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Crucial, if quiet
March 12, 2018
Stunt's KDA read 0/2/9 at the conclusion of FlyQuest's Sunday win over Golden Guardians.
Stunt's Taric wasn't particularly flashy in this game. There were no incredible Dazzle angles and no clutch game-saving ultimates, but his play was solid and critical to his team's dominance in fights. His Cosmic Radiance in the final fight helped FlyQuest take it cleanly, while his presence throughout the game kept Contractz' Kha'Zix in check despite the latter's strong early game.
Can't stay alive
February 26, 2018
Stunt went 1/5/5 as FlyQuest were taken down by 100 Thieves on Sunday.
Stunt's Janna failed to inspire this game, largely due to his multitude of deaths. These started from an early point, as a gank at three minutes caused him to give first blood over to Cody Sun. As the game went on, he would find himself dying multiple times attempting to save his teammates, so while the blame for these deaths isn't entirely his, his positioning on such a safe champion could certainly have been stronger.
Uninspiring in defeat
February 5, 2018
Stunt ended with a 0/3/5 KDA in FlyQuest's defeat Sunday at the hands of CLG.
Stunt's Braum play on Sunday wasn't bad, but it didn't exactly impress either. He never found any great engagements and did a mediocre job of protecting his less mobile carry in Orianna -- though to be fair, that was a tall task in this game. Furthermore, while his kill participation was relatively good, his team had trouble keeping their flanks warded, leading to multiple fight losses. As the support, Stunt carries additional responsibility for this deficiency in his team's play.
Quiet in big loss
February 5, 2018
Stunt put up a KDA of 0/2/2 in FlyQuest's Saturday loss to Team Liquid in the NA LCS.
Stunt's Rakan couldn't get much of anything going throughout the game as Liquid simply shut the door on FlyQuest from the start. After a subpar laning phase, Liquid got too far ahead of FlyQuest for Stunt's engages to mean anything, especially considering the lack of follow up he had. A Gnar, a full-damage J4, and a feeding Galio are not proper dive buddies for a Rakan, leaving Stunt few opportunities to do anything. Finishing with a 0/2/2 KDA is impressive, given how hard ShrimP and Keane fed, but it didn't matter what Stunt did in this game as Liquid was simply too much for FQ to handle.
Kept crowd control train rolling in late game comeback
January 28, 2018
Stunt's Braum finished with a 0/4/13 KDA as FlyQuest picked up a win against the Golden Guardians on Saturday.
There was plenty of skirmishing in the early game as Stunt traded his life for assists. However, FlyQuest played horribly in the mid game as it got picked off and fell very far behind in turrets. The Golden Guardians struggled to close out the game as FlyQuest began to teamfight its way back in. Stunt was soon followed up on Flame and AnDa's engages while easily locking down the carries long enough for FlyQuest to clean up. FlyQuest quickly took control with a Baron power play and pushed to complete the comeback.
Shows up against TSM
January 21, 2018
Stunt put up a 1/2/11 KDA in FlyQuest's surprising win over Team SoloMid on Sunday.
Despite being against the vaunted former G2 Esports bottom lane in this game, Stunt held his own from the very start. He may have died a couple times, but it was nothing compared to the carnage that he laid upon TSM in this game. He had a just about every fight, finishing with a 86 percent kill participation. Many had questions about this roster, especially after a rough showing against Echo Fox on Saturday, but they showed up well on Sunday and could be on the upswing early in the split.
Acquired by FlyQuest
November 19, 2017
Stunt's contract has been acquired by FlyQuest, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
With Immortals being denied entry into the franchised NA LCS, the players' fates have been in limbo for the last few weeks. It was reported Saturday that Pobelter, Xmithie, Cody Sun, and AnDa were acquired by Team Liquid. Stunt, however, is on his way to FlyQuest, where it looks likely that he will start over the incumbent support LemonNation. He was the final piece of the puzzle to fall for Immortals, as the entire roster has now been dissolved. Stunt's contract runs through the 2019 season, giving him plenty of time to get into a groove with his new team.
Free Agent
Leaves P1 for unnamed LCS squad
May 9, 2017
According to a post on Phoenix1's Facebook page, Stunt has left Phoenix1.
It's tricky to say whether this move is good for Stunt, since there are simply too many variables to consider in the long term. While the opportunity to play on the 3rd place team in the NA LCS, especially when laning alongside Spring Split MVP Arrow, might be tempting, having to split time with Shady might've been a deal breaker. This is especially highlighted by the fact that P1 used Shady exclusively throughout their playoff run. Stunt initially joined the roster as a replacement for a struggling Adrian, but found himself in a battle for starting time once the team picked up Shady. Fortunately for Stunt, the post says that he has found an opportunity to join a different LCS roster, so we'll see Stunt next split. How much success he finds, though, will show whether P1 made the right choice with their starting support or not.
Can't make the difference for P1
April 15, 2017
Stunt went a 1/3/1 in his single game against Cloud9 on Saturday.
