Martin Hansen 
G2 Esports
Dominates in series victory
September 16, 2018
Wunder earned a series KDA of 3/6/30 during his team's 3-1 victory over Schalke 04.
Throughout his team's entire series against Schalke, Wunder had a relatively strong performance that proved crucial to his team's success. Playing a mix of tanks and carry champions, he was able consistently show up when it mattered to help his team secure victory. Though he was on carries in a couple of the games, he played them more for the utility, dealing damage while focusing on their crowd control and teamwide resources. Even in his team's single game defeat he was able to put up decent numbers, participating in all but two of his team's kills in the loss. Although he picked a controversial Gangplank in Game 4, Wunder was able to recover from a pair of early mistakes, allowing him to scale nicely and become the tipping point for his team, winning back-to-back teamfights to close out the game. As a result, G2 claimed the series 3-1 and qualified for the World Championship.
Two standout games
September 15, 2018
Wunder's KDA read 12/7/10 as G2 took down Splyce 3-2 on Saturday.
Wunder was fairly quiet for much of the series, but he came up big in two of G2's three wins. In Game 2, his Aatrox put out a ton of split-push pressure, and went a deathless 4/0/1, as well as taking a huge CS lead in lane that only grew over the course of the game. Finally, in the deciding game of the series, Wunder's Urgot was a huge contributor to G2's victory. With Perkz having fallen off, it was up to the side lanes to carry, and Wunder took the reins commandingly, finding another lead in lane and transitioning to fantastic teamfighting to end 7/1/4 and take the series.
August 25, 2018
Wunder ended G2's shutout loss to Misfits on Saturday with a KDA of 3/8/16.
Consistently touted as the best top laner in Europe, Wunder hardly looked it in this series. His Gangplank gave up not one, but two solo kills in the first game, and while his Sion was able to pull it together a bit in Game 2, he still lost lane, again to the Cho'Gath of Alphari. Finally, in Game 3 he had a solid performance, once again struggling early but managing to secure the best KDA on his team by far, dying only once to go 1/1/12 as G2 lost the series.
Strong showing on Camille results in win
August 11, 2018
Wunder earned a 4/3/11 KDA on Camille during G2's victory over UoL.
Wunder has proven to be a consistent player time and again, and his performance against UoL was no exception. After a slow start to the game, he began to dominate during the later stages of the game. Consistently finding picks with his crowd control, he found his team openings in skirmishes and teamfights. As things progressed, he had no problem getting onto the enemy backline and forcing carries out of fights. As a result of this, G2 was able to easily take teamfight victories left and right. With several fights under their belt, G2 stormed into the enemy base for a 39-minute victory.
Unfortunate play results in loss
August 5, 2018
Wunder earned a 0/2/0 KDA on Gnar during his team's loss against Fnatic.
Throughout his team's loss against Fnatic, Wunder had a lackluster performance to say the least. Picking Gnar, he quickly itemized to split push and do little else. Although this was a sound tactic to a certain degree, it meant the rest of his team's composition was nearly useless. Being built to teamfight, the team could not find a 5-vs-5 fight due to Wunder's constant pressure on the other sides of the map. This ultimately cost the team Baron after Fnatic isolated the rest of the team and was able to control the map. After falling behind, he was built to deal damage instead of initiate which resulted in his swift death in teamfights. As a result, G2 was defeated in 27 minutes.
Hard to kill, easy to ignore
July 29, 2018
Wunder went 0/2/1 as G2 fell to Schalke 04 on Saturday.
On Dr. Mundo, Wunder had very little opportunity to do much of anything in this game. He did manage to become quite tanky, even as Schalke's carries got fed, so it could be said he did as much as could be expected. Unfortunately, with little to no damage threat coming from the rest of his team, the fact that it was difficult for Schalke to kill him mattered very little. He only went down twice, once to a three-man gank and once at the very end of the game, but that's about all he was able to accomplish.
Struggles in defeat
July 14, 2018
Wunder earned a 0/2/2 KDA on Gangplank during his team's loss to Misfits.
Although he was previously undefeated this split, Wunder's play would not indicate the same as he was dominated throughout his team's loss. Getting solo killed just minutes into the game, he had an extremely rough laning phase that never recovered. Try as he might, he quickly found himself at the mercy of the enemy team, unable to win his 1-vs-1 and unable to deal significant amounts of damage in teamfights. Though he tried, he could not hit barrels onto key targets on Misfits, allowing the enemy team to dominate the mid game. As things got out of hand, he could do little more than try and damage from a distance; a task that is not easy for a melee champion. Due to his team not having a front line, as the two squads clashed, he found himself unable to do anything, allowing Misfits to run away with the victory, closing the game out in 38 minutes.
