Jae Hun Jin 
South Korea
Symbiote for the win
November 17, 2017
Lockdown used his Abathur "hat" to secure a very amusing 2-0 victory against the Red Canids in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had Lockdown on the hero Tassadar for the map Towers of Doom. Using his Oracle, Lockdown was able to act as a primary counter to the enemy Abathur mines by giving them visibility. Two minutes into Game 1, Lockdown had a great rotation from middle to bottom lane to support an ongoing teamfight. By the time he reached the point of action, Lockdown was able to use his Shield to keep H82 alive with only a fraction of health, allowing his teammates to take a 3-for-0 trade against the Red Canids. Game 2 had Lockdown on the hero Abathur opting for a full-blown Symbiote build. This build proves particularly devastating on a Muradin due to his ability to stick on targets and his high auto-attack damage. Together, Lockdown and Sign were able to turn a 3-vs-5 situation into a clean sweep in the final moments of the game, making complete fools out of the Red Canids.
Splitpushes to victory
June 27, 2017
Lockdown did his job in a 3-0 victory over BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Lockdown started out with a Falstad pick in Game 1 on Sky Temple. Lockdown stuck to the top lane for the majority of the early game as he splitpushed for his team to gain an advantage by the time the bottom shrine spawned around the five-minute mark. While splitpushing, Lockdown was able to get some structure damage down on BlossoM's top fort that further put Tempest in a winning position. While Lockdown did not have many flashy plays in this match he did do his job and do it well. This allowed the rest of his team to have some small advantages that turned into a big win for the newly formed roster. Game 2 saw Lockdown on Genji in what was a wholly different showing than in Game 1. He had multiple incredible plays and outstanding micro management for in this match as he ducked and dived away from the terrifying CC that BlossoM had in Uther/Anub/Kerrigan.
Bad decision making
May 16, 2017
Lockdown was at odds with his team in the 1-3 series to Raven in Part 2 of HGC Korea Phase 1.
Lockdown dominated in Game 1 on the map Dragon Shire. Playing Sonya in the solo lane, Lockdown was able to take both towers versus the enemy Anub'arak in under four minutes. With built up confidence from the laning phase, Lockdown took fight after fight against Raven, netting 34,000 damage in just under 13 minutes, the highest on his team. Games 2 through 4 were a completely different story however, with Lockdown nearly always focusing the wrong targets in team fights. This decision making ultimately lost Tempest the series.
Released from Tempo Storm's roster
November 2, 2016
Lockdown has been released from Tempo Storm, according to Dennis Gonzales of theScore esports.
Jae Hun "Lockdown" Jin and the rest of the Tempo Storm squad have all been released from their contracts following a disappointing 4th-place finish in the Korean Super League that disqualified them from the Blizzcon world championships. Tempo Storm has made an announcement that they will not be exiting Heroes of the Storm eSports; however, it remains unclear if Lockdown will continue to play professionally or will hang up his jersey and retire. Lockdown was most well known for playing in the ranged assassin role; however, he also has a proficiency on melee assassins and some warriors as well. He would make an impact on nearly any Korean team and will likely be looked at by teams who are currently struggling.
Signed by Tempo Storm
July 20, 2016
Lockdown, along with the rest of his team has been signed by Tempo Storm, according to the TS home page.
Lockdown, worldwide MVP of the current undisputed global champion team formerly known as Tempest, has now been signed by former NA backer Tempo Storm. Just weeks ago Tempo Storm dropped their entire roster, a ballsy move. Nobody could have guessed that they had plans to sign the absolute best team in the world. It will be interesting to watch such a hardworking player and team transition. Could they possibly get any better than they are right now?
Lockdown: Earns MVP honors after winning 2016 Summer Championship
June 20, 2016
Lockdown was named the MVP after Tempest defeated MVP Black 3-2 in the 2016 Heroes of the Storm Summer Championship.