Coming in for Game 3, Stunt played Zyra, and did look better than Shady had early on. He even grabbed his team's first kill in the bottom lane without jungle help, and then helped Arrow get a second in the top lane. Unfortunately, it's difficult to do all that much when your entire team gets stomped, and there wasn't much more Stunt could do in the 25-minute loss.
Worth starting against Dignitas
April 9, 2017
Stunt finished off Phoenix1's 3-0 sweep of Team Dignitas with a 5/7/20 KDA.
The large majority of Stunt's seven series deaths came in Game 1, starting with him going down on Zyra for first blood. He went on to have five deaths in the game, but his solid snares and ultimates in teamfights made it worth it as Phoenix1 took the first game. In Game 2, Stunt's Karma turned the tables by taking first blood for himself in a 2-vs-2 kill onto LOD's Caitlyn. From there, Stunt didn't need to do too much for his team to end up with a 2/0/3 KDA in the easy win. Finally, in Game 3, Stunt went with Lulu. He did a great job this game both of keeping his team alive and locking down enemies, always picking the right targets for his abilities. This granted him a superb 1/1/8 KDA in the first 30 minutes, by which time Phoenix1 had all they need to complete the sweep and advance to the semifinals.
Pushed around heavily in bottom lane during Game 1 loss
March 26, 2017
During Phoenix1's tough loss to Cloud9 on Saturday, Stunt finished with a poor 0/7/5 KDA.
While he looked strong in recent weeks, Stunt was abused by his opponents in lane due to being a melee support without point-and-click CC. Stunt gave two kills away to his opposing ADC, Sneaky, in the first 10 minutes during the laning phase. Stunt was abused throughout the game, being more of a detriment for his team than a benefactor. His Taric ults were neutralized due to good timing from Cloud9, and his stuns were nearly ineffective as Cloud9 constantly dodged them. Stunt ended the game with an 0/7/5 KDA. In Game 2, Stunt was subbed out of the series.
Piles up the assists in win
March 20, 2017
Stunt posted a 0/8/29 KDA in P1's win against Liquid on Saturday.
Stunt was a very competent support player for P1 in this series against Liquid. He never registered a single kill, but he more than made up for it with the buckets of assists (29) that he filled throughout the series. In Game 1 on Karma, he used her shields and speed ups to expertly keep his team alive. He went for the seldom-used Nautilus support in Game 2 and was equally as great. He used the Dredge Line to grab key members of Liquid for his teammates to pick apart and easily secure the series sweep. This bottom lane duo of Phoenix1 continues to impress moving into the playoffs.
Best transfer of the Spring Split?
March 20, 2017
Stunt unlocks Arrow, achieves 2/5/25 KDA in win vs. IMT on Sunday.
A few weeks ago Stunt seamlessly integrated into the P1 roster after being transferred over from Team Dignitas. On Sunday he showed that he is an elite playmaker that knows how to get his carries fed. In Game 1, he had the unique challenge of supporting a Kalista in the bottom line and did not miss a beat as his ADC was atop the team ranks in kill participation. In Game 2, he was paired with Draven and again was able to put on a great showing in a game that was much more competitive than the first.
Strong play nets victory over FlyQuest in series sweep
March 14, 2017
Stunt earned a series KDA of 1/3/30 in P1's victory over FLY on Friday.
Throughout both games against FlyQuest, Stunt's performance was exceptional. Starting things off on Thresh, he was able to prevent the enemy bottom lane from getting a lead, including picking up several early kills for his team. Despite a mistake by his team in an early skirmish, he was able to help the team maintain an advantage and use it to great success. Picking up kills whenever they found a chance, his strong play allowed Phoenix1 to claim all the objectives in the game and close things out convincingly in 33 minutes. Game 2 saw another strong showing from Stunt, starting things off early on Nami and never slowing down. Once he had secured an early lead for his team, it was smooth sailing from there. Landing key bubbles, he was able to facilitate his team picking up back-to-back teamfight victories. With several victories under their belt, Phoenix1 was able to take sole control of objectives thanks to Stunt's exceptional vision control. As a result, FlyQuest could not find a way back into the game, allowing P1 to take a 46-minute victory to close out the series.
Stellar support performance
March 12, 2017
Stunt went an overall 0/6/34 as Phoenix1 swept Echo Fox on Saturday.
Coming onto the Phoenix1 roster to replace Adrian, Stunt has looked great so far. On Lulu for Game 1, Stunt's play was clutch in almost every regard. Not only did he do a good job of keeping his carries alive, he landed great knockups and Glitterlances, and even managed to zone out the enemy team himself at times as P1 took the victory. Switching to Taric for Game 2, Stunt started out the game with some solid stuns in lane. In teamfights later on, Stunt's ultimates were extremely on point, both when used to counter-engage and to allow P1's assassins to relentlessly dive the Echo Fox backline. Phoenix1 took the series 2-0, making Stunt undefeated on P1 so far.
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