DraftKings LoL: Tuesday LPL Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Tuesday LPL Cheat Sheet:

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  • 5:00 a.m: Team WE (WE) vs. Rogue Warriors (RW)
    • Starters: WE: Morgan, Beishang, Teacherma, Jiumeng, Missing
    • RW: Crazy, Weiyan, Ruby, Zwuji, Ley
  • 7:00 a.m: Suning Gaming (SN) vs. Li-Ning Gaming (LNG)
    • SN: BiuBiu, SofM, Angel, huanfeng, SwordArt
    • LNG: Flandre, Xx, Maple, Asura, Duan

An excellent start to the LPL week, with Kalvin's great call and breakdown of how EStar would take down iG; the man was spot on, and I hope I can build on his lofty standards as we look to Tuesday. This is a pretty good slate for a two-gamer, as both of these series could go either way with no massive favorite. 

WE (3-3) vs. RW (3-4)

WE enter this series coming off a week in which they were swept by FPX before completing a sweep themselves over DMO. It was two results that were fairly well expected, as this up-and-coming side fell to the defending world champions but took care of business against the bottom dwellers. On the flip side, Rogue Warriors come in off a win over EDG, a sweep to LNG, and a sweep of V5. Since the restart of the LPL, Rogue Warriors have looked better by simply replacing Haro in the jungle with WeiYan, while funneling resources into Ruby and especially Zwuji. If we dig in a little deeper, we see that Rogue Warriors' three wins have come against a Suning side that weren't starting Huanfeng or Biubiu, an EDG side that is in flux with their third-string jungler and without star top laner Jinoo, and a Victory5 side who are dead last in the LPL and still in search of their first series victory. Rogue Warriors have feasted on poor sides or teams in a weakened state, while being beaten by teams with a .500 record or better. 

I do think WE are the better side here, and they have shown that they can take care of business against teams beneath them in the standings, with their three losses coming against top sides RNG, JDG, and FPX. WE are led by budding stars in jungler Beishang and AD Carry Jiumeng, while Missing and Morgan provide stable presences in the support and Top Lane roles, respectively. Teacherma is a bit of an unknown, but he started well in his first career LPL start last week. Any consideration for Rogue Warriors has to start with Zwuji, followed by Ruby and WeiYan. I think that Beishang will prove too much for WeiYan to keep up with, while Jiumeng and Missing neutralize any chance Zwuji has of snowballing in attempts to carry. 

WE Players to Target: Beishang ($7,000), Teacherma ($7,200), Jiumeng ($8,000), Missing ($5,800)

RW Players to Target: Crazy ($5,800), Ruby ($6,800), Zwuji ($7,400)

SN (3-3) vs. LNG (4-2)

Suning enter this series trying to establish themselves as a team in the race for a playoff spot, as they are a lot like the aforementioned Team WE in that they have struggled against top sides, while taking care of business against weaker teams in the league. The team is looking a lot better after moving to Biubiu in the top lane and AD Carry phenom Huanfeng, and they are priced quite cheaply for their potential upside. SofM and SwordArt provide stable presences in their respective roles, while Angel was really good last season and is rounding back into form recently. LNG look really good with a 4-2 record, but like Rogue Warriors, if we dig a bit deeper we see that their four wins have come against sides ranked 12th, 13th, 15th, and 17th out of 17 teams in the LPL, while losing to the only teams they've faced with winning records in OMG and TES. We could be looking at a bit of a paper tiger here, and as such I'm going to run with Suning on Tuesday.

Suning are priced cheaply on this slate and are likely going to be part of chalky constructions with WE. If you want to differentiate and roll with LNG, they're definitely worth a look because Suning aren't world beaters despite looking better of late. Flandre has been great lately, while Xx has an aggressive style and could look to snowball his solo laners. While Maple and Asura have tougher matchups in theory, they've also been playing well and can hold their own against Angel and Huanfeng. 

SN Players to Target: Biubiu ($5,400), SofM ($6,600), Angel ($7,000), Huanfeng ($7,200), SwordArt ($5,000)

LNG Players to Target: Flandre ($6,400), Xx ($6,800), Maple ($7,600), Duan ($5,400)

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