Lockdown selected Li-Ming on Battlefield of Eternity against MVP Black. Lockdown went with more a poke-centric playstyle, trying to damage MVP Black's Lt. Morales and slowly whittle away at the front line. Lockdown found incredible angles to deal meaningful damage and eventually blew up up MVP Black. Lockdown's Tychus looked sharp against MVP Black in the second game. Lockdown had some slick dashes and grenades to pick up kills and nearly constantly threatened the tanks of MVP Black, forcing them to be even more leery of their positioning. Lockdown eventually just couldn't dish out enough damage to deal with MVP Black's incredible teamfighting as MVP Black took the second match. Falstad Lockdown took Falstad, what many consider a power pick on Cursed Hollow. Lockdown helped his team pick up an early boss, but then was under near constant harassment by MVP Black's Tracer and could not find avenues to dish out damage. Lockdown had OK plays, but the rest of Tempest had some issues with their teamfighting in Game 3. Lockdown had to be perfect for Tempest to have a chance in Game 4 against MVP Black. Tempest and Lockdown drafted a composition that lacked damage, meaning Lockdown's Li-Ming had to be a hero if Tempest were to come back. Lockdown had his moments and then finally exploded to score multiple resets and win a possibly series-defining fight and give Tempest the biggest comeback of the tournament. Lockdown went back on to his favorite champion, Falstad, in the championship-deciding series. Lockdown picked Falstad in part to give him more of a global presence to secure objectives on Towers of Doom, complementing Hide's Brightwing. Lockdown played his role well and Tempest rolled through MVP Black and claimed the 2016 Summer Championship.
Lockdown: Has great Falstad play, but struggled on Mages
May 29, 2016
Lockdown had some on point Falstad play beating Mighty 3-1 in the 2016 Super League semifinals.
Lockdown played Falstad in three of the four matches that Tempest played against Mighty in this series. In all three of the matches that he was able to draft his current favorite hero, Tempest was unstoppable. In fact, Lockdown was so strong on this ranged assassin that he found himself as the sole damage dealer in both Game 2 and Game 4. This alone shows the the high amount of trust that his teammates place in his mechanical ability to land all skillshots and give Tempest the burst damage that they need to secure kills and win objectives. The only problem with Lockdown's overall play today was in Game 2, where he selected a mage with no escape in Kael'Thas when he just had a Tyrael, who has no form of hard CC, as a warrior to protect him. This decision allowed Mighty to secure easy kills and get ahead early in the game, a lead which they never gave up as they quickly ended the match. Fortunately for Lockdown, he only made this mistake in Game 2 and still ended the series 3-1 against Mighty, beating them in the 2016 Super League semifinals and earning his team a trip to the winners bracket and a chance at making it to Sweden.
Lockdown: Looked much better on ranged assassins.
May 21, 2016
Lockdown had a fantastic series in the 2016 Super League S2 Playoffs, beating TAS 3-0.
Lockdown recently switched positions from melee to ranged assassin and this executive decision paid off in a big way today as he had a dominating performance in Games 1 and 2 with Tychus. This hero, until recently, had seen zero competitive play in over a year. While Lockdown struggled with positioning as a melee assassin player, he showed no evidence that this version of himself ever existed as he constantly would avoid incoming skillshots while still dealing heavy damage to the enemy front line. In Game 3 Lockdown showed he is no one trick pony when he chose Li-Ming and, through the use of her most popular hybrid build, completely picked apart the enemy team, securing an early three level advantage and ending the game and series in just 13 minutes. Lockdowns big step up has added a lot of potential to an already up-and-coming Tempest team. Tempest beat TAS 3-0 2016 Super League S2 Playoffs and has secured a spot in the semifinals.
Lockdown: Comes up short vs. TNL
April 28, 2016
Lockdown failed to poke properly and came up short in a big way against Team No Limit in the quarterfinals of the Korean Super League.
Lockdown began with Thrall in Game 1 and got caught out of position a number of times which put his team at a strong disadvantage. In Game 2 Lockdown tried something different with a Zeratul pick, but failed to make any impact due to TNL's counter pick with Tassadar as well as the double support composition they decided to run.