DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

This slate is a little easier than Friday in terms of judging the match ups, at least on paper. G2 and Fnatic are the biggest favorites of the day, while Misfits, Splyce and Vitality are also favored in their matchups.

Giants Gaming vs. Vitality

Vitality are favored in this matchup, but how much do you trust them at these prices? They are priced as the third highest players on the slate, but I’d rather try to pay all the way up for Fnatic or G2 members, especially with G2 only being $200 more expensive. Cabochard is about the only Vitality member I’d have faith in, although Jiizuke had a nice debut during Day 1. Giants on the other hand make for decent GPP leverage as they are very cheap and should be low owned.

Prediction: Vitality win in sloppy fashion

VIT Players to consider: Cabochard ($6,800), Jiizuke ($7,600)

GIA Players to consider: Betsy ($6,500), Steeelback ($6,600), Giants team ($4,000)

Splyce vs. Unicorns of Love

This should be the best game of the day at least in terms of how closely matched these two teams are. Splyce come in as fairly heavy favorites, but expect UoL to at least give them a run for their money. Splyce have the advantage in the top lane with Odoamne, but the rest of the map is very close in terms of ability. I’m leaning towards UoL in this game as I give them advantages in mid lane and bottom lane, but this should be a close game no matter who wins.

Prediction: UoL upset win

SPY Players to consider: Odoamne ($6,600), Xerxe ($6,300)

UoL Players to consider: Kold ($5,600), Exileh ($6,700), Samux ($6,800), UoL Team ($4,300)

H2k vs. Fnatic

Fnatic should win this game fairly straight forward as they possess advantages across the board against H2k. They are priced as the most expensive options on the day, but are probably, even with the exorbitant prices, along with G2. Feel free to use anyone on the roster, but as always focus on the carries if possible. I would expect G2 to have a similar output of points on the slate, so the slight savings may be worth using G2 over FNC.

Prediction: Fnatic win

H2k Players to consider: None

FNC Players to consider: Caps ($8,000), Rekkles ($8,100)

G2 eSports vs. ROCCAT

Like Fnatic, G2 should win this matchup fairly easily as they posses the much more skilled roster. We saw the new look G2 lineup look very good against Misfits, who are a much better team than this ROCCAT side. I expect G2 to win this game pretty easily and as such all members are viable. They are slightly less expensive than Fnatic and have every chance to outproduce Fnatic in terms of fantasy scoring. All G2 players are viable.

Prediction: G2 easy win

G2 Players to consider: Jankos ($6,700), Perkz ($7,800)

ROC Players to consider: None

Misfits vs. Schalke 04

You would assume Misfits should win this game, but Schalke do have the potential to give them a run for their money. Misfits’ struggled against G2, but I think I’ll back them in a fairly close manner against Schalke. Look for Misfits bottom lane to lead them in this game, while the top lane matchup between Alphari and Vizicsacsi should be a good one.

Prediction: Misfits close win

MSF Players to consider: Alphari ($6,500), Hans sama ($7,300), Mikyx ($5,400),

S04 Players to consider: Vizicsacsi ($6,000)

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