DraftKings LoL: Saturday LPL Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Saturday LPL Cheat Sheet:

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  • 2:00 a.m: OMG vs. Dominus eSports
  • 4:00 a.m: Estar vs. Bilibili Gaming
  • 6:00 a.m: Top eSports vs. Invictus Gaming

OMG (3-2) vs. DMO (1-4)

This is a very quick game: DMO are really bad and this should be a bloody one, as they both like to play at a high pace. I would consider a full OMG stack because I believe they will get a sweep.

Prediction: OMG 2-0

Bets: OMG -1.5 (+130)

Estar (5-1) vs. BLG (2-4)

This is another game that people should be high on, and especially Estar because have been playing well. BLG have their issues with drafts, team fights and if they want to be an early game or late-game team. The indecisiveness we have seen in their previous games has costed them. On the other side, Estar has been a linear team, though just like FPX, they excel in what they do. This team has map awareness, macro and good team fighting decisions just like IG. They are a team that goes all-in, and if they happened to botch something they have the metal capacity to reset. Estar hasn't really faced a smart team in BLG, which makes me hesitant to declare this an easy game for Estar. 

Prediction: Estar 2-1 maybe 2-0

Bets: BLG ML +130 if you think they will win

TES (3-2) vs. IG (5-0)

A hot stance I'm going to take is TES is going to give IG their first lost of the season. IG's problem is that they love throwing games to any team due to the greediness of the players. Their main weakness is their jungler because Ning is either all in or he is passive and his pathing is way off. We saw what Peanut did to them two days ago and LGD had a good chance at winning Game 3, but IG team fighting skills is what makes them shine. TES has looked better recently in Karsa and Knight communicating well in making plays, roaming together and being aggressive in the early game. TES is usually a clean, fundamental team that can punish even the best teams, especially in this meta where one botched fight could lead to a loss. 

Prediction: 2-1 TES

Bets: TES ML +240

Players to Target


  • TheShy $6,600
  • XiaoBai $6,400
  • Curse $6,000
  • 369 $5,600


  • Wei $7,400 (captain)
  • Ning $7,000 (captain)
  • H4cker $6,600
  • Karsa $5,800

MID (captains)

  • Cryin $8,000
  • Rookie $7,600
  • Icon $7,400
  • Knight $7,200


  • Wink $8,200
  • Puff $7,800 (captain)
  • SMLZ $7,600 (captain)
  • Photic $6,800 (captain)


  • Southwind $6,000
  • ShiauC $5,600
  • cold $5,200

Team Slot

  • Invictus Gaming $5,600
  • OMG $5,400
  • eStar $5,200
  • TES $4,400


Cash: IG/OMG, Estar/OMG, IG/Estar


My stacks: TES/OMG, TES,Estar, IG/OMG

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