January 13, 2017
Sign has come out of retirement to play for Tempest, according to his twitter news feed.
Just two weeks after announcing that he would be retiring from professional Heroes of the Storm, Sign has been recruited to play for the newly revamped Tempest roster in Korea. Sign was an outstanding flex player for MVP Black and will continue in the same role for Tempest, likely playing off-tank and ranged assassins when the team utilizes different strategies. It is not clear what drew Sign out of retirement, nor is it clear how long he will remain with Tempest. Only time will tell.
Retires from professional HotS
December 31, 2016
Sign has decided to retire from professional HotS according to Chris Meek of invenglobal.
MVP Sign was one of the most pivotal players on the MVP Black roster, and a part of the back to back global championship team that took the world by storm just a few short seasons ago. He was an excellent flex player who made very calculated and intelligent plays on any warrior MVP Black put him on. He has not released a statement about whether or not he will be playing other games professionally or if he may return to heroes at a later date. MVP Black has released a statement that they already have replacements for the team selected from their B squad.
Sticks to what he's good at
December 31, 2016
Sign played a strong series against ZeroPanda, beating them 2-0 in the Chinese Gold League Playoffs.
Sign started off the best-of-three set on Tyrael in an all out Illidan/Abathur team comp. This was a risky decision as the map was Dragon Shire and Abathur is typically a very weak hero on this map. Despite that, Sign was able to push the bottom lane with his teammates while MVP Rich performed some solo miracles in the top lane with Illidan and managed to smash down the fort all on his own. This aggressive specialist style Illidan play is becoming more and more popular with the Korean and Chinese teams and thus far nobody has an answer to it. In Game 2 Sign went with Muradin on Sky Temple. This pick was designed to counter the First pick Kharazim that ZeroPanda decided to draft and it worked miracles as they could not output enough healing to do any meaningful damage due to the Disruption that Sign's hero carried out with precision.
Great Muradin handling
December 29, 2016
Sign dismantled Astral Authority in a 2-0 rout during the group stages of the Chinese Gold League.
Sign played Muradin in both Game 1 and Game 2, but for slightly different reasons. In Game 1 Sign opted for the Muradin pick because he wanted the attack-speed reduction from his Thunder Clap ability to be applied to the enemy Greymane, which was the hero his opponents built their team around. He also partially picked this hero so that his opponents couldn't draft him, as MVP Black wanted to run Kharazim as one of their supports, who gets hard-countered by Muradin. As is often the case in HotS, hero picks are what can win your team the game, and this was no exception. Astral Authority tried to make some non-meta heroes work and just were not able to pull it off against the mechanical monsters that are MVP Black. In Game 2 Sign chose Muradin for the peeling capabilities as MVP KyoCha chose to draft the siege tank Sgt Hammer. Working in tandem with MVP Rich on another warrior, Dehaka, Sign was able to zone the enemy team and force them into situations where they had limited control. This resulted in an easy 2-0 finish for MVP Black.
Insane hero control
October 30, 2016
Sign was a mechanical monster in a 2-0 rout of Team Dignitas during Day 3 of the HGC World Championships.
Sign started out Game 1 on Muradin after Dignitas target banned E.T.C., taking that option away from him. This didn't pay off in any significant way as MVP Sign is legitimately a mechanical monster who simply does not make mistakes. Every time Dignitas would try to evade his skillshot Storm Bolt stuns he would brilliantly wait until the right moment before releasing the beginning of what would always result in a kill for MVP Black. Despite this being the closest game of the best-of-three series, MVP black still more than doubled Dignitas's kills and Sign had over a 90 percent kill participation. In Game 2, Sign once again decided that drafting Muradin would be the best call for his team. While there may have been better heroes on the board, it stands to reason that he chose the same hero twice because he was confident that he could beat Dignitas again with him and also so that he did not reveal any of his other heroes he is saving for the playoffs set to start early next month on November 4th. Regardless of his reasons, Sign was a terror on Muradin and did not die a single time throughout the match, a testament to his outstanding mechanics and map awareness.
Stellar warrior play
October 26, 2016
Sign controlled the series in a 2-0 sweep of Burning Rage during Day 1 of the 2016 HGC World Championships.
Game 1 saw Sign draft an early E.T.C, which is currently the highest-win-rate hero in both tournament play and top-tier ranked play on every major server. With the way that Sign was able to utilize E.T.C. it comes as no surprise that this hero is at the top of every pro's tier list. All throughout the games, Sign was able to command the battlefield and ensure that his team was properly peeled for. In addition to the heroic saves for his team, Sign was also charged with isolating and capitalizing on the enemies' mistakes, which he did many times to great effect as E.T.C. is awesome at punishing misplays with his long stun Powerslide ability as well as his displacement knock-back move. Part of what made Sign so deadly was that he had a melee assassin partner who was 100-percent in sync with his stuns and slows, allowing MVP Black to end the game in just over seven minutes. Game 2 saw Sign on Muradin, another strong warrior, though not quite as dominant as E.T.C. An interesting choice, however, was his level 1 talent choice Perfect Storm, which is essentially the choice players choose when they want to build Muradin as more of a brawler than a tank. This, coupled with his outstanding mechanics, allowed him to stack tons of damage on his Storm Bolt ability and completely pick apart a disorganized Burning Rage.
