Kim Jung Woo 
South Korea
Plays with his food
November 17, 2017
H82 crushed the Red Canids 2-0 in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had H82 playing Greymane on the map Towers of Doom. The match started off with a series of B-steps from both sides, which was both amusing and bizarre. When both sides were done break dancing, the fighting commenced with H82 picking up three kills in the first two minutes of the game. Game 2 had H82 on Leoric making the "perfect play for a tank," at the nine-minute mark. Waltzing up onto two members from Red Canids, H82 was able to intimidate them away from the Dragon Shire bottom bruiser camp with only one minion left. Thus, he took it for himself despite there being four members of the opposition nearby. Such was the swagger and intimidation that Tempest was bringing out onto the battleground, that despite all Red Canids' B-Steps, they really were just all talk (step?) and no game. H82 drove this point home at the 11-minute mark when he absolutely decimated all five members of Red Canids with a perfectly timed wraith walk.
Big Zeratul plays
June 27, 2017
H82 was a standout player in a 3-0 stomp of BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
H82 played Zeratul in both Games 1 and 3 of this series. In Game 1 on Sky Temple, H82 rotated early and often to try and secure kills with teammate HongCoNo on the squishy Valla. While they did play very well, it proved difficult to separate the Valla in a double warrior and double support team comp that BlossoM decided to run. Fortunately for H82, having a sole assassin/damage dealer on Sky Temple is not very good at all and Tempest secured an easy win. In Game 2 on Infernal Shrines, H82 played Arthas in a very strong double warrior comp featuring Sign on D.Va. This heavy zone control comp allowed Tempest to bully BlossoM off of the objective and give Tempest clear advantages along with the Immortal Punisher. H82 was further able to contribute by slowing all nearby targets with his frost presence and help Sign secure kills with his mobile and aggressive D.Va play.
Released from Raven
June 26, 2017
H82 has been released from Raven according to the official Blizzard HGC webpage.
H82 was a solid and intelligent warrior player during his time with Raven. While the reasons behind his release are unknown at this time, it is likely that H82 has chosen this, rather than Raven removing him from the team of their own accord. H82 was a dominant force on Anub'Arak during his time at the top of the meta, and also played a crafty Dehaka when the map called for such a pick. While his best heroes may not be first pick material currently, he will still be an excellent warrior pick up for any team that is on the market for a dedicated and skilled player who isn't afraid of a little bit of hard work.
Wrapped up a stunning victory
May 16, 2017
H82's had some amazing Anub'arak Cocoon's in the 3-1 series against Tempest in Part 2 of HGC Korea Phase 1.
H82 did a great job splitpushing with the hero Dehaka in Game 2's match on the map Cursed Hollow. Almost always escorting camps to the enemy structures, H82 was the single biggest factor in Raven's Game 2 victory. His ability to escort camps while his teammates distracted Tempest was uncanny, netting two Keeps for his team by the 15-minute mark. What happened next was surprising to watch as Raven took a 17-minute fight against Tempest. During the fight, H82 split off to escort four catapults onto the enemy core. Even with three members of his team dead, H82 was able to take Tempest core in a matter of moments. Game 3 had H82 on Anub'arak, opting for Cocoon at level 10. With this ability, H82 was able to set up numerous kills for his team. When Raven was behind two levels at the at seven-minute mark, H82 cocooned an isolated Reghar for an easy kill and a truckload of experience. At the 16-minute mark, H82 had a magnificent Cocoon on the enemy Tychus preventing him from doing any damage to follow up on the E.T.C's Mosh Pit. This allowed Raven to win a fight they would have otherwise lost.