DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: Saturday Cheat Sheet

Tough slate to kick off the North American LCS season on DraftKings. The projected top four teams all face each other, while the four new organizations also square off. As we come into the new year there are plenty of question marks after various lineup changes, changes to the LCS format, and new teams looking to make their mark on the scene.

Team SoloMid vs. Team Liquid

The season kicks off with a match up between most pundits top two teams. This is essentially a pick’em matchup and should be treated that way on DraftKings. Both teams are priced about as low as you will see them and the decision on who to use comes from picking a side and rolling with players from the team you think will win. For me, I’m leaning towards a close win for TSM. Despite the obvious potential that Team Liquid posses, TSM can match or surpass that level and I see slight advantages across the map. TSM’s lone disadvantage is jungler MikeYeung, but I don’t think he’s a big enough liability to cost them the game assuming the roster has had enough time to mesh during the offseason. Players from either side are viable, depending on which team you want to pick.

Prediction: TSM close win

TSM Players to consider: Bjergsen ($7,100), Zven ($7,200), Mithy ($5,300) TSM Team ($4,800)

TL Players to consider: Xmithie ($5,800), Doublelift ($7,000), Olleh ($5,000), TL Team ($4,500)

100 Thieves vs. OpTic Gaming

100 Thieves roster has some question marks, but undoubtedly possess a ton of talent with players like Ssumday and the veteran leadership presence of Aphromoo. OpTic on the flip side also feel thrown together, but without as much upside as 100 Thieves. The odds suggest that 100 Thieves are the second biggest favorite on the slate, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they get off to a slightly slow start here and don’t quite live up to their salaries on Day 1 of the split. Ryu in particular runs very hot and cold and OpTic could look to lean on PowerOfEvil in this series as he is coming off the best season of his career with Misfits. In the end I think 100 Thieves have too much talent and will come in well prepared with a veteran coach like Pr0lly at the helm.

Prediction: 100 Thieves fairly easy win

100T Players to consider: Ssumday ($6,700), Aphromoo ($5,600), Meteos ($6,500)

OPT Players to consider: PowerOfEvil ($6,500), Arrow ($6,600)

Clutch Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

Clutch Gaming are the biggest favorites coming into Day 1 against Golden Guardians, but like 100 Thieves could be slow out of the gate as they look to gel. You would assume Clutch Gaming would win this match, considering they are squaring off against who many experts believe is the worst NA LCS team in the Spring Split, but how bad can they really be? Contractz was one of the best junglers a year ago on a strong Cloud9, Lourlo and Matt have been inconsistent, but showed flashes of good play on Team Liquid, and Deftly is a question mark, but wouldn’t it be a very Hai thing to do to come out the first game of the series and win a game that no one gives you a chance in? I expect Clutch to win this game and be led by Lira, and Febiven, but Hai’s ability to upset teams and defy expectations at the beginning of the series at least gives some pause on going all in.

Prediction: CG win, but closer than expected

CG Players to consider: Lira ($6,600), Febiven ($7,700), Apollo ($7,700)

GGS Players to consider: None

Echo Fox vs. FlyQuest

Echo Fox are tied with 100 Thieves for the second biggest favoritest on the slate, but man this team is volatile. There is a ton of talent on this roster, especially in the top three roles on the map with Huni, Dardoch, and FeniX. Altec and Adrian should be a stable bottom lane, but Adrian is now on his fourth team since March of 2017, so there’s some risk there as well. Echo Fox either smash this game and destroy FlyQuest or have some sort of melt down and disappoint fans of the popular organization. FlyQuest have some tools to neutralize Echo Fox as WildTurtle and especially Flame are no slouches and while I’m not going to pick them to upset Echo Fox, I wouldn’t be shocked if it happens.

Prediction: Echo Fox win, but in a sloppy fashion

FOX Players to consider: Huni ($6,600), Fenix ($7,400), Adrian ($5,500)

FLY Players to consider: Flame ($5,900), Wildturtle ($6,800)

Counter Logic Gaming vs. Cloud9

Like TSM vs. TL, this game is essentially a pick’em. Similar to that series, I recommend backing a side and picking a few players from the team you think will win. Cloud9’s biggest question mark all season is going to be Licorice in the top lane and unfortunately he will get very few breaks from facing excellent top laners, starting with Darshan on Day 1. I am going with a narrow CLG win, but Cloud9 have talented enough carries in Jensen and Sneaky to win. I think CLG tilt the scales with a massive advantage in the top lane and what I expect to be a bounceback campaign from Reignover. All players are viable at these salaries, but I’d stay away from Licorice.

Prediction: CLG close win

CLG Players to consider: Darshan ($6,500), Reignover ($6,200), Stixxay ($7,300), CLG Team ($4,900)

C9 Players to consider: Jensen ($6,800), Sneaky ($6,900), Smoothie ($4,900), C9 Team ($4,400)

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