DraftKings LoL: Wednesday LPL/LCK Cheat Sheet:
DraftKings LoL: Wednesday LPL/LCK Cheat Sheet:

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  • 2:00 a.m: Gen.G vs. Griffin (LCK)
  • 2:00 a.m: Victory Five vs. OMG (LPL)
  • 4:00 a.m: Damwon Gaming vs. KT Rolster (LCK)
  • 4:00 a.m: Top eSports vs. JD Gaming (LPL)
  • 6:00 a.m: Hanwha Life eSports vs. Dragonix (LCK)
  • 6:00 a.m: Bilibili Gaming vs. FunPlus Phoenix (LPL)

LPL: v5 (0-6) vs. OMG (4-2)

This is a pretty straight forward game, as V5 give up a lot of kills and I give them props because they are a team that will go down with a fight, unlike DMO. OMG have been playing at a slow control pace, but this might change because V5 will come out swinging. OMG are a really good team and should win 2-0; you definitely want a piece of OMG. Pricing on this slate is tough, so I don't mind a full stack.

Prediction: 2-0 OMG

Bets: None

LPL: TES (4-3) vs. JDG (5-2)

This is a very interesting game because TES has been on the incline while JDG have shown no ability to grow from their games. Two days ago we saw Photic on a legit carry, and he looked good doing so like I said TES should. TES has an idea how to play against every team, it just comes down to executions from every single lane to make sure they coordinate together. If TES can draft for early and have the carries to be aggressive, I think they win this pretty easily. Even though JDG have stud players, their carries are extremely passive and we saw how VG took advantage of that. 

Prediction: TES 2-1

Bets: TES ML (+170)

LPL: BLG (2-5) vs. FPX (5-2)

I think this game will be a snooze-fest because FPX looks to be in top form again after a horrible start. FPX ran through RNG and wasted no time, and this is the same case against BLG because of the respect they give them. BLG still has their own issues, and I don't think there is a way they win unless they shut down DoinB. While that might be easy, you still have LWX, Tian and Crisp to help carry the game. If BLG was smart they target gimgoon and just let him get far behind so that FPX won't have a tank for later. Even then, I still believe in FPX and this is another good game to target.

Prediction: FPX 2-0

Bets: None

LCK: GenG (8-1) vs. Griffin (2-7)

The LCK is back, but that doesn't mean they are great for DFS, as they are usually the slowest region in terms of pace and lowest kills, though their objective control is among the best. This region loves to play everything by the books and as clean as they can. They are like the Origin of the LCK, but all these teams are miles ahead in talent compared to NA/LEC. This game should be easy for GenG because they are the best team in my eyes. Both sides love to fight, and this game might be pretty bloody, but the salaries are just too high on GenG. 

Prediction: GenG 2-0

Bets: None

LCK: Damwon (4-5) vs. KT Rolster (4-5)

Before the break we saw a struggling Damwon, who had high expectations coming into the new season after making it to worlds in 2019. They remind me of FPX, who went through a slump in the start of the season, and I think this a great right spot for them. Nugrui, their top laner, has been playing so poorly because I believe teams have figured how to play against him. Damwon plays through Nuguri even though they have amazing carries, and when he gets behind the team ends up folding. Their early game is still one of the best, but they are bozos mid to late, which always costs them. KT Rolster is a squad I had rated lowly, but they have exceeded expectations and I think this team will be solid even with huge weaknesses in their jungle and top lane. Kuro and Aimimg have carried the weight, and I don't think they can keep this up when their top side is getting crushed. The way they are going to win is if they can play clean and punish the bad tendencies from Damwon

Prediction: Damwon 2-1, maybe 2-0 depending on what version we get

Bets: None

Dragon X (7-2) vs. HLE (3-6)

I love this DragonX team; they are so fun to watch, have so many good players and are competing for the best team in this region. If you are a top team in the LCK, you are basically a contender for worlds, unlike the LEC/NA. HLE are a decent team, but they won't stand a chance against DRX. I would target this game because these are two of the bloodier teams in the LCK.

Prediction: DRX 2-0

Bets: None

Players to Target

Note: LCK does not release starting lineups.


  • Nuguri $7,000
  • Rascal $6,800
  • Curse $6,600
  • 705 $6,400
  • Doran $6,000
  • 369 $5,800


  • Tian $7,800
  • Kanavi $7,600
  • Pyosik $7,400
  • Clid $7,200
  • H4cker $6,800
  • Karsa  $6,400
  • Canyon $6,000


  • DoinB $8,400
  • BDD $8,000
  • Icon $7,600
  • Chovy $7,400
  • Showmaker $7,200
  • Knight $7,000


  • LWX $8,600
  • Loken $8,200
  • Deft $8,000
  • Ruler $7,800
  • SMLZ $7,600
  • Photic $7,200


  • Crisp $6,400
  • Keria $6,000
  • LvMao $5,800
  • Life $5,600
  • QuiQui $4,800


  • FPX $6,000
  • GenG $5,800
  • DragonX $5,400
  • JDG $5,200
  • Damwon $5,000
  • TES $4,600


  • Cash: OMG/JDG, OMG/FPX, OMG/Damwon, OMG/DRX
  • My Stacks: TES/FPX, TES/DRX, TES/GenG

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