2018 LCK Summer Playoffs
Will Kingzone DragonX be able to shake off a rough regular season and defend their LCK title? Or will KT Rolster finally make a statement by winning their first ever LCK title and punching a ticket straight to the World Championship?

Event Dates:
August 12, 2018 through September 8, 2018

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Poor showing in loss
August 15, 2018
PraY only managed a 4/12/10 KDA in Kingzone DragonX's 3-1 loss at the hands of the afreeca Freecs on Wednesday.
This was by far one of the worst outings that PraY has had in quite some time. While he's normally pretty solid in the bottom lane, he was nowhere to be found in this series. He was frequently solo killed by his counterpart and just looked all-around vulnerable at every moment. Even when playing on the powerful Kai'Sa in Games 1 and 2, he tallied a paltry 0/7/3 KDA. He'll need to do some soul-searching is his team wants a shot at getting through the LCK gauntlet to qualify for Worlds.
Has his moments in loss
August 15, 2018
Bdd went 8/8/6 during Kingzone DragonX's 3-1 loss to the afreeca Freecs in the LCK Summer Playoffs on Wednesday.
While Bdd might have had some strong moments where he managed to stifle KurO in this mid lane matchup, it didn't happen often enough to get his team moving along here. More often than not, he was on the receiving end of stifling plays that saw KurO have his way in the lane and push afreeca to this big win. This team will need to get back to the drawing board before they begin their run through the LCK gauntlet for a chance at Worlds.
Solid performance in mid lane
August 15, 2018
KurO held his own in the mid laner during the afreeca Freecs a 3-1 win over Kingzone DragonX on Wednesday during the LCK Summer Playoffs, tallying an 11/4/21 KDA.
While he had some rough moments throughout this series, KurO came out on top when it was all said and done here. His main problem here was being unable to stand up against Bdd at certain points in the series. That is something that he and his team will surely want to keep an eye on moving into the next series against Griffin on Saturday if they hope to move into the LCK Summer finals. At the end of the day, though, this series was a good demonstration of KurO's deep hero pool and shows why he is still a reliable mid laner nonetheless.
Notches solo kills with ease
August 15, 2018
Kramer was unstoppable with a 21/5/17 KDA in the afreeca Freecs' 3-1 victory over Kingzone DragonX on Wednesday.
Playing on Varus and Xayah throughout this series, Kramer was a thorn in Kingzone's side and was a major part of allowing his team to secure this big win. Across all four games, he was in complete of his lane, securing solo kills with an ease that we don't see too much from the AD carry position these days. He was so good, in fact, that he didn't register a single death until Game 3 and posted a flawless 12/0/11 KDA in those first two games. With his playing like this, afreeca looks ready to take on Griffin this Saturday.
Shown up in top lane
August 15, 2018
Khan managed a rough 4/11/10 KDS during Kingzone DragonX's 3-1 loss to the afreeca Freecs on Wednesday during the LCK Summer Playoffs.
While Khan was one of the best players in the LCK during the Spring Split, he came up incredibly short in this series. Up against Kiin, he was unable to gain any traction whatsoever and his team suffered because of it. He played a different champion in each game and none of them seemed to give him any confidence, as evidenced by his subpar KDA. With Kiin able to have his way from this lane, afreeca had no problem taking the win and forcing Kingzone into the LCK gauntlet for a shot at Worlds.
Career performance in big win
August 15, 2018
Kiin was on fire during the afreeca Freecs' 3-1 win over Kingzone DragonX during the LCK Summer playoffs, finishing with an 8/5/28 KDA.
Playing a variety of champions in this series, Kiin was doing it all to help afreeca advance further into the playoffs. He certainly wasn't putting on an offensive showcase, but he was a solid rock in his lane and kept Khan from doing much of anything from start to finish. This series was the culmination of a string of solid performances from Kiin during both the Spring and Summer Splits, and now has the Freecs moving deeper in the playoffs on the road to try and make their second straight LCK final.