DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Saturday NA Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: NA LCS Saturday Cheat Sheet

Team SoloMid (3-3) vs. Clutch Gaming (2-4)

Vegas Win Odds: TSM 73%

TSM look to be back to full capacity after going 2-0 last week, including picking up a win over 100 Thieves, to earn a .500 record. I think we can continue to ride the momentum on Saturday as TSM come in as the second highest Vegas favorites, but are priced as only the fourth most expensive plays on DraftKings. Bjergsen remains the main man for TSM, leading the team in kills, KDA, and kill participation, while having the lowest deaths. Hauntzer clocks in with the second highest kill total, but his team high 18 deaths are concerning. Zven has been more supportive than carry focused, picking up only nine kills while being involved in only 69% of kills. I don’t think a TSM stack is in order, but they have a good chance to surpass their low salaries. Clutch Gaming are potentially the best underdog options on the day, but I don’t have a ton of confidence in them beating TSM.

Prediction: TSM win

TSM Players to consider: Bjergsen ($7,500)

CG Players to consider: Febiven ($6,600)

Cloud9 (5-1) vs. Team Liquid (5-1)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

This is the ultimate pick’em matchup, both in terms of Vegas odds and how close together the team’s salaries are. My advice in these situations is to pick a side and roll with the players you expect to win. This should be a very explosive game, as both teams have top three kill totals and are filled with top level players in almost every role. I give Team Liquid the slight nod here as they may trail C9 by 10 kills, but their 26 deaths are almost a third of C9’s 62. Team Liquid can play an explosive style without giving away cheap deaths and look like the best team in the league, despite losing a game to 100 Thieves. In terms of player picks, I honestly think almost anyone on either team is viable. Pobelter (29), Doublelift (23), and Licorice (23) have top-10 kill totals. Xmithie (53), Smoothie (51), Olleh (51), Svenskeren (43) have top ten assist totals. Jensen has a top-10 total in both. There’s plenty of options to pick from in what should be an awesome game.

Prediction: Team Liquid narrow win

C9 Players to consider: Jensen ($7,000), Smoothie ($5,100), C9 Team ($4,600)

TL Players to consider: Xmithie ($6,000), Pobelter ($7,100), Doublelift ($7,200), Olleh ($5,200), Team Liquid team ($4,700)

OpTic Gaming (1-5) vs. Counter Logic Gaming (3-3)

Vegas Win Odds: CLG 69%

Like TSM, CLG is also headed upwards after winning three straight games to get back to a .500 record. Huhi and Darshan have been the main threats so far, leading the team in kills and kill participation, with Huhi registering top-10 figures in both categories. Biofrost checks in with a top-10 assist total, but his 71% kill participation is only sixth best among supports. I do think OpTic Gaming have some upset potential here, as they have a better team than their record suggests. Arrow is the main threat on the team as a former NA LCS MVP, and could look to take advantage of Stixxay, whose 14 deaths on the year ise the second highest at the position. PowerOfEvil has also played fairly well, but lacks some upside compared to other players in his role. At the end of the day I think CLG still win, but the game could be closer than expected.

Prediction: CLG close win

OPT Players to consider: Arrow ($6,600)

CLG Players to consider: Darshan ($6,800), Huhi ($7,700)

100 Thieves (4-2) vs. FlyQuest (2-4)

Vegas Win Odds: 100T 71%

100 Thieves have fallen off a bit after their hot start, but remain a strong team that should be able to handle a weak FlyQuest. As the second most expensive options on the day, I think 100 Thieves could struggle to pay off their salaries compared to some other teams. Cody Sun is the main carry, coming into the week with the fourth highest kill total, and third highest kill participation in the league. No other member of 100 Thieves has a top-10 kill total, assist total, KDA, or kill participation. 100 Thieves don’t play as fantasy friendly a style as other teams, so I wouldn’t go with a stack here, despite the easy match up.

Prediction: 100 Thieves win

100T Players to consider: Cody Sun ($7,800)

FLY Players to consider: None

Echo Fox (5-1) vs. Golden Guardians (0-6)

Vegas Win Odds: FOX 81%

Not much to really dissect here. Echo Fox will stomp a winless Golden Guardians who have the second most deaths in the league so far. Everyone on Echo Fox is a viable play, but as the most expensive options on the day it’s hard to stack them up without taking a shot on one of the heavy underdogs. I think you should definitely try to get at least one or two members of the team into your lineup though, as they have a very good chance of living up to their high salaries.

Prediction: Echo Fox feeding frenzy

FOX Players to consider: Anyone who fits into your lineup

GGs Players to consider:

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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