KSV Black
South Korea
Stunning performance
November 5, 2017
Tsst showed the world why he is to date one of the greatest tank players in the entire HGC as he used Muradin to take Fnatic by surprise in the 3-1 victory in the 2017 Grand Finals.
Game 1 and 2 had Tsst playing a very clever Muradin. Often waiting in the brush, Tsst would allow Fnatic to push down a lane so that he could come in from behind for an easy flank. Not even three minutes into Game 2, Tsst was able to use this strategy to leap directly on top of the enemy Gul'dan, killing him for first blood. This would continue for the remainder of the game with Tsst constantly popping out of unexpected places only to land directly on top of Fnatic's main source of damage. With Reset providing immediate follow-up damage in Game 2 was a show of pure dominance. Tsst's ability to pick these underhanded engages was truly impressive and his Stormbolts never missed their mark.
Season shows a great adaptation to the support role
November 5, 2017
Through this HGC season, Sake has shown great diversity and skill when it has come to adapting to the double support meta. His improved skills certainly showed despite some nerves in the 3-1 victory against Fnatic in the HGC Grand Finals.
Nerves got the best of Sake in Game 1 on the map Cursed Hollow. Sake, who was playing the hero Reghar, was way too slow to use his Ancestral Healing. This resulted in multiple teammates dying due to a mistimed heal on Reset at the 10-minute mark. Again at the 13-minute mark, Sake almost let Tsst die as he held his heroic so long that the entire crowd gasped in surprise when it miraculously landed and healed Muradin to half health from a nearly completely empty health bar. From this game on, Sake was able to shake his nerves and began to perform at a very high level. Playing a super impressive Kharazim in Game 3, Sake was able to use his Seven Sided Strike to pressure out Fnatic's double tank composition. With both of Fnatic's tanks taking heavy damage, Quackniix on Valla was often forced out of position due to the crumbling front line. This allowed Rich on Greymane to sweep in and pick up a kill on Fnatic's only assassin. This execution was very sharp and one of the reasons why MVP Black are now the reigning champion of the HGC.
November 5, 2017
Rich will go down in history as perhaps the greatest Heroes of the Storm player to ever live. Carrying his team to a convincing 3-1 victory in the HGC 2017 Grand Finals against Fnatic.
Rich played Arthas in Game 1 on the map Cursed Hollow. Starting the series off on a strong foot, Rich was able to sneak around bottom fort to land a great Howling blast on the enemy Falstad. This Root would enable his team to dive in and pick up the first blood in the 2017 Grand Finals. Game 2 had Rich playing Falstad, perhaps due to the way the hero can dictate how literally every single fight is taken as long as he has his heroic Gust available. With this in mind, Rich was able to disengage or engage for his team by using Gust aggressively or defensively. Despite Rich's proficiency in the melee role, Rich did get caught multiple times as he took losing trades against Fnatic's laners. Despite this hiccup, Rich came through for his team by making some great aggressive flight plays that would result in some very one-sided teamfights. Games 3 and 4 saw Rich playing a devastating Greymane. In combination with Reset on a high damage mage, Rich was constantly threatening kills against Fnatic and never once hesitated when an opportunity presented itself.
Cementing himself as an all time great
November 5, 2017
Reset was a standout player in the HGC Grand Finals against Fnatic as he proudly led his team in kill participation in the 3-1 victory.
Reset started the series off with an incredible display of mechanical knowledge and lightning speed reflexes. In Game 1, playing the hero Zarya, Reset was able to use his level 13 talent, Unstoppable Competitor, to deny the enemy Anub'araks Cocoon mid-flight. Considering the travel speed of this animation, Reset had to be unbelievable quick to apply his pre-cleanse. This play alone shows such an incredible display of mechanics that you rarely see this interaction of abilities even in the highest level of professional games. Game 2 had Reset on Greymane, a hero who Reset totes an impressive 9-0 win rate in league play. Make that 10-0, with Reset crushing the enemy Gul'dan in every single teamfight. This was largely due to Resets ability to apply damage to Tsst's stun targets, a level of coordination that was thoroughly rehearsed. Game 3 was Resets standout performance as he played Li-Ming at the highest level on the map Battlefield of Eternity. At the 13-minute mark, Reset was able to perfectly chain his spells to net three kills for his team, resulting in an early victory. Game 4 had Reset playing Chromie in such a way that he was constantly raining sand down upon Fnatic's dreams of a 2017 championship. Landing his Dragon Eye with incredible accuracy, Reset was often turning any negative trade with Fnatic into a favorable one. At the 21-minute mark, Reset showcased his incredible reaction speed yet again as he used Time Out to nearly avoid a Stitches Hook.
Flaunting the Game 1 Abathur
November 5, 2017
KyoCha had a very impressive performance in the 3-1 victory against Fnatic in the 2017 HGC Grand Finals.
Game 1 was on the map Cursed Hollow with KyoCha giving the solo support position over to Sake. This allowed KyoCha to play the almighty slug Abathur. Despite KyoCha's flawless performance in pushing out lanes (helping his team net an early keep), he had zero effective clone targets. On top of this, MVP Black decided to run a full three tank and one healer composition, forcing Abathur to be involved in every single skirmish for the added damage. Game 2 had KyoCha on Kharazim opting for Divine Palm. While he struggled to have any super effective Palms, KyoCha did make excellent use of his level 16 talent, Cleansing Touch. At the 14-minute mark, KyoCha was able to unlock Reset from the enemy Gul'dans fear, allowing him to immediately re-engage. Game 4 had KyoCha on Tassadar, opting for Archon at level 10. This choice initially seemed like a bad decision, as Force Wall would have prevented the enemies incredibly gimmicky, Hook/Gorge into Medivh Portal combination. At level 20, however, with unlimited Archon available, KyoCha was able to apply an insane amount of damage and movement speed slow to Breez, picking up a kill that would allow them to end the series.
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Heroes of the Storm
MVP Black becomes KSV Black
November 29, 2017
The winners of the HGC 2017 Global Championship were aquired by Kevin Chou's KSV on October 23, 2017.
The Global eSports collaboration group KSV recently bought out and acquired the MVP Black and MVP Miracle teams. KSV is known for running a top of the line eSports marketing and management departments, allowing their players to focus purely on the sport. With the 2018 HGC season around the corner we can expect great things from KSV as they push two already great teams towards stardom.