2018 LCK Summer Split
While Kingzone DragonX continued their romp through the LCK, they had a bit of a rough time during the Mid-Season Invitational in May. The question now becomes: which Kingzone will show up for the Summer Split? The one that dominated Korea or the one that was pushed around at MSI? The answer to that question will likely tell the tale of how the Summer Split will go. As if the team that showed up to MSI comes back to the LCK, teams like Gen. G and SK Telecom T1 might have a chance to return to their former glory and unseat the champions.

Event Dates:
June 12, 2018 through August 9, 2018

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Damage carries to close out sweep
June 18, 2018
Lindarang posted a 5/3/16 KDA in Hanwha Life eSports' series sweep of the Jin Air Green Wings on Sunday.
Lindarang's Vladimir had little in terms of lane pressure early in Game 1 and the skirmish losses didn't help much. Despite the poor start, he kept the gold race close and started to make plays when grouped with the rest of HLE. Lindarang could easily avoid damage from JAG's Karthus centered team composition once he completed Zhonya's Hourglass, allowing him to harass more during skirmishes. Lindarang finished with a 2/1/8 KDA in Game 1 and had another solid performance in Game 2. This time it was his Aatrox that overcame a rough laning phase. Lindrang had an easy time chaining his crowd control with the rest of the team, leading HLE in damage dealt to champions and closing out the series with a 32-minute victory.
Solid play throughout sweep
June 18, 2018
Lava scored a 9/2/15 KDA in Hanwha Life eSports series sweep of the Jin Air Green Wings on Sunday.
In Game 1 Lava picked a good counter to JAG's Karthus-Nunu team composition. Fizz can easily dodge Karthus' Requiem using Playful Trickster and once he completed Zhonya's Hourglass it became extremely difficult for Grace to deal damage to him. Lava was able to dive with impunity in the late game, quickly blowing up the damage dealers en route to an HLE Game 1 victory. In Game 2 Lava had a little rougher laning phase as his Swain struggled to keep the gold race close. However, when HLE grouped up Lava did his fair share of damage in teamfights as HLE took control. Lava picked up his only two kills of Game 2 as HLE pushed to finish off the series.
Solid back-to-back performances on Ryze
June 18, 2018
Sangyoon earned a 5/2/14 KDA in Hanwha Life eSports series sweep of the Jin Air Green Wings on Sunday.
In Game 1 HLE drafted a bottom lane duo of Ryze for Sangyoon and Tahm Kench for Key, giving it plenty of ways to create quick rotations and flanks around the rift. Sangyoon didn't get much in terms of kills but plenty of assists as HLE dominated the second half of Game 1 to take a lead in the series. In Game 2 Sangyoon stuck with Ryze and pretty much duplicated his performance from Game 1. Sangyoon's only two kills for Game 2 came while HLE was pushing to victory and completing the sweep.
Low impact in late game fights
June 18, 2018
SoHwan scored a 3/6/6 KDA in Jin Air Green Wings' 2-0 loss to Hanwha Life eSports on Saturday.
SoHwan had a good start in Game 1 as his Camille secured first blood but wasn't able to get much else done. Jin Air briefly held a gold lead in the mid game but got absolutely destroyed in the key late game teamfights. SoHwan finished with only one kill and one assist in Game 1. He was able to do a little better in Game 2 but struggled again to do much in the late game teamfights. While he did manage to get some good split pushing done in Game 2 late it came at the cost of losing objectives and Baron on the opposite side of the Rift. SoHwan could do little to stop the Baron power play from finishing off the series.
Karthus carry falls apart in Game 1
June 18, 2018
Grace posted a 5/5/6 KDA in Jin Air Green Wings' series loss to Hanwha LIfe eSports on Sunday.
In Game 1 Grace's Karthus was the key focus for Jin Air as it tried to funnel as many resources as possible into him. While Grice found some kills in the mid game, he struggled to deal out the damage after HLE completed Zhonya's Hourglass. Now the damage from Requiem was dodged nearly early time and JAG struggled to do much of anything in the teamfights. In Game 2 Grace was on Lulu and grouped up early to pick up early assists. However, the early success for JAG wasn't sustainable as HLE stormed back in the second half to dominate teamfights. Grace dealt out plenty of damage but his only kill of the match came while defending the Nexus and did little to slow down HLE from claiming the series win.
Irelia carry not enough to extend series
June 18, 2018
Teddy earned a 4/5/5 KDA in the Jin Air Green Wings' series loss to Hanwha Life eSports on Sunday.
Teddy stuck to the traditional marksman AD carry Lucian in Game 1 but really didn't have much of an impact. He got a little gank help from the mid lane early but it wasn't enough to help him maintain lane pressure. JAG's early lead quickly fell apart in the second half as Teddy and crew got torn apart in teamfights. Game 2 fared a little better for Teddy as his Irelia finished with a 3/2/1 KDA. The laning phase went relatively smoothly for Teddy as he scaled nicely into the late game. However, Teddy was the only one finding kills in the second half as JAG lost engages and objectives.