DraftKings LoL: Friday Cheat Sheet
DraftKings LoL: Friday Cheat Sheet

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DraftKings LoL: EU LCS Friday Cheat Sheet

Splyce (4-4) vs. Giants Gaming (5-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Splyce 57%

Giants have been the better team overall this season, but despite the fact they come into the game as underdogs. Splyce are coming off their first 2-0 week, which may have some people buying into the hype a bit too much. I think Splyce are right where they will end up in the standings, middle of the pack. If you like Splyce in this game, the only people I would use are kaSing and Kobbe. The bottom lane duo has been the driving factor for their team with Kobbe leading the team in kills, kasing leading the team in assists and both members having over 75% kill participation. For Giants it’s been a more spread out approach. Betsy leads the team in kills, while Djoko leads the team in assists and kill participation. While the other three members don’t lag too far behind, they each have kill participations under 70%.

Prediction: Giants upset win

SPY Players to consider: Kobbe ($7,300), kaSing ($5,400)

GIA Players to consider: Betsy ($6,800), Djoko ($4,900), GIA Team ($4,400)

ROCCAT (4-4) vs. H2k (1-7)

Vegas Win Odds: ROCCAT 77%

ROCCAT were starting a slide back towards mediocrity after losing three straight games before taking down Misfits last Saturday to get back to a .500 record. They should be able to take down a bad H2k side on Friday, but they are the team with the highest salaries on the day. I’m thinking the only member to pay up for is Blanc as he leads the team in both kills and kill participation with top-10 totals in the league in both categories. Norskeren also has an impressive 84% kill participation and a top-10 assist total, but I rarely pay up for supports. H2k have a lot to prove and are an easy fade, but keep an eye on Selfie as he has been an often hyped mid laner who could help H2k turn their season around in the coming weeks.

Prediction: ROCCAT win

ROC Players to consider: Blanc ($8,000)

H2k Players to consider: None

Vitality (7-1) vs. G2 eSports (5-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Pick’em

Despite having a weaker record, G2 come into the game as the slightly more expensive options. Vitality are on top of the EU LCS after an excellent start to the season and while I think they’ve certainly earned their way to the spot, I would expect some regression. The defending EU champions are riding a four-game winning streak and look to be coming into their own after making four changes to the roster in the offseason. G2 remain a very dangerous team and if they have things figured out I think they’ll be tough to beat. Perkz and Jankos are always my favorite G2 duo to target, but Wunder has been very impressive lately, coming into the game with the team’s highest KDA at 8.8 and a 79% kill participation, bettered only be his aforementioned teammates. Vitality have been winning despite pretty bad kill participation numbers from everyone outside of Jiizuke. The mid laner leads the team with 71%, a number that is not even in the top 25 in the league, while every other member falls below 66%.

Prediction: G2 win

VIT Players to consider: Jiizuke ($7,000), VIT ($4,600)

G2 Players to consider: Perkz ($7,100), Jankos ($6,000), G2 Team ($4,700)

Misfits (4-4) vs. Unicorns of Love (1-7)

Vegas Win Odds: Misfits 77%

Misfits’ were heading back to the top of Europe before dropping their last three games. Luckily they get a UoL side on Friday that remains one of the bottom dwellers in the league. Hans sama remains the true carry threat, but he’ll have to prove he can perform as teams ban away Kog’maw. He has a top-10 kill, KDA, and kill participation total in the league and is a good option on Friday. The only other member on the team with over a 70% share of the team’s kills is Mikyx, but as I mentioned before I rarely pay up at support. The other three members are hit or miss, so a Misfits stack may not be in order. UoL are slowly showing signs of life, but it’s still pretty hard to trust anyone on this team at the moment.

Prediction: Misfits win

MSF Players to consider: Hans sama ($7,800), Mikyx ($5,800)

UoL Players to consider: None

Schalke 04 (4-4) vs. Fnatic (5-3)

Vegas Win Odds: Fnatic 63%

Fnatic come into this game on the back of three straight wins, giving them solid momentum into what should be a good matchup. Rekkles is the absolute carry for this team, as usual, and really is the only member of the team I’d be happy to use. He has the second highest kill total in the league, while all five members of Fnatic check in with at least 70% kill participation. Broxah and Hylissang come into the week with top five assist totals, while Caps and sOAZ have top-10 death totals. For Schalke, it’s been Nukeduck and Upset as the driving forces in the kill department, while Pride comes into the week with a top-10 kill total. If Schalke win I’d expect it to be through the mid lane as Nukeduck leads the EU LCS in kills and faces off against Caps who has been boom or bust this year. Look for Pride to try to help his mid laner get ahead early.

Prediction: Fnatic close win

S04 Players to consider: Pride ($5,600), Nukeduck ($6,600)

FNC Players to consider: Rekkles ($7,500)

*All Odds taken from Bet365.com

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