DraftKings LoL: Sunday LPL Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Sunday LPL Cheat Sheet:

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2:00 a.m: Rogue Warriors v. Victory Five

4:00 a.m: LGD Gaming v. Suning

6:00 a.m: FunPlus Phoenix v. Royal Never Gaming

RW (2-4) vs. V5 (0-5)

Here we have the worst team in the LPL that does not know what to do at all. This team is a huge mess after being figured out last year. RW has been exceeding expectations this split and it is because of Crazy coming into the top lane. RW are still a bottom-half team, but they have a sense of direction on how to play the game. This is going to be a fiesta game, so I would definitely target RW as a main stack and move on.

Prediction: RW 2-1, most likely 2-0

Bets: RW -1.5 (+105)

LGD (1-4) vs. SN (2-3)

This game is very interesting because LGD hasn't looked as bad as I thought. They are still a bad team because Peanut has been hard carrying while everyone else is not following in his shot calling. This is a roster of old LCK players, but the style they are playing is not good enough for the LPL. SN has looked good, and the last game against FPX is what I expected because this team still has a lot of weak players in the top half of the map. The tempo that SN is trying will work on the bad teams such as LGD, and Huanfeng is the player who is contributing to them playing well. This is the lowest kill total out of the three games played, and I do agree with that.

Prediction: SN 2-0

Bets: SN -1.5 (+165)

FPX (4-2) vs. RNG (3-2)

The last game on the slate is a treat for all of us, and if you're getting into League of Legends I would definitely wake up to watch this series. Aside from Invictus Gaming, these are the next best teams in the LPL, and this should be some high-level play. I was on RNG being the best team in the LPL until the VG game. VG are a good team but RNG got exposed and a team like FPX can exploit that with the number of champions they can play. RNG has to track Tian from ganking different lanes because his pathing is still on point from last year. If they can shut him and DoinB down, I think this team can beat FPX. On the other hand, FPX just have to make sure they get ahead and stay ahead early because RNG is a team that likes to scale, and they are a very scary team mid-to-late.

Prediction: FPX 2-1 maybe 2-0

Bets: RNG ML (+185)

Players to Target


  • Gimgoon $6,800
  • Crazy $6,600
  • BiuBiu $6,400
  • LangX $5,800 (GPP)


  • SOFM $7,200 (captain)
  • Tian $7,000 (captain)
  • WeiYan $6,800 (captain)
  • XLB $6,200 (GPP)


  • DoinB $7,800
  • Angel $7,400
  • Ruby $7,200
  • Xiaohu $6,000 (GPP)


  • Zwuji $8,000 (captain)
  • Huanfeng $7,600 (captain)
  • LWX $7,400
  • Betty $6,800 (GPP) (captain)


  • Crisp $6,000
  • Ley $5,600
  • Swordart $5,400
  • Ming $4,400 (GPP)


  • Rogue Warriors $5,600
  • FunPlus $5,400
  • Suning $5,200
  • RNG $4,400 (GPP)


  • Cash: RW/FPX, FPX/SN, RW/SN
  • My Stacks: RW/FPX, RNG/RW

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