South Korea
3-vs-5? No problem
November 17, 2017
Sign made big plays in the 2-0 victory against the Red Canids in the HGC Finals.
Sign took Red Canids' overaggressive maneuvers and shoved them down their throats in Game 1 on the map Towers of Doom. At the 12-minute mark, Sign was able to use Falstad's Mighty Gust to push four members of Red Canids into a very precarious situation, allowing his team to pick up a 2-for-0 trade. Game 2 had Sign on Muradin, picking up the first blood for his team at the six-minute mark with a great Dwarf Toss. Sign's best play was in the final moments of the game, when he was able to take a 3-vs-5 fight with the help of Lockdown's Abathur Symbiote. This was amusing to watch, as not only would Sign not die, but he would proceed to crush two healers, two assassins and a tank almost single-handedly.
Symbiote for the win
November 17, 2017
Lockdown used his Abathur "hat" to secure a very amusing 2-0 victory against the Red Canids in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had Lockdown on the hero Tassadar for the map Towers of Doom. Using his Oracle, Lockdown was able to act as a primary counter to the enemy Abathur mines by giving them visibility. Two minutes into Game 1, Lockdown had a great rotation from middle to bottom lane to support an ongoing teamfight. By the time he reached the point of action, Lockdown was able to use his Shield to keep H82 alive with only a fraction of health, allowing his teammates to take a 3-for-0 trade against the Red Canids. Game 2 had Lockdown on the hero Abathur opting for a full-blown Symbiote build. This build proves particularly devastating on a Muradin due to his ability to stick on targets and his high auto-attack damage. Together, Lockdown and Sign were able to turn a 3-vs-5 situation into a clean sweep in the final moments of the game, making complete fools out of the Red Canids.
A lot of personality
November 17, 2017
HongCoNo hit it off with Red Canids as he engaged them in B-Stepping throughout their 2-0 victory in the HGC Finals.
HongCoNo came out punching in Game 1 when it came down to who could B-Step more in the first five minutes of the game. Unlike the Red Canids, HongCoNo could actually back up his salty movements with a great Storm Bolt into kill against the enemy Sonya at the four-minute mark. Game 2 had HongCoNo convincing the rest of his team to do complete role swapping in an attempt to show their vast superiority to the South American team. With HongCoNo now on Greymane, he opted for a completely cheesy Cocktail build with Wizened Duelist, something you typically only see in Hero League games. HongCoNo's best play was at the 11-minute mark when he was able to capitalize on H82's amazing five-man March of the Black King. Diving in with Go for the Throat, HongCoNo was able to pick up two quick kills on the enemy Cassia and Reghar, both primary targets. Despite his numerous pointless deaths, HongCoNo and co. easily defeated the Red Canids without breaking a sweat.
Taunts the opposition
November 17, 2017
Hide danced circles around the Red Canids in a 2-0 victory in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had Hide on the support character Malfurion. The first shot was taken in the bottom lane after the Red Canids spent the first 30 seconds of the match B-stepping. Having seen enough of this shenanigans, Hide used his Entangling Root to pick up first blood on the enemy Valla. Game 2 had Hide on Lucio for the map Dragon Shrine. At the seven-minute mark Hide landed the perfect Sound Barrier, which would allow Tempest to take a convincing teamfight and the first Dragon Knight of the game. Not long after, at the 12-minute mark, Hide landed yet another fight-winning Sound Barrier, keeping Lockdown and HongCoNo alive and healthy.
Plays with his food
November 17, 2017
H82 crushed the Red Canids 2-0 in the HGC Finals.
Game 1 had H82 playing Greymane on the map Towers of Doom. The match started off with a series of B-steps from both sides, which was both amusing and bizarre. When both sides were done break dancing, the fighting commenced with H82 picking up three kills in the first two minutes of the game. Game 2 had H82 on Leoric making the "perfect play for a tank," at the nine-minute mark. Waltzing up onto two members from Red Canids, H82 was able to intimidate them away from the Dragon Shire bottom bruiser camp with only one minion left. Thus, he took it for himself despite there being four members of the opposition nearby. Such was the swagger and intimidation that Tempest was bringing out onto the battleground, that despite all Red Canids' B-Steps, they really were just all talk (step?) and no game. H82 drove this point home at the 11-minute mark when he absolutely decimated all five members of Red Canids with a perfectly timed wraith walk.
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