Dae Hyung Lee 
South Korea
A lot of personality
November 17, 2017
HongCoNo hit it off with Red Canids as he engaged them in B-Stepping throughout their 2-0 victory in the HGC Finals.
HongCoNo came out punching in Game 1 when it came down to who could B-Step more in the first five minutes of the game. Unlike the Red Canids, HongCoNo could actually back up his salty movements with a great Storm Bolt into kill against the enemy Sonya at the four-minute mark. Game 2 had HongCoNo convincing the rest of his team to do complete role swapping in an attempt to show their vast superiority to the South American team. With HongCoNo now on Greymane, he opted for a completely cheesy Cocktail build with Wizened Duelist, something you typically only see in Hero League games. HongCoNo's best play was at the 11-minute mark when he was able to capitalize on H82's amazing five-man March of the Black King. Diving in with Go for the Throat, HongCoNo was able to pick up two quick kills on the enemy Cassia and Reghar, both primary targets. Despite his numerous pointless deaths, HongCoNo and co. easily defeated the Red Canids without breaking a sweat.
Signed by Tempest
June 27, 2017
HongCoNo has been signed by Tempest according to the official Blizzard HGC webpage.
HongCoNo has had a rough stretch of months during his time with MVP Miracle after being released from his world championship team in 2016, which is coincidentally the same team that has signed him now, Tempest. It is unknown why HongCoNo and Tempest parted ways back in 2016 just as it is unknown why MVP Miracle let HonoCoNo out of his contract. HongCoNo is an excellent player when he wants to be, but has recently struggled on the big stage and does not look like the player who won it all last June. At this time it is unknown which player will be joining Tempest; a world champion, or a player who can't even stay on MVP's B team. HongCoNo is definitely the player in Korea to keep an eye on this season.
Free Agent
Former world champion released from MVP Miracle
June 26, 2017
HongCoNo has been released from MVP Miracle according to the official Blizzard HGC webpage.
HongCoNo, once a world champion on the team Tempest in 2016 has since fallen from grace. First, transitioning to MVP Miracle, the B team of the MVP organization, and now second being once again cast aside by a lower level team and released into free agency. HongCoNo is still a mechanical genius and great player, but something must be wrong for multiple teams to have released him inside of a year. Future teams looking for a former world champion caliber player may be wise to look elsewhere as HongCoNo seems to have some issue's behind the scene that are causing teams to turn heel and run despite his clear level of skill.
Flashy name for flashy plays
May 28, 2017
Not only does HongCoNo have one of the flashier names in the Korea scene, he also makes some of the flashiest plays while leading his team to a 3-1 victory against Mighty in the HGC Round 3.
HongCoNo's biggest misplay in Game 1 was not taking Holy Ground on the hero Tyrael. Without Holy Ground, HongCoNo could not engage and isolate the enemy Sgt. Hammer. With Sgt. Hammer freely pummeling MVP Miracle, every fight was a losing fight. Game 2 had HongCoNo on the hero Muradin for the map Sky Temple. With dami off-tanking on the hero Dehaka, HongCoNo's main job was to zone the enemy away from Auriel and Valla. Using his Storm Bolt's perfectly to keep the enemy Anub'arak pinned down, Mighty had literally no way to get into MVP Miracles backline. Perhaps this was the reason Mighty opted to run Judgement Tyrael, a decision that would ultimately make MVP Miracles time even easier, due to the predictability of the heroic. Game 3 had HongCoNo playing Tyrael yet again, this time also opting to go Judgement. This decision was almost like a direct call out to Mighty, as if saying "this is how you utilize this heroic." While the boast was very visible, its benefits were not, with Judgement getting very little value outside of threatening the enemy Genji.
Bland Hero picks
February 28, 2017
HongCoNo did not play well in a 2-3 loss to GG during the Korean 2017 HGC group stage.
HongCoNo is still playing HotS like it's 2015 with very few picks outside of his comfort zone of the old school tanks like E.T.C. and Muradin. He is a mechanically gifted player, but he needs to evolve with the meta, rather than continuously just pick the few heroes he is comfortable on. In Game 1 he did just that with a Varian pick, however, taking a solo tank varian was a bad idea and resulted in a lot of problems for his double melee assassin team comp, as they could not get the peels they needed early on, one of Varians key weaknesses as a solo tank. Games 2, 3 and 4 saw him only on E.T.C. and Muradin, and despite his familiarity with these heroes he was still performing at less than his normal capacity. These poor games are likely what led to the disappointing 2-3 loss, and are probably a huge let down for his team. Expect better results in the future, or HongCoNo to be replaced.
Free Agent
Signed by MVP Miracle
December 31, 2016
HongCoNo has been signed by MVP Miracle according to Chris Meek of Invenglobal.
