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Stukov shuts down the Korean meta
September 23, 2017
Swoy didn't make any major misplays in the 1-3 loss to MVP Black in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Game 1 had Swoy on Auriel landing one Detainment Strike after another. His best play was when he was able to pick up a kill on Lucio by smashing him into the very wall he was skating on like a fly at both the seven and 11-minute marks. Game 2 had Swoy playing Stukov incredibly well, picking up a two-minute kill on Rich with a Weighted Pustule into Lurking-Arm into Bio-Kill Switch. With most melee players positioning aggressively and often separate from their Tanks, Stukov Shines at destroying their escape options with this very combo. If this series proved one thing, its that Stukov's silence is incredibly effective at shutting down the typical posturing you see from the top Korean teams.
Small misplays lead to big losses
September 23, 2017
SDE made a few crucial mistakes in the 1-3 loss against MVP Black in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
SDE played well in Game 1, drafting Kharazim with Divine Palm as a counter to MVP Blacks triple support team. Utilizing the heroes higher damage and increased late game mobility, SDE was able to terrorize the enemy Morales with the Way of One Hundred Fists. SDE's best play was at the nine-minute mark when he landed a perfect self-Palm after MVP Black had used the majority of their damage in an attempt to finish him off. Game 2 had SDE on Lucio misusing his Sound Barrier in what appeared to be a panicked effort to protect sCsC on Valla. This would result in a one-sided teamfight in favor of MVP Black. Game 3 saw SDE playing Zarya with Expulsion zone as an answer to MVP Black drafting Lt. Morales for the second time this series. Despite saving his Expulsion Zone for the right moments, SDE managed to whiff the heroic, letting Morales walk free in one of the most crucial fights of the game.
Back on the ranged assassin
September 23, 2017
sCsC had a hard time getting out the necessary damage in the 1-3 loss to MVP Black in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
sCsC was highly effective in Game 1 as he played Greymane into MVP Black's triple support lineup. Utilizing go for the throat to burst through MVP Blacks heavy protection, sCsC was one of the biggest reasons why L5 was able to break through the heavy sustain composition. This was largely due to sCsC going all in exactly when Rich moved into an overaggressive position. The remainder of the series sCsC had a hard time staying alive long enough to finish off members from MVP Black.
Tyrael only in loss
September 23, 2017
JeongHa played Tyrael in literally every single game this series, losing 1-3 to MVP Black in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
JeongHa made a lot of great plays in the four-game series despite what appeared to be a one-sided match for MVP Black. In Game 1 JeongHa was able to pick up first blood by using his smite to hit the enemy Lucio over his middle fort wall when he was attempting to retreat. JeongHa's best play came at the 15-minute mark when he was able to cancel out MVP Blacks retreat with an impressive Holy Ground, isolating Valla and Lucio. Apart from this, JeongHa had a few good uses of his Sanctification, often using it to Nullify MVP Blacks pressure under Lucio's Sound Barrier. His best Sanctification play was at the 18-minute mark when he was able to use it to protect sCsC who got caught out of position by the enemy Varians Taunt.
Played well despite loss
September 23, 2017
Hooligan made a lot of great plays in the 1-3 loss to MVP Black in the HGC Korea Phase 2.
Hooligan started off Game 1 by drafting Anub'arak as the primary counter to MVP Black's triple support composition. With MVP Black running Valla as their primary damage and Lucio as their primary burst protection, Hooligan used his Cocoon to isolate one of these two targets nearly every teamfight. Just shy of the seven-minute mark, Hooligan was able to catch a Lucio who was brave enough to check a bush he thought was clear of enemies. Using his Cocoon, Hooligan was able to buy enough time for his teammates to rotate in to pick up a seemingly free kill. At the 18-minute mark, Hooligan proceeded to land a four-man Impale/Burrow Charge combo securing the last teamfight of the game for L5.
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