DraftKings LoL: Monday LPL Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Monday LPL Cheat Sheet:

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  • 2:00 a.m: Top eSports vs. Dominus eSports
  • 4:00 a.m: Edward Gaming vs. Vici Gaming
  • 6:00 a.m: Estar vs. Invictus Gaming

TES (3-3) vs. DMO (1-5)

I think this is an easy game for TES because this team just keeps getting better. The IG game they played was a good look for them, it's just they need to start helping Phoatic out and get him into a champion like aphelios to carry. They have the right ideas, and we saw what they can do in team fights when Phoatic is able to carry, so I'm putting more stock into them than others. DMO is dead, that is all. I'm not sure how bloody this game will be, but I think it could be one of the better games to target.

Prediction: TES 2-0

Bets: None

EDG (3-3) vs. VG (2-5)

I hate both of these teams because they tend to be coin flips at this stage in the season. EDG beating JDG a couple days ago and then VG defeating RNG 2-0 the other day is something I would never have predicted. EDG with Aodi looks good, which is weird because I think Xiaoxang has played perfectly fine, but I guess the other players are more comfortable with a veteran like him. VG had some good drafts against RNG and played the slow Korean style and choked them out. VG have a smart coach with hopeful players and they exploited RNG punishing XLB, but with a veteran team like EDG I think they lose, as EDG style is something VG doesn't like playing against. This is another game I think it will be a slower pace, or if EDG plays their early game they can smash VG.

Prediction: EDG 2-1

Bets: EDG -1.5 (+160)

Estar (6-1) vs. IG (6-0)

This is going to be such a fun game to watch. I have it at 50/50 because I really do think Estar can pull this win off. Invictus Gaming is the best team in the world right now, in my eyes. This team plays the game well, but their downfall is they almost play a disrespectful style League of Legends. TES could have capitalized in Game 1 against IG in the last game, but instead they let Puff get fed so hard. Estar have good map control and the best dragon control in the LPL. They know how to manipulate the map the way they want after getting cryin ahead in the mid lane, then they can push down towards the river to grab the soul buffs. IG loves to play side lanes because TheShy gets so far ahead they have to lane swap bottom-to-top, so then TheShy will get bottom turret to leave a team to force one side of the map. This gives Rookie a good chance to start pushing towards that mid lane turret and that is how IG opens the map. Like I stated before, since Estar plays through mid, and if they can weather the side lane pressure, they have a legitimate chance to win, as I also think both teams are really good at team fighting. It's an amazing game to be on either side and a good DFS target.

Prediction: Estar 2-1

Bets: Estar ML (+255)

Players to Target


  • TheShy $6,800
  • Aodi $6,000
  • 369 $6,400
  • XiaoBai $5,600


  • Karsa $7,400
  • Ning $7,000
  • JunJia $6,600
  • Wei $6,400


  • Knight $7,800
  • Rookie $7,600
  • Scout $7,400
  • Cryin $7,200


  • Puff $8,000
  • Hope $7,800
  • Photic $7,600
  • Wink $7,400


  • Southwind $8,700
  • QiuQiu $5,200
  • Meiko $5,200
  • ShiauC $5,000


  • TES $5,600
  • IG $5,400
  • EDG $5,200
  • eStar $4,600


  • Cash: IG/EDG
  • GPP: IG/TES, TES/EDG, Estar/EDG, Estar/TES
  • My Stacks: Estar/EDG, Estar/TES, IG/EDG

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