HongCoNo had been a free agent for almost two months after being removed from the Tempo Storm roster when MVP Miracle gave him another chance by signing him to the vacant warrior position on their roster. This is a big move as MVP Miracle just got second place in the Chinese Gold League Championships earlier this month. HongCoNo was best known for his stellar Muradin play and has a number of achievements earned while a member of both Tempest and Tempo Storm to include multiple Korean Super League Championships as well as the 2016 Summer DreamHack All-Stars Championship. HongCoNo will be a huge asset for MVP Miracle.
Becomes free agent
November 2, 2016
HongCoNo is no longer with the Tempo Storm organization, according to Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports.
Dae Hyung "HongCoNo" Lee and the rest of the Tempo Storm team have all been released from their contracts following a disappointing 4th-place finish in the Korean Super League that disqualified them from the Blizzcon world championships. Tempo Storm has made an announcement that they will not be exiting Heroes of the Storm eSports; however, it remains unclear if HongCoNo will continue to play professionally or hang up his jersey and retire. HongCoNo had a very large hero pool spanning dozens of tanks/bruisers as well as ranged assassins and specialists. In addition to his hero pool, he was also a part of the world championship team that took Korea by storm just five months ago. Should he continue playing professionally, he will find a high-tiered team that is interested.
HongCoNo: Tyrael pick seals 2016 Summer Championship
June 20, 2016
HongCoNo played a solid series as Tempest defeated MVP Black 3-2 in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship.
HongCoNo had to be the initiation for Tempest as the team took the first game of the series off MVP Black. HongCoNo had to use nearly every tool at his disposal to target MVP Black's Lt. Morales as the medic sat in the backline on Battlefield of Eternity. HongCoNo spiked the winning teamfight for Tempest by locking down Morales and cleaning up MVP Black to seize the first game. HongCoNo had a relatively quiet game on Muradin in the second match. HongCoNo didn't have the same simple engagement method versus MVP Black's composition on Infernal Shrines. HongCoNo primarily had to be a peeler and disruptor in the second game, which did not lead to kills for Tempest in the late game, as MVP Black overpowered them. HongCoNo switched over to E.T.C. in Game 3 as MVP Black drafted Muradin away from him. HongCono had a big presence on E.T.C., allowing Tempest to make early boss calls and zone off MVP Black. HongCoNo was awful with his Mosh Pits, at one point attempting to break up a boss capture by MVP Black only to misfire on his timing and end up dying. HongCoNo went back onto Muradin in the fourth game against MVP Black. HongCoNo helped set up the game-swinging teamfight, disabling E.T.C.'s Mosh Pit and helping keep other members of Tempest on their feet and scoring kills. Despite being behind the majority of the game, Tempest and HongCoNo never gave up and scored an epic comeback win. HongCoNo came up huge on Tyrael in Game 5, playing more of a supportive style on the tank. HongCoNo was amazing on Tyrael, showing he has more to him than his Muradin play.
Hongcono: Good map control contributes to Tempest win
May 29, 2016
Hongcono played well against Mighty, defeating them 3-1 in the 2016 Super League semifinals.
While Hongcono is listed as a flex player on Tempest's official roster, he has been focusing more on filling the tank role of late and this decision is showing to be a very good one. In Game 1, Hongcono opted for Muradin and had some great hard CC setups for teammates Lockdown and dami to take advantage of and secure map advantage and an early level lead. In Game 2, Hongcono picked Tyrael but was shut down due to him being a solo warrior and not having much beef in the front line. In Game 3, Hongcono surprised everyone with one of his pocket picks in Stitches. Normally this wouldn't have been that strong of a pick in the team comp that Tempest had but thanks to his great hooks and strong follow up with teammate Tyrande, Hongcono was able to get multiple picks that sent the enemy reeling for the safety of their gates. In Game 4, Hongcono went back to Tyrael and redeemed himself with an incredible Sanctification that saved his entire team and helped secure the first keep of the game. This play was phenomenal and basically was the beginning the Tempest's snowball to finish out the series.
Hongcono: Excellent warrior play allows Tempest to rise
May 21, 2016
Hongcono played in a league of his own against TAS, defeating them 3-0 in the 2016 Super League S2 Playoffs.
Hongcono started Game 1 on one of his most played warriors with E.T.C. and delivered some excellent peels for his triple melee comp, completely negating the Diablo/Tyrande synergy of his opponents. In addition to his superior positional play and his thorough understanding of enemy hero cooldown timers he also provided some powerful auto attack buffs with his passive trait "Rockstar," which gives nearby heroes a 20 percent attack speed buff for four seconds. In Game 2, Hongcono again chose E.T.C. as his team Tempest ran an almost identical team composition. Regardless of the predictability, TAS still could not find an answer to this menace of a warrior player and once again found themselves on the losing side in a quick and shameful defeat. With the best-of-five series on the line, TAS decided to draft E.T.C. which forced Hongcono to draft Tyrael. This proved to be a non-factor as Hongcono was a complete beast on Tyrael, executing some incredible saves and quality peels for his assassin companions, which led to a quick end to the game and series in just over 13 minutes. Tempest completely destroyed team TAS 3-0 in the 2016 Super League 2016 S2 Playoffs.