DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

H2k (1-2) vs. Giants Gaming (2-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Giants 57%

Giants are the slightest of favorites coming into this game, and I back them to get the win over H2k. The main question is, are Giants worthy of being the third most expensive options on the slate for Saturday? I wouldn’t go all in here as it’s still hard to trust Giants despite a decent start to the split. H2k could certainly upset Giants, so they may be worth using in tournaments as a low owned play.

Prediction: Giants close win

H2k Players to consider: Sheriff ($7,000), SmittyJ ($6,100)

GIA Players to consider: Steeelback ($7,300), Djoko ($6,100)

Unicorns of Love (0-3) vs. ROCCAT (2-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

Both the Vegas odds and pricing on DraftKings suggest just how close this series is. At some point UoL have to get going and I think they are the team I’ll back in this matchup against ROCCAT. As I say in all pick’em matchups, back the side you want to win and roll with players from that side.

Prediction: UoL close win

UOL Players to consider: Exileh ($7,000), Kold ($5,900), Totoro ($5,100), UoL team ($4,600)

ROC Players to consider: Blanc ($7,100), Memento ($6,000), ROC Team ($4,700)

Vitality (3-0) vs. Misfits (2-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Misfits 66%

Misfits are the biggest favorites on the day both in terms of odds and pricing as they take on Vitality. Despite Vitality’s hot start, expect them to take a backseat to Misfits on Saturday. Misfits are the better side and although they dropped their opening series to G2, they should be fighting for the top spot in the league this split. Hans sama is the main carry, with Alphari and Sencux right behind him. While I’ll be staying away, Vitality showed after Week 1 that they can put up big fantasy points, so if you’re feeling bold you could take a shot on the carries.

Prediction: Misfits one sided win

VIT Players to consider: Jiizuke ($6,500), Cabochard ($5,800), VIT team ($4,00)

MSF Players to consider: Alphari ($6,800), Maxlore ($6,500), Hans sama ($7,700)

Splyce (1-2) vs. Schalke 04 (2-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Schalke 60%

Another close matchup as Schalke look to prove they are a team to be aware of moving forward. They are the small favorites in this series and I think they are good enough to take down a Splyce side that is still looking to find it’s groove. I particularly like Schalke’s mid lane matchup as Nukeduck should be able to take advantage of Nisqy to help Schalke find victory.

Prediction: Schalke fairly one sided win

SPY Players to consider: Kobbe ($6,900)

S04 Players to consider: Vizicsacsi ($6,600), Nukeduck ($7,300)

Fnatic (1-2) vs. G2 eSports (1-2)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 63%

I’m pretty surprised at both the odds and salary differentials between these two teams which suggest Fnatic are the second biggest favorites on the day. I have to say I disagree with them being this big of favorites and think there’s no way they live up to those lofty salaries. In fact, I’ll happily pick G2 to win this game. Fnatic may end up being the best team in Europe, but they’ll have to go through G2 to get there and while the odds suggest they are a pretty safe bet, G2 are excellent plays at their depressed salaries.

Prediction: G2 upset win

FNC Players to consider: None, overpriced

G2 Players to consider: Jankos ($5,600), Perkz ($6,600), G2 team ($4,200)

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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