DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday EU Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

Vitality (6-1) vs. Splyce (4-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Vitality 60%

I think that both the Vegas odds and pricing is a bit off in this matchup. Sure Splyce is 4-3 and coming off of a deathless win against H2k, but Vitality have proven to be the much better side so far this year. Jiizuke had an off day Friday, but has been the driving factor for most of the season, while Gilius adds double digit assist upside, and Cabochard has been looking better on carry top laners of late. Splyce’s best chance may be in the bottom lane as Kobbe has been a Rekkles-lite this year, with strong KDA’s in wins and losses.

Prediction: Vitality win

VIT Players to consider: Cabochard ($6,500), Gilius ($6,200), Jiizuke ($7,200), VIT team ($4,900)

SPY Players to consider: Kobbe ($6,900)

H2k (1-6) vs. Schalke 04 (3-4)

Vegas Win Odds:

After a very close game against G2 where they came up just short yesterday, Schalke face off against bottom dwellers H2k. It’s been the Nukeduck show for Schalke thus far, but after missing the first two games of the year, Upset isn’t too far behind his mid laner. H2k look worse than even UoL at this point of the season and I’m not sure their acquisition of Selfie or move of Caedrel to the jungle is enough to provide any sort of instant impact. With Schalke playing at a much better level, they are an easy pick on Saturday, but there is some concerns about them paying off the top salaries of the day.

Prediction: Schalke 04 75%

H2k Players to consider: None

S04 Players to consider: Nukeduck ($7,900), Upset ($8,000)

ROCCAT (3-4) vs. Misfits (4-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Misfits 69%

ROCCAT lost a tough game to Vitality yesterday, nearly split pushing their way to victory. They are heading in the wrong direction at the moment and despite the fact that Misfits also lost on Friday, I think they’ll bounce back with a win over ROCCAT. Hans sama is seeing Kog’maw bans, and he’ll need to prove that he’s capable of carrying on other champions. Alphari is favoring carry top laners of late, giving him some decent upside against profit. The main threat for ROCCAT remains Blanc as he takes the majority of his team’s kills and could look to snowball against the overrated Sencux. Although I think Misfits will win, I think that Vitality possess more upside at a cheaper price.

Prediction: Misfits close win

ROC Players to consider: Memento ($5,500), Blanc ($6,500)

MSF Players to consider: Alphari ($6,800), Maxlore ($6,500), Hans sama ($7,600)

Fnatic (4-3) vs. Giants Gaming (5-2)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 63%

I think, currently, Giants are simply the better, more consistent team whereas Fnatic is either getting carried by Rekkles or losing. While Fnatic is favored, their up-and-down start to the season compared to the ascendency of their opponents makes me want to pick the upset in this matchup. I think Steeelback is good enough to keep Rekkles in check during the laning phase, while the rest of his team does the same with their lane opponents. If Rekkles gets ahead early, however, it could be a rough day for Giants. They are the only upset I feel remotely confident about on Saturday.

Prediction: Giants close win

FNC Players to consider: Rekkles ($7,500)

GIA Players to consider: Steeelabck ($6,800), Targamas ($4,800), Giants Team ($4,200)

G2 eSports (4-3) vs. Unicorns of Love (1-6)

Vegas Win Odds: G2 eSports 71%

G2 pulled off a big comeback win on Friday and face off against a Unicorns side that remain one of the worst teams in the league. While G2 isn’t exactly taking the league by the horns, they should have no trouble on Saturday. I keep pushing Jankos and Perkz as the best G2 duo, as I think they provide both the best floors and ceilings on the team. G2 come in as slightly discounted options compared to Schalke and have every chance to rival Schalke for the highest point totals.

Prediction: G2 win

G2 Players to consider: Jankos ($6,600), Perkz ($7,700)

UoL Players to consider: None

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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