Chang-Yu Ke 
Falls flat after Game 1
July 19, 2018
957 ended Wednesday's 1-2 loss to iG with a 7/8/15 KDA in three games as Dr. Mundo.
957 finished Game 1 with a 3/0/11 KDA. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in 14 of 19 kills to help WE win the opening game of the series. In Game 2, 957 earned a 3/3/2 KDA. He was involved in five of 10 kills, tying for the team-high kill total as iG evened the series. For the final game of the series, 957 ended with a 1/5/2 KDA. He was involved in three of six kills, leading WE in deaths during the final game. 957 was involved in 22 of 35 kills in the series.
Eight assists in both games
June 29, 2018
957 ended WE's sweep to RW with a 1/5/16 combined KDA.
957 finished Game 1 with a 0/2/8 KDA as Gnar. He was involved in eight of 12 kills, ending the game with the second-highest assist total. In Game 2, 957 played Ornn and earned a 1/3/8 KDA. He was involved in nine of 12 kills, again ending with the second-highest kill total on the team. 957 was involved in 17 of 24 kills ending with the third-highest kill participation and second-highest assist total on the team.
Strong on tanks and Aatrox
June 22, 2018
957 ended Friday's 2-1 win over OMG with a 6/2/8 total KDA.
957 finished Game 1 with a 1/1/3 KDA as Singed. He was involved in four of seven kills, tying for the third-highest kill total and second-highest assist total in the opening game. In Game 2, 957 used Aatrox and earned a 5/0/3 KDA. He was unkillable, ending the game involved in eight of 12 kills, leading WE in kills to even the series. For the final game of the series, 957 played Shen and ended with a 0/1/2 KDA. He was involved in two of four kills, ending the game tied for the third-highest assist total. 957 was involved in 14 of 23 kills in the series.
Plays well despite being swept
April 12, 2018
957 ended Thursday's sweep to RNG with a 1/4/10 combined KDA.
957 finished Game 1 with a 0/1/9 KDA as Gnar. He was involved in nine of 13 kills, ending the game with the third-highest assist total on the team, while giving away only one of his team's nine deaths. In Game 2, 957 used Shen and ended with a 1/3/1 KDA. He was involved in two of four kills, tying for the second-highest kill total as RNG closed out the series. The loss knocks WE out of the LPL Spring Split playoffs.
Dominates Game 1
October 30, 2017
957 ended Sunday's loss to Samsung with a 10/7/10 combined KDA.
957 got WE off to an excellent start in Game 1, finishing with a 5/0/3 KDA as Shen. He was unkillable, involved in eight of 14 kills, and picked up half of his final series kill total in the game. In Game 2, 957 used Rumble to end with a 2/2/4 KDA. He was involved in all but one kill but struggled to lead WE past Samsung. For Game 3, 957 used Cho'gath and finished with a 1/3/0 KDA. He had the lone WE kill in the game as Samsung dominated and took the series lead. For the final game, 957 used Kennen and earned a 2/2/3 KDA. He was involved in five of seven kills, but couldn't even the series as World Elite were eliminated.
Clean Cho'gath