Excellent support despite picking tanks
October 26, 2016
Sign picked his comfort tanks but was able to show off his excellent positioning in 2-0 sweep over Denial eSports at Day 1 of the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Fall Championships.
Sign didn't reinvent the wheel, but he did show off his excellent playing skills as a tank. Playing Tyrael in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines, Sign stuck close to Rich, who was playing Kerrigan, to help secure his kills while zoning Denial eSports. This was best seen in a beautiful bottom-lane teamfight where Rich jumped Denial eSports with Maelstrom active. Rich was able to jump into the middle of Denial eSports' comp, but was quickly being burnt down. However, Sign saved Rich with an excellent Sanctification that protected Rich from any damage. Then, in Game 2, Sign played Muradin for beautiful zoning. Thanks to merryday, Muradin seemed absolutely invincible, with zero deaths despite Sign constantly challenging Tychus or Kerrigan. His harassment was unending, relenting only when he got kills. But, with Rich on Chen, Sigh showed his amazing positioning skills by trapping both an E.T.C. and a Tychus against Denial eSports' own healing well. Though his team wasn't bursting, they defiantly trapped and burned Denial eSports.
Sign: Great peeling kept the team alive
June 21, 2016
Sign demonstrated what it means to be a tank in a 2-1 victory over eStar in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship.
Sign played Muradin in both Game 1 and Game 2 of the best-of-three series. In both of these games he was careful and patient, which paid off greatly as his reluctance to use his stun as an engage, and rather save it for a peel and force eStar to engage won multiple teamfights, as well as the first match almost entirely. In Game 3 however, it was his exceptional E.T.C. play that really set him apart from other Korean tank players. During this match he meticulously calculated the CC required to just barely eek out a kill on several occasions with the use of his Powerslide ability to stun the target as well as his Face Melt ability to displace his opponents during their stun duration. This was especially effective after level 13 when he took the "Face Smelt" talent and was able to displace and slow them after an already 1.25 second stun.
Sign: Masterful on E.T.C. during sweep
June 18, 2016
Sign could not be stopped as MVP Black thoroughly destroyed Team Naventic 2-0 in Group B at the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Championship.
Sign may have been the catalyst against Team Naventic in Game 1. Sign picked E.T.C. and lurked in the fog, setting up a variety of picks and kills, which MVP Black snowballed into free objectives and easy map control. Sign's E.T.C. was sharp and Team Naventic had no answer. Sign once again was the linchpin for MVP Black's early game in the second match. Sign roamed and made Team Naventic respect his presence right away. Sign secured many picks with his E.T.C. and hit a clutch Mosh Pit to nearly wipe Team Naventic in the mid game.
Sign: Showed great Tyrael play in 2-0 rout
June 14, 2016
Sign had some excellent hero control in MVP Black's 2-0 victory over X-Team during the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship.
Sign started out Game 1 on E.T.C., a very strong frontline warrior. Throughout the match, Sign controlled the battlefield as he expertly maneuvered his hero across his team's frontline and did not fall victim to any of the cooldown baiting X-Team was trying by momentarily making themselves appear exposed. Sign played so well in Game 1 on E.T.C. that X-Team, fearing another menacing E.T.C. match, actually picked the hero so Sign couldn't. This did not end up mattering for Sign, though, as in Game 2 he had his sights set on Tyrael before the draft even started. In addition to his Tyrael pick, he also transitioned into an off tank role, rather than being the main tank. This allowed him to be a little more aggressive with his cooldowns and also put a lot more pressure on the heavy frontline that X-Team drafted. The pressure at times appeared to fluster X-Team and caused them to make some bad decisions which MVP Black capitalized on. Early team wipes set X-Team back and enabled MVP Black to snowball into a three level lead, closing out the series 2-0 and progressing to the round of eight in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship.
Sign: Excellent peels in quick victory
April 28, 2016
Sign peeled early and often in the quarterfinals of the Korean Super League, leading MVP Black to a 3-0 win over RoMg.
Sign started out the first two games of the series on E.T.C. and set up multiple kills for his assassin teammates while also peeling for his more vulnerable support. In addition to that Sign also used his passive trait to buff teammate Rich on both Illidan and Thrall making him a near unstoppable force to be reckoned with during team fights. In Game 3 RoMg stole E.T.C. early in the draft so Sign was forced to play Muradin. This proved to be a poor choice as Sign played an even better game with Muradin, landing multiple skillshots and setting up impressive ganks for this two assassin teammates Thrall and Li-Ming. This strong showing from Sign directly contributed to MVP Blacks 3-0 showing against RoMg and inclusion in the semifinals of the Korean Super League.
Sign: Shows out on warriors against eStar
April 3, 2016
Sign displays excellent solo warrior abilities in MVP Black's series against eStar Gaming during the semifinals of the Spring Global Championship.
Sign opted for a Diablo pick in Game One which is traditionally not the best solo warrior to choose. Sign made it work as his excellent Apocalypse ultimates followed MVP Rich's Sundering from Thrall for massive amounts of damage and crowd control to eStar Gaming's entire team. In Game Two, Sign played Muradin which completely countered eStar Gaming's entire team comp with Illidan, Sonya, and Valla taking the brunt of the soft CC with Sign's level 1 Reverberation talent slowing enemy attack speed by 50% as well as their movement speed by 25%. This type of damage mitigation ended up being a crushing blow to eStar's battle strategy and ended up costing them the series as MVP Black advances to the Grand Finals with a 2-0 victory.