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Ties for team-high kill total
March 14, 2019
Wunder ended Saturday's win over Vitality with a 7/4/5 KDA as Camille.
Wunder helped G2 end Week 8 of the LEC with a win over Vitality, securing first place in the Spring Split regular season. The top laner was involved in 12 of 21 kills, ending with the third highest kill participation in the game. His five assists were the second lowest total on the team, but his seven kills tied for the team-high in the win.
Involved in nine kills
March 5, 2019
Wunder ended Friday's win over Rogue with a 4/2/5 KDA as Irelia.
Wunder helped G2 pick up another victory during Friday's match with Rogue. The top laner was involved in nine of 17 kills, tying for the second highest kill participation on the team. His four kills and two assists both tied for the second highest totals on the team.
Team-high kill participation
February 26, 2019
Wunder ended Saturday's win over Excel with a 4/1/10 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Wunder helped G2 take down Excel in one sided fashion during Saturday's win. The top laner was involved in 14 of 20 kills, leading G2 in kill participation. His four kills were the third highest total on the team, while his ten assists tied for the second highest figure.
Limited participation
February 22, 2019
Wunder ended Friday's win over S04 with a 1/1/4 KDA as Yorick.
Wunder went for a more split push oriented approach during Friday's win over Schalke. The top laner was involved in five of 13 kills, as he finished with the team-low in kill participation. His one kill was the team-low, while his four assists were the second fewest.
Ugly performance on Sylas
February 21, 2019
Wunder ended Saturday's loss to Origen with a 1/4/2 KDA as Sylas.
Wunder and G2 fell for the first time this year as the top laner struggled on Sylas. Wunder was involved in three of his team's five kills, tying for the team-high in assists. Unfortunately, Wunder also tied for the team-high with four deaths in the first loss of the split.
Unkillable in first LEC game
January 19, 2019
Wunder ended G2's win over Origen with a 3/0/4 KDA as Urgot.
Wunder helped G2 get off to a winning start in their first game of 2019, playing a solid Urgot in the top lane. He was unkillable, but finished involved in only seven of 18 kills. His low kill participation didn't hurt G2's chances, as he finished last in assists, but had the third highest kill total in the win.
Puts up a fight
October 15, 2018
Wunder finished Monday's loss to Flash Wolves with a 8/7/2 KDA as Irelia.
Wunder put up a good fight before eventually falling to Flash Wolves on Monday. He was involved in 10 of 18 kills, the second lowest kill involvement in the loss. His eight kills were the team-high, while his two assists were the team-low. Wunder's seven deaths did tie for the team-high, but he played fairly well until Flash Wolves took over late.
Continues to play bruisers
October 15, 2018
Wunder ended Monday's win over PVB with a 5/1/10 KDA as Aatrox.
Wunder continued to play split-push oriented champions as he used Aatrox to pick up a win over PVB on Monday. He was involved in 15 of 23 kills, finishing with the third highest kill participation on the team. His five kills were the second highest total, while his ten assists were the third most on the team. Wunder played well, giving away only one of eight deaths for the team-low death total, tied with Wadid.
Finishes with no kills for second straight game
October 11, 2018
Wunder finished Thursday's loss to PVB with a 0/3/3 KDA as Ryze.
Wunder struggled to find much involvement for the second straight game as G2 dropped to 1-1 in the group stage. He was involved in only three of 10 kills, ending with the lowest kill participation in the game. He had no kills for the second straight game, while his three assists were the third-highest total in the loss. Unlike in Wednesday's game, Wunder couldn't even provide effective split-push during Thursday's loss.
Limited despite win over AF
October 10, 2018
Wunder finished Wednesday's win over AF with a 0/1/1 KDA as Camille.
Wunder struggled to really do much of anything during Wednesday's win over Afreeca. He was involved in only one of seven kills, the lowest kill involvement on the team. He had no kills, while his one assist was the team low. Wunder will be lucky to win any more games with such low involvement.
Closes out the series on a high note
October 8, 2018
Wunder ended Sunday's 3-1 win over Infinity with a 18/5/22 total KDA.
Wunder finished Game 1 with a 1/1/5 KDA as Aatrox. He was involved in six of 11 kills, ending with the second lowest kill total as Infinity took the win in Game 1. In Game 2, Wunder used Urgot and earned a 3/0/2 KDA. He was involved in five of 12 kills, giving away no deaths as G2 evened the series. Using Urgot again in Game 3, Wunder ended with a 7/3/8 KDA. He was involved in 15 of 24 kills, tying for the team-high kill total to put the series at match point. Switching to Ryze in the final game, Wunder earned a 7/1/7 KDA. He was involved in 14 of 18 kills, leading G2 with seven kills to close out the victory. Wunder was involved in 40 of 65 kills in the series.
Stars on Urgot
October 4, 2018
Wunder finished Thursday's win over SuperMassive with a 6/2/3 KDA as Urgot.
Wunder had a strong performance in the top lane during Thursday's win. He was involved in nine of 16 kills, tying for the team-low kill participation. Despite that, his six kills were the second-highest total as he played well when needed throughout the game.
Quiet in loss
October 2, 2018
Wunder earned a 0/1/0 KDA on Ornn during his team's loss against SuperMassive.
Try as he might, Wunder simply could not get things going during his team's game against SuperMassive. As his team started falling behind early, he struggled to do anything except match the enemy top laner. Though he was able to build up an early CS lead, he couldn't keep things going as the enemy team picked up the pace. Though he provided a bit of CC in fights, it was not nearly enough to turn skirmishes around for his team. After giving up a death, he did little more than sit by as his team was slowly defeated. He didn't have a poor performance but was simply unable to get things done, resulting in a 32-minute loss.
Dominates in series victory
September 16, 2018
Wunder earned a series KDA of 3/6/30 during his team's 3-1 victory over Schalke 04.
Throughout his team's entire series against Schalke, Wunder had a relatively strong performance that proved crucial to his team's success. Playing a mix of tanks and carry champions, he was able to consistently show up when it mattered to help his team secure victory. Though he was on carries in a couple of the games, he played them more for the utility, dealing damage while focusing on their crowd control and teamwide resources. Even in his team's single-game defeat he was able to put up decent numbers, participating in all but two of his team's kills in the loss. Although he picked a controversial Gangplank in Game 4, Wunder was able to recover from a pair of early mistakes, allowing him to scale nicely and become the tipping point for his team, winning back-to-back teamfights to close out the game. As a result, G2 claimed the series 3-1 and qualified for the World Championship.
Two standout games
September 15, 2018
Wunder's KDA read 12/7/10 as G2 took down Splyce 3-2 on Saturday.
Wunder was fairly quiet for much of the series, but he came up big in two of G2's three wins. In Game 2, his Aatrox put out a ton of split-push pressure, and went a deathless 4/0/1, as well as taking a huge CS lead in lane that only grew over the course of the game. Finally, in the deciding game of the series, Wunder's Urgot was a huge contributor to G2's victory. With Perkz having fallen off, it was up to the side lanes to carry, and Wunder took the reins commandingly, finding another lead in lane and transitioning to fantastic teamfighting to end 7/1/4 and take the series.
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