DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: NALCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

Counter Logic Gaming (1-3) vs. Echo Fox (4-0)

Vegas Win Odds: Echo Fox 69%

CLG finally got their first win of the season last week, but now face off against the current juggernaut in the NA LCS. Until Echo Fox lose or get priced into oblivion, I don’t see how you can justifiably fade them. The team leads the NA LCS with 74 kills, 13 ahead of the next highest total. They are unafraid of going for the big play and they are a perfect side to target for fantasy purposes, especially when they are priced as only the fourth highest team on Saturday’s slate. I can’t personally see any reason to use CLG and even if you think they have a shot, they don’t make for a very appealing target on DraftKings as they’ve totaled only 31 kills in four games, the lowest in the league.

Prediction: Echo Fox win

CLG Players to consider: None

FOX Players to consider: Huni ($6,800), Dardoch ($6,500), Fenix ($7,600)

Cloud9 (3-1) vs. OpTic Gaming (1-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Cloud9 73%

Cloud9 are in a similar position to Echo Fox, playing a 1-3 team, but get priced just ahead of their Echo Fox counterparts by way of having an even easier matchup against OpTic Gaming. Cloud9 are the closest thing to Echo Fox in terms of fantasy success as their 61 total kills as a team trail only Echo Fox, but are still 18 more than third place 100 Thieves. Licorice, who came into the season as the team’s biggest question mark, actually leads C9 with 19 kills coming into Week 3. I would use caution if you consider using Svenskeren, who’s 18 deaths somewhat counteract his 35 assists, and Sneaky, who has a low kill participation, posting only 63% coming into the week.

Prediction: C9 win

C9 Players to consider: Licorice ($7,000), Jensen ($7,800), Smoothie ($5,900)

OPT Players to consider: None

Clutch Gaming (2-2) vs. 100 Thieves (3-1)

Vegas Win Odds: 100 Thieves 65%

This is the day’s closest matchup and Clutch Gaming are the only underdog on the slate I’d have any real faith in. 100 Thieves will come in as favorites, but Clutch certainly have a chance at victory here and that shows in the pricing as the two teams are priced closer than any other series. I’m going to give the nod to 100 Thieves in what should be a very close game. You made need to use some Clutch Gaming players to make a roster work on Saturday, as it’s hard to find cheap players from any of the other games that you can use with any faith.

Prediction: 100 Thieves close win

CG Players to consider: Lira ($5,600), Febiven ($6,600), Hakuho ($4,900), CG Team ($4,200)

100T Players to consider: Meteos ($6,300), Cody Sun ($7,500), Aphromoo ($5,500), 100T Team ($5,000)

FlyQuest (2-2) vs. Team Liquid (3-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Team Liquid 75%

Team Liquid are tied with TSM for the day’s biggest favorites, but are priced a little cheaper than TSM. I am more likely to use Echo Fox and Cloud9 at cheaper prices, but can’t fault anyone wanting to use Team Liquid in this matchup. My reasoning for fading Team Liquid has nothing to do with any concern of them losing, but the fact that their 41 kills are only the fourth highest total after two weeks. Compare that to Echo Fox’s 74 or Cloud9’s 61 and I’d rather get a piece of those two more explosive teams at a cheaper price. That said Team Liquid do have the potential to pile up the kills in this match against a FlyQuest Side that have the second highest death total in the league.

Prediction: Team Liquid Win

FLY Players to consider: None

TL Players to consider: Xmithie ($6,800), Doublelift ($8,000), Olleh ($6,000)

Team SoloMid (1-3) vs. Golden Guardians (0-4)

Vegas Win Odds: Team SoloMid 75%

TSM are tied for the biggest Vegas favorites with Team Liquid and are priced as the most expensive options on the day. No thank you. I realize that this should be an easy game against Golden Guardians and while I expect TSM to win, this is an easy fade for me at these salaries. TSM 37 kills as a team are only the sixth highest total in the league after two weeks and their 57 deaths lead the league. Give me any of Echo Fox, Cloud9, Team Liquid, 100 Thieves or even Clutch Gaming players at cheaper salaries. As I said, this should be an easy win for TSM, but their prices make them very hard for me to use based on their early season performance.

Prediction: TSM win, but don’t end the day as the highest scoring team

TSM Players to consider: None, overpriced

GGs Players to consider: None

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