MVP Black
South Korea
Four-man Mosh Pit
September 23, 2017
Ttsst was dominate on E.T.C in the 3-1 victory against L5 in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Ttsst played E.T.C in Game 2 on the map Infernal Shrines, opting for Mosh Pit despite L5 having nearly five different ways to interrupt it. This would not stop Ttsst from finding multiple opportunities to pick off members from L5. Catching the enemy Tyrael out solo at the eight-minute mark would allow Ttsst to use his Mosh uninterrupted for a free kill. Again in Game 4, Ttsst made some serious plays with E.T.C's Mosh Pit. At the 14-minute mark, Ttsst noticed all of L5's players retreating through a small choke on their top keep wall. Not showing a moments hesitation, Ttsst would launch straight into the choke with his Power Slide, catching four members with the help of KyoCha's Divine Shield. This play would allow MVP Black to spam their B-steps and walk on towards the core for a seemingly easy victory.
Out-drafting the opposition
September 23, 2017
Sake was easily the Game 4 MVP in the 3-1 victory against L5 in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Sake played the revamped Morales in both Games 1 and 3, showing mixed results. While Sake was pretty ineffective at keeping anyone alive in Game 1 against L5's aggressive Greymane composition, he did do an excellent job at stalling fights out in Game 3 on the map Towers of Doom. Sake's biggest contribution was his Game 4 Stukov performance, easily carrying the mid-game teamfights with perfectly executed silences. At the nine-minute mark, the enemy Tyrael posted up for an aggressive Sanctification, using his El'druins Might to launch his way into the midst of MVP Blacks team. With Sake not missing a beat, he immediately used his silence to cover the ground Tyrael was planning to teleport to. This would cancel Tyrael's sanctification mid cast, putting it on a nine-second cooldown. Without the sanctification, Tyrael would die, forcing L5 to give up the Battlefield of Eternity objective.
A bit too aggressive in the range role
September 23, 2017
Rich struggled to stay in a safe position when playing Valla in the 3-1 victory against L5 in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Game 1 had Rich surprisingly on Valla instead of Reset, relegating Reset to the support role on Lucio. Throughout the majority of the game, Rich would be the first to die despite having three support players on his team. This was largely due to his aggressive front line positioning and his supports having an overall lack of burst protection. Game 2 had Rich performing at the highest level on the hero Greymane. At the 14-minute mark, Rich knew exactly what he could get away with as he dove past L5's bottom Keep and picked up a kill on the enemy Valla before either of her supports could react. This play would secure the game for MVP Black.
Game winning horrify
September 23, 2017
Reset played extremely well in the 3-1 victory against L5 in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Game 1 had Reset playing Lucio as a part of a triple support composition. Whether it was a lack of experience on the hero or not, Reset often found himself out of position and getting burst down. This is a common issue plays face when playing Lucio without a strong understanding of the heroes extreme fragility. Due to his speed and agility, it is very easy to miss-position yourself with one overzealous click of the mouse. Game 2 had Reset on Gul'dan making his best play of the entire series. At the 13-minute mark, with MVP Black behind in experience and kills, Reset was able to use his Horrify to make the enemy Valla run directly into his team's front line. This would force L5 to burn a massive amount of heroics in an attempt to save her. With these heroics out of the way, MVP Black was able to pick up multiple kills and recover a lot of their lost experience and momentum.
Role reversal
September 23, 2017
KyoCha got to break out the Tracer after almost a year of not playing her in competitive play in the 3-1 victory against L5 in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
KyoCha played Brightwing in Game 1 as a part of a triple support line up. The lineup consisted of Reset on Lucio and Sake on Lt. Morales. With three healers who have very little burst protection until level 10, Rich on Valla was often killed very quickly in the early stages of the game. Running a hyper carry but not having the proper burst protection was the primary reason why MVP lost Game 1. Game 3 had KyoCha playing Tracer at a relatively high level. While he only landed about 80 percent of his Pulse Bombs, the ones that did connect counted; with KyoCha picking up multiple key kills for his team. At the four-minute mark, KyoCha made a great play by picking off the enemy Valla right before the initial alter phase on Towers of Doom. This allowed MVP Black to secure all three of the spawns, something that is rarely seen in competitive play. Game 4 had KyoCha back in the support seat, playing the hero Uther. At the 14-minute mark, Ttsst went in for a perfect four-man Mosh Pit that was nearly interrupted if it wasn't for KyoCha's perfect Divine Shield mid-Power Slide. This play and the many b-steps that followed would secure the final game of the series.
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