DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Sunday Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: NALCS Sunday Cheat Sheet

Echo Fox(4-1) vs. OpTic Gaming (1-4)

Vegas Win Odds: Echo Fox 75%

Echo Fox finally dropped a game Saturday, but should bounce back against a weak OpTic side on Sunday. Echo Fox remain the most explosive team in the league, which should always put them in consideration for use on DraftKings. The majority of the kills have funneled through Huni (21), Fenix (29), and Altec (24). Huni has a team high 15 deaths, which does chip away his upside, while Fenix and Altec both have top ten KDAs in the league to go with their top ten kill totals. Dardoch has played more of a supportive role, but is worth using as he currently has the second highest assist total in the league to go with a top ten KDA. OpTic are not the worst team in the league, but they aren’t on Echo Fox’s level. As long as Echo Fox aren’t affected by their first loss of the year, they should roll on Sunday.

Prediction: Echo Fox win

FOX Players to consider: Huni ($7,100), Dardoch ($6,800), Fenix ($7,900), Altec ($7,900)

OPT Players to consider: None

Team SoloMid (2-3) vs. 100 Thieves (4-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

100 Thieves are priced as slight underdogs, despite coming in tied for first place in the league. TSM have rebounded a little bit after their rough Week 1, but their two wins come against opponents with a combined 1-9 record. Until TSM beat one of the upper level teams, I’m going to pick against them. This game has the potential to be lower scoring than the other matchups, but 100 Thieves provide some decent value at slightly depressed salaries. Cody Sun is the main carry on the team thus far, as he’s tied for the third highest kill total in the league to go along with a top ten KDA and 84% kill participation. Ssumday is also in consideration as Hauntzer has the highest death total among top laners so far this season.

Prediction: 100 Thieves close win

TSM Players to consider: Bjergsen ($7,100)

100 Players to consider: Ssumday ($6,200), Cody Sun ($7,100), 100 Thieves Team ($4,500)

Golden Guardians (0-5) vs. Team Liquid (4-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Team Liquid 77%

No need to go too far in analyzing this game. Golden Guardians are the only winless team in the league and Team Liquid should have no problem rolling over them on Sunday. Team Liquid come in as the highest priced options on the day, so it’s hard to stack them up without really paying down in other positions. Impact is the only member of Team Liquid who doesn’t have either a top ten kill or assist total in the league, despite having a 12.3 KDA that is second best in the league. His low kill participation (63%) is the problem, so he’s one member I’d look to fade at his expensive price. Doublelift remains the carry for the team and his league leading 16.3 KDA and top four kill participation total of 84% show that he has upside and also a pretty high floor.

Prediction: Team Liquid one sided win

GGs Players to consider: None

TL Players to consider: Pobelter ($8,000), Xmithie ($6,900)

Clutch Gaming (2-3) vs. Cloud9 (4-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Cloud9 66%

Cloud9 come in priced as the third highest favorites on the day in this matchup with Clutch Gaming. So far, Cloud9 is one of the only teams that can come close to matching Echo Fox on an explosive level as their 73 kills are 10 behind Echo Fox for the league lead. Jensen is the best play from Cloud9 as he is top ten in the league in kills, kill participation, assists, and KDA coming into Sunday. He does have a tough matchup against Febiven who’s six deaths are the second lowest among mid laners. Jensen’s value should come in teamfights as he’s been heavily involved in everything C9 does so far this year. Clutch have the potential to win this matchup and should keep things fairly close as they don’t give away cheap kills, having only 37 deaths as a team this year, second lowest in the league. Unfortunately I only see a win if they get Febiven going early and in a tough matchup against Jensen, that’s easier said than done.

Prediction: C9 close win

CG Players to consider: Febiven ($6,500)

C9 Players to consider: Jensen ($7,600)

Counter Logic Gaming (2-3) vs. FlyQuest (2-3)

Vegas Win Odds: CLG 60%

CLG are on a two game win streak, including a big win over Echo Fox yesterday. Despite this game having close vegas odds, I see no reason to think CLG won’t keep things going and pick up their third straight victory. These teams are on opposite trajectories as CLG should continue to climb after a rough start, while FlyQuest should be heading towards the bottom half of the table. CLG have the potential to put up big score lines in this game as FlyQuest lead the NA LCS in total deaths, with Stunt, Keane, and WildTurtle all having top ten death totals among players. Look to Darshan and Huhi who lead the team in kills and kill participation, despite Huhi’s 16 deaths, which is the third highest total in the league. Stixxay also has some potential upside, but his 56% kill participation gives me some pause when looking to use him.

Prediction: CLG one sided win

CLG Players to consider: Darshan ($6,500), Huhi ($7,200), Stixxay ($7,300)

FLY Players to consider: None

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