Decimates enemy laner to secure victory
July 8, 2018
Wunder earned a 5/2/8 KDA on Sawin during G2's victory over TL.
From the very start of the game, it was clear that Wunder was the much better top laner. He picked up an early solo kill onto his lane opponent and never slowed down. With his lead, he consistently bullied Impact, making the enemy laner as close to useless as possible. As the game turned to a team fighting stage, Wunder was constantly able to move with his team to deal huge portions of damage and assist in finding victories. Although he was focused heavily, his earlier performance allowed him to gain the necessary stats to tank through the enemy carries and bring desolation to those in his path. As a result, G2 claimed a convincing victory over Team Liquid.
Dominant performance in victory over 100 Thieves
July 8, 2018
Wunder earned a 6/2/13 KDA on Aatrox during his team's victory over 100 Thieves.
Debuting the new Aatrox, Wunder had an extremely strong performance that ultimately resulted in his team's victory. Picking up two swift kills during the early lane phase, he was able to absolutely shut down his lane opponent. He never slowed down, continuously focusing him down at every opportunity. With the massive early lead, he gave his team room to take over the macro side of the game, cracking the enemy inhibitor turret just 16 minutes into the game. As the game progressed, he showed the champions new strength, dominating in teamfights and decimating all in his path despite the enemy having a Baron buff. Grouping with his team, he had no trouble picking up neutral objectives and forcing fights that ultimately allowed G2 to push into the enemy base. As a result of his earlier domination, Wunder moved with his team to claim a convincing 45-minute victory over 100 Thieves.
Strong early and late
March 4, 2018
Wunder's scoreline read 2/3/5 by the end of G2's Saturday win over Giants.
Between an early top lane gank by Jankos and Wunder's own roam to the bottom lane, Wunder's Sion managed to nab himself the first two kills of the game. These would be G2's only kills for a while, however, as Giants dominated fights in the mid game. Wunder was often late to these teamfights, opting to ult in rather than Teleport and failing to land any meaningful crowd control. He stepped back up in the late game, however, as he was there to help G2 start off fights and landed crucial skills to help protect G2's scaling backline. This assisted G2 in their clean teamfight wins late, winning them the game.
Outplays Profit for first blood
February 23, 2018
Wunder ended Friday's win over ROCCAT with a 2/1/3 KDA as Camille.
Wunder finished the game involved in 50 percent of his team's kills. His two kills were the third-highest total on the team, but his three assists were tied for the team low. Wunder picked up first blood in the ninth minute, outplaying Profit to set G2 off to a good start.
Helps destroy Vitality
February 16, 2018
Wunder ended Friday's win over Vitality with a 1/0/7 KDA as Gangplank.
Wunder was involved in eight of 11 kills, finishing with the third-highest assist total on the team despite having only one kill. Wunder was able to scale into a threat early on in the game and dominated Cabochard in lane. G2 utilized their early snowball to control objectives, giving away no kills and dominating team fights.
Unable to carry on Gangplank
January 26, 2018
Wunder ended G2's loss to GIA with a 1/2/3 KDA as Gangplank.
Wunder finished the game involved in four of seven kills, tying for the third-highest kill total and lowest assist total on the team. Wunder struggled to really do much in teamfights, as he was unable to have any real impact on the game.
Late-game super tank
January 19, 2018
Wunder finished G2's win over Misfits with a 6/1/10 KDA as Cho'Gath.
Wunder did not disappoint during his team debut for G2 Esports as he scaled into a massive late-game super tank during the opening game of the year. He bullied Alphari to create an early creep score advantage and never relented throughout the entire game. He was involved in 16 of G2's 18 kills, leading the team with six kills while being a nearly unkillable frontline presence.
Open to moving on from Splyce
November 1, 2017
Wunder has announced that he's exploring his options with other teams for the upcoming LCS season.
With Splyce looking to be in a state of rebuild, they have granted all their players permission to seek offers from other teams. Wunder, like the rest of his teammates, is still under contract with Splyce, but teams won't face any penalties from discussing offers with the players with Splyce giving permission. Wunder is a formidable top laner that could possibly find a spot with a team in North America with a few new teams needing to field entirely new rosters.
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