South Korea
Signed by Tempest
June 27, 2017
HongCoNo has been signed by Tempest according to the official Blizzard HGC webpage.
HongCoNo has had a rough stretch of months during his time with MVP Miracle after being released from his world championship team in 2016, which is coincidentally the same team that has signed him now, Tempest. It is unknown why HongCoNo and Tempest parted ways back in 2016 just as it is unknown why MVP Miracle let HonoCoNo out of his contract. HongCoNo is an excellent player when he wants to be, but has recently struggled on the big stage and does not look like the player who won it all last June. At this time it is unknown which player will be joining Tempest; a world champion, or a player who can't even stay on MVP's B team. HongCoNo is definitely the player in Korea to keep an eye on this season.
New D.Va meta
June 27, 2017
Sign played great in a 3-0 victory over BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Signed opted for a strange Anub'Arak pick in Game 1 on Sky Temple. Sign picked Anub which while it turned out to be an alright grab, could have been a complete nightmare as BlossoM drafted Valla, one of the best counters for Anub'Arak. Had BlossoM taken Greymane as well Tempest would have been in dire straights since Sign would not have had the health pool to take on two auto attack assassin heroes. While the hero choice was poor, Sign did play Anubb very well and showed that his macro play is just as good as his micro play with expert decision making and intelligent burst targeting. Sign also went with Anub'Arak in Game 3 on Cursed Hollow as a part of a ridiculous cheese strategy that relied on heavy CC which Sign had plenty of. BlossoM genuinely lost this match during the draft and didn't have an answer for the team comp they were up against, leading to some very one-sided play.
Splitpushes to victory
June 27, 2017
Lockdown did his job in a 3-0 victory over BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Lockdown started out with a Falstad pick in Game 1 on Sky Temple. Lockdown stuck to the top lane for the majority of the early game as he splitpushed for his team to gain an advantage by the time the bottom shrine spawned around the five-minute mark. While splitpushing, Lockdown was able to get some structure damage down on BlossoM's top fort that further put Tempest in a winning position. While Lockdown did not have many flashy plays in this match he did do his job and do it well. This allowed the rest of his team to have some small advantages that turned into a big win for the newly formed roster. Game 2 saw Lockdown on Genji in what was a wholly different showing than in Game 1. He had multiple incredible plays and outstanding micro management for in this match as he ducked and dived away from the terrifying CC that BlossoM had in Uther/Anub/Kerrigan.
Cheese lord
June 27, 2017
Hide played a strong set in a 3-0 victory over BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
Hide started out Game 1 on Sky Temple with a Malfurion pick that was surprisingly effective at keeping his solo warrior Sign on Anub'Arak alive. While BlossoM only had a single assassin dealing damage, their Valla does a ton of damage to Anub due to the auto attack damage not receiving any damage reduction from his magic resistance. Hide still made it work and even kept his two near-reckless melee assassins topped up as they took risks and dove for kills in nearly every late game skirmish. Game 3 brought some old school cheese strategies back to life on Cursed Hollow as Hide played Brightwing in a Brightwing/Zeratul/Abathur comp. Essentially Hide's primary mission was to splitpush a lane and teleport on top of H82's Zeratul with the Abathur hat on him for a 3-vs-1 cloaked ambush. This worked very well on BlossoM as their Azmodan player was unable to push nearly as hard as he should have been able to.
Big Zeratul plays
June 27, 2017
H82 was a standout player in a 3-0 stomp of BlossoM during the HGC Phase 2 Group Stage.
H82 played Zeratul in both Games 1 and 3 of this series. In Game 1 on Sky Temple, H82 rotated early and often to try and secure kills with teammate HongCoNo on the squishy Valla. While they did play very well, it proved difficult to separate the Valla in a double warrior and double support team comp that BlossoM decided to run. Fortunately for H82, having a sole assassin/damage dealer on Sky Temple is not very good at all and Tempest secured an easy win. In Game 2 on Infernal Shrines, H82 played Arthas in a very strong double warrior comp featuring Sign on D.Va. This heavy zone control comp allowed Tempest to bully BlossoM off of the objective and give Tempest clear advantages along with the Immortal Punisher. H82 was further able to contribute by slowing all nearby targets with his frost presence and help Sign secure kills with his mobile and aggressive D.Va play.
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