DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

Unicorns of Love (1-4) vs. Vitality (4-1)

Vegas Win Odds: VIT 77%

UoL finally got their first win of the year, but I think the celebration will be short lived. I have my doubts about Vitality long term, but they are certainly proving to be a very tough team to beat in the early going. I’m not ready to dub them the best team in Europe or anything like that, but they should certainly beat a UoL team that is finding their footing on Saturday. It always gives me some concern to back Vitality when they are the most expensive team, but they feel like a pretty safe bet to win.

Prediction: Vitality win

UoL Players to consider: None

VIT Players to consider: Minitroupax ($8,100), Jiizuke ($8,000)

Schalke 04 (2-3) vs. Giants Gaming (4-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Schalke 60%

I’m pretty confused as to why Schalke are both Vegas favorites and priced as the more expensive team over Giants. I don’t think anyone expected Giants to be 4-1 after five games, but on form at least they are the better team coming into this matchup. Schalke are still up-and-down and while they definitely could take this game, Giants make for the much better play at their reduced salaries.

Prediction: Giants “upset” win

S04 Players to consider: Nukeduck ($7,200)

GIA Players to consider: Ruin ($6,000), Betsy ($6,800), Steeelback ($6,900), Targamas ($4,900), GIA Team ($4,400)

ROCCAT (3-2) vs. Fnatic (2-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 66%

I really want to pick ROCCAT here, but I just don’t have the guts to do it. Despite Fnatic being 2-3 they will undoubtedly end up as the better team not just at the end of the season, but also in Saturday’s game. The problem with Fnatic, in terms of fantasy anyway, is that their slower playstyle doesn’t correlate to fantasy output. They are only the third most expensive team tomorrow though, so there isn’t a ton of risk. I will probably never go with a full Fnatic stack, unless they are severely mispriced. ROCCAT do have a chance in this matchup, so it’s not out of the question to use some of their players if you’re fading Fnatic.

Prediction: Fnatic win

ROC Players to consider: Blanc ($6,500), Memento ($5,400), Norskeren ($4,700)

FNC Players to consider: Caps ($7,600), Rekkles ($7,700)

H2k (1-4) vs. G2 eSports (2-3)

Vegas Win Odds: G2 73%

No need to overthink this one. G2 may only have one game on H2k in the standings, but if you watch the games you know there’s a clear gulf in quality. G2 are expensive so it’s hard to go with a full out stack, so focus on the carries. G2 should be fighting with Misfits for the highest producing fantasy team on the day.

Prediction: G2 easy win

H2k Players to consider: None

G2 Players to consider: Jankos ($6,700), Perkz ($7,800)

Misfits (4-1) vs. Splyce (2-3)

Vegas Win Odds: MSF 65%

The odds and the salaries are too close in my opinion. Misfits are pretty clearly the best team in Europe at the moment and Splyce are going to be fighting for a playoff spot at best. Use the mispriced Misfits players to your advantage. The team is centered around Hans sama carrying at the moment and he’s the first name in my lineup.

Prediction: MSF 65%

MSF Players to consider: Maxlore ($6,400), Hans sama ($7,500)

SPY Players to consider: None

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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