DraftKings LoL: Friday Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Friday Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Friday Cheat Sheet

Unicorns of Love (0-4) vs. H2k (1-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

I’m going to go back to the well with UoL one final time, but if they can’t get their first win of the season against H2k, I’m not sure they’ll ever get one. The matchup is a pick’em both in terms of Vegas odds and DraftKings’ prices, with UoL being only slightly more expensive than H2k. Truth be told, I don’t think I’m taking a single player from this game as UoL (22) and H2k (19) are the teams with the two lowest kill totals in the league.

Prediction: UoL finally get their first win

UoL Players to consider: Kold ($6,000), Totoro ($5,200), UoL Team ($4,700)

H2k Players to consider: SmittyJ ($6,200), Sheriff ($7,100), H2k Team ($4,600)

Giants Gaming (3-1) vs. ROCCAT (3-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

Most people had these two teams at the bottom of the power rankings coming into the year, but after two weeks they both sit at the top of the table. ROCCAT actually come into this game as one of the highest priced options on the slate, despite another pick’em according to Vegas. My recommendation, as usual in close series, is to pick the side you like and back their players. I actually am leaning Giants here in this matchup based on the fact that they have only given away 24 kills thus far in the split, the lowest total in Europe. Both teams stand a good chance, but I like Giants at a slightly reduced price over ROCCAT.

Prediction: GIA close win

GIA Players to consider: Djoko ($5,700), Betsy ($6,700), Steeelback ($6,800), GIA Team ($4,300)

ROC Players to consider: Blanc ($7,300), Norskeren ($5,500)

Schalke (2-2) vs. Vitality (3-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Vitality 60%

Vitality come in as the day’s biggest favorite according to Vegas, but it shows you how close the day’s matchups are viewed as they only have 60% odds to win. I’m finding myself leaning towards Vitality here based on their early form, but fully expect Schalke to give them a good game. Schalke have ways to neutralize some of Vitality’s best players, with strong options of their own in top lane, mid lane, and support. Schalke have more than a fair shot to win, but Vitality have shown the ability to put up big fantasy points after two weeks.

Prediction: VIT close win

S04 Players to consider: Nukeduck ($6,800), Vander ($4,900)

VIT Players to consider: Jiizuke ($7,200), Minitroupax ($7,300), Gilius ($6,200)

G2 eSports (1-3) vs. Splyce (2-2)

Vegas Win Odds: G2 57%

Despite the fact that they’re 1-3 after the first two weeks, I can’t quit G2 just yet. They’ve been very boom or bust thus far as their 42 kills are tied for the second highest total in the league, but coupled with their league high 46 deaths, G2 actually have a negative KDA as a team after two weeks. I believe they’ll get back on track Friday against Splyce. G2 remain a team of talented players I wouldn’t go all in on Friday, but I expect them to win this series

Prediction: G2 win

G2 Players to consider: Perkz ($7,500), Wunder ($6,600), Jankos ($6,400)

SPY Players to consider: Xerxe ($5,500), Kobbe ($6,700), Kasing ($4,800)

Fnatic (2-2) vs. Misfits (3-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 57%

The best game of the day will be the very last one Friday. Misfits look like the best team in Europe at the moment, but Fnatic should be able to push them for that title, at least in this game. Misfits lead the EU LCS with 46 kills and have the second lowest death total at 26. Fnatic are only middle of the pack in kills, but have the third highest death total as a team coming into Week 3. Fnatic play slower games and while they have a chance to win, I’m not sure they’ll put up enough fantasy points to really be viable.

Prediction: Misfits win

FNC Players to consider: Caps ($7,200), Rekkles ($7,200)

Misfits Players to consider: Hans sama ($7,000), Maxlore ($5,800), Alphari ($6,100), Mikyx ($5,000), MSF Team ($4,500)

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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