DraftKings LoL: Saturday LEC Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Saturday LEC Cheat Sheet:

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  • 12:00 p.m: FC Schalke 04 vs. Team Vitality
  • 12:50 p.m: SK Gaming vs. Origen
  • 1:40 p.m: MAD lions vs. Misfits
  • 2:30 p.m: G2 eSports vs. excel eSports
  • 3:20 p.m: Fnatic vs. Rogue

S04 (4-11) vs. Vitality (1-14)

Well, here we are with S04 (insert clown joke). They looked really good against Misfits, and I was shocked on how proactive they were, and luxor was a big part of the win. Vitality just can't get things going and if S04 didn't look this clean the past coupe of weeks I would have put this game as a 60/40 S04. Now, I have full faith and this should be a bloody game to target on the S04 side.

Prediction: S04

Origen (10-4) vs. SK (2-13)

Another quick write up, as Origen never loses to bad teams because they don't troll drafts or games. They are a one-minded team that just works on perfecting their craft. SK are a bad team and maybe they can do something cheesy, but even then they are not good .

Prediction: OG

MAD (9-6) vs. Misfits (9-6)

MAD lions took care of business against an inferior team like SK. Deeper dive into Misfits against S04 because this team has some great talent in Dan Dan and Febiven. I think they hard trolled the game against S04 because they had Febiven play a champion he has never played before and they put their support player on Gallio. Gallio support is a thing, but with that team comp compared to S04 they were bound to lose unless Misfits draft made no sense. I do think they try against MAD since they are in a three-way tie with Rogue and playoff seeding will be important. Misfits has been on the decline while MAD has been steady all season, and they will continue to get better with how young this team is. They are too clean for the likes of Misfits to cheese them into drafting something they are uncomfortable with.

Prediction: MAD

Bets: MAD ML +110

G2 (12-3) vs. excel eSports (7-8)

xL played Fnatic on Thursday and they looked okay due to the fact that Fnatic had a really bad team fight mid-game that brought the gold lead close to where if xL had set up better and won another fight, the tables would have turned and they could have won. xL needs to win this for playoffs, and it's going to be a tough task against a team like G2, who just trolled and smashed Rogue. I was on xL for an upset because this is the type of game G2 will throw, but now that Fnatic is creeping up for the one spot, G2 will still troll and smash xL. After today, I'm 100 percent targeting G2 in all my lineups. It's a hard task, but if anyone has questions on how to get there please shoot me a DM.

Prediction: G2

Bets: Over 27.5 kills

Fnatic (11-4) vs. Rogue (9-6)

Fnatic looked real good Friday, aside from the botch team fight mid-game. Fnatic has good rotations towards side lanes, they know when to dive and not, but their problem lies with Bwipo. Bwipo is a really good top laner, but he loves to try and 1v4 teams, which is the downfall of this team because if he falls behind the mood of the entire team goes down. I don't think this will be the case here because Rogue just got embarrassed by G2 and a loss after that will be hard to come back from. Rogue has a tough weekend against the top two teams of this region, and if they aren't in the right mindset they won't win Saturday.

Prediction: Fnatic

Bets: None

Players to Target


  • Wunder $7,200 (captain)
  • Bwipo $6,600 (captain)
  • Odoamne $6,400
  • Orome $5,800


  • Jankos $7,800
  • Lurox $7,400
  • Selfmade $6,800 (captain)
  • Shad0w $6,000 (captain)
  • Caedral $5,200 (GPP)


  • Perkz $8,200
  • Abbedagge $7,800
  • Nemesis $7,400
  • Humanoid $7,000
  • Mickey $6,600 (GPP)
  • Nukeduck $7,600


  • Caps $8,400
  • Rekkles $8,000
  • Innaxe $7,800
  • Upset $7,600
  • Carzzy $6,800
  • Patrik $5,800 (GPP)


  • Mikyx $6,200 (captain)
  • Dreams $5,600
  • Hylissang $5,400
  • Kaiser $4,600
  • Tore $3,800 (GPP)


  • Origen $5,800
  • Fnatic $5,600
  • S04 $5,200
  • MAD $4,800


Cash: G2/MAD, G2/Fnatic, G2/S04


My Stacks: G2/MAD, xL/S04

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