DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s dominant win over TSM yesterday sets them up as one of the biggest favorites entering Sunday against OpTic Gaming. Only TSM are more expensive, but after the beat down Team Liquid put on yesterday, I think I’d rather go with Team Liquid in what should be a fairly easy win. OpTic held their own against 100 Thieves on Saturday before falling in over an hour long game, but Team Liquid look to be on another level to start the season. Everyone on Team Liquid is viable, but Doublelift has to be the first name on your list as he will always be the main carry threat no matter what team he’s on.

Prediction: Team Liquid one sided win

OPT Players to consider: None

TL Players to consider: Doublelift ($7,900), Pobelter ($7,800)

FlyQuest vs. Team SoloMid

Despite TSM’s one-sided loss to Team Liquid yesterday, they come in priced as the day’s biggest favorites against a FlyQuest side that were beaten handily by Echo Fox. While TSM may need to work out a few kinks these first couple of weeks of the season, they shouldn’t have too much of a problem on Sunday against FlyQuest. As the highest priced players on the slate, TSM should make value, but similar stat lines could be found a little cheaper by using Team Liquid or Cloud9 members.

Prediction: TSM one sided win

FLY Players to consider: None

TSM Players to consider: Bjergsen ($8,000), Zven ($8,100)

Counter Logic Gaming vs. 100 Thieves

The narrative coming into this game will be about Aphromoo facing off against his old team for the first time. This should be a pretty close game, despite CLG being the fourth highest favorites on the slate. 100 Thieves can compete with and matchup to CLG in every lane and I give them every chance to take the win over CLG. I will give 100 Thieves the nod here in an upset, but this game has the potential to be very low scoring in terms of fantasy purposes, with each team looking to grind out the win. Even if you think CLG win, I’d rather pay up a

little bit more for one of the top three teams on the day.

Prediction: 100 Thieves narrow win

CLG Players to consider: Reignover ($6,500),Huhi ($7,400) Stixxay ($7,500)

100T Players to consider: Ssumday ($5,800), Meteos ($5,500), Aphromoo ($4,800)

Golden Guardians vs. Cloud9

Cloud9 are the cheapest “big” favorites on the day and have ever opportunity to outscore TSM and Team Liquid. As always the emphasis should be placed on Jensen and Sneaky as they are the heartbeat behind C9’s lineup. Golden Guardians struggled against Clutch Gaming on Day 1 and are likely to struggle the majority of this season as they field a rather weak roster. GGs will likely claim some scalps throughout the year, but they will almost always be underdogs, especially against the top teams like C9.

Prediction: C9 one sided win

GGs Players to consider: None

Cloud9 Players to consider: Jensen ($7,700), Sneaky ($7,700)

Echo Fox vs. Clutch Gaming

The closest game in terms of the odds, this has the potential to be a very good matchup. Echo Fox were explosive on Day 1, leading all NA LCS teams with 15 total kills. A lot of plaudits went Huni’s way, but Echo Fox were led on Day 1 by Dardoch and Altec with each being heavily involved in the team’s kills. Clutch Gaming on the other hand won a pretty clean and straightforward match against Golden Guardians. It’s a pick’em matchup, so choose a side and go with players from the team you think will win. Echo Fox have definite upside here at their low prices and are worth a definite look based solely on the potential output of points if they win

the game.

Prediction: Echo Fox upset win

CG Players to consider: Lira ($6,000), Febiven ($7,100)

FOX Players to consider: Huni ($6,200), Dardoch ($5,900), Altec ($7,000), Adrian ($5,200)

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