DraftKings LoL: Friday NA Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Friday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Friday Cheat Sheet

H2k (1-5) vs. Splyce (3-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Splyce 76%

Splyce are the most expensive options on the board Friday. Despite the fact that H2k look like the worst team in the league, how excited are you to use Splyce at these prices? I really don’t think Splyce are that much better than H2k and don’t expect them to be able to make any noticeable returns with these lofty salaries. Their 44 kills are the third lowest total in the league and they actually have more total deaths than H2k. Most of those deaths are on Odoamne who leads the EU LCS with 25, most of which came from a bad game against UoL in Week 1 when he died eight times. The only Splyce member I’d consider using is Kobbe, as his 17 kills, 5.4 KDA, and 86% kill participation are all team highs.

Prediction: Splyce win, but don’t pay off

H2k Players to consider: None

SPY Players to consider: Kobbe ($8,000)

ROCCAT (3-3) vs. Vitality (5-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Vitality 71%

ROCCAT have been playing a bit over their heads in the first two weeks, but came crashing back to reality with a 0-2 Week 3. Vitality continue to roll at the top of the table, being pushed by their strong core of rookie players. ROCCAT come into the week tied with Fnatic for the team high death total after three weeks, giving Vitality room to improve on their mid table kill total. While ROCCAT could conceivably conjure up an upset, I think Vitality are the better team and make for good plays on Friday. Jiizuke is the main carry, leading Vitality in kills and kill participation. Minitroupax has been solid, but while his 11.7 KDA is impressive, his 59% kill participation is the lowest on the team.

Prediction: Vitality win

ROC Players to consider: Memento ($5,500), Blanc ($6,5000), Norskeren ($4,800)

VIT Players to consider: Gilius ($6,400), Jiizuke ($7,500)

Giants Gaming (4-2) vs. Misfits (4-2)

Vegas Win Odds: Misfits 63%

Both teams come into the week with 4-2 records and in a battle for second place. These are the two teams with the highest kill totals in the league coming into the week, but Misfits lead Giants in the category by 13. I have to give the nod to Misfits here. While Giants are clearly not the laughing stock most analysts predicted before the season, Misfits should be one of Europe’s title contenders. Hans sama has been the best performing AD carry in the EU LCS thus far, leading everyone with 28 kills.

Prediction: Misfits win

GIA Players to consider: Djoko ($5,600), Betsy ($6,600), Steeelback ($6,800)

MSF Players to consider: Hans sama ($7,500), Mikyx ($5,400)

Fnatic (3-3) vs. UoL (1-5)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 75%

Fnatic sit behind Splyce in terms of pay scale, but if I’m paying up I’d rather go with Fnatic. While they are tied for the lead in deaths with 63, I still trust them when playing against poor competition. Given they have registered 60 kills, good for the fourth-best mark in the league, it's safe to say they should register enough value to surpass Splyce. UoL need to get things going to move off the bottom of the table and while I don’t think it’s impossible, I don’t have a good feeling about them beating Fnatic.

Prediction: Fnatic win

FNC Players to consider: Caps ($7,700), Rekkles ($7,800)

UoL Players to consider: Kold ($5,300)

G2 eSports (3-3) vs. Schalke 04 (3-3)

Vegas Win Odds: G2 57%

This is the closest match of the day based on Vegas odds and DraftKings pricing. It’s really hard for me to pick between these two teams. I think they are evenly matched in almost every regard. If you want to go with G2, you look at Perkz and Jankos. Perkz’s 89.7% kill participation is the best in the EU LCS, as he is heavily involved in everything his team does, while Jankos’ also possess a top-seven kill participation in the league. Perkz has a top-10 kill total while Jankos has a top-10 assist total. For Schalke, it’s been Nukeduck and Pride. Nukeduck is tied for the third highest kill total in the league with 22, but his kill participation is the second lowest on his team. Pride comes in with a top three assist total, but also has a lower kill participation total. I think the game will come down to which jungle-mid lane pairing gets ahead first, so look for plenty of action in the mid lane.

Prediction: G2 Narrow win

G2 Players to consider: Jankos ($6,100), Perkz ($7,200)

S04 Players to consider: Pride ($5,800), Nukeduck (6,900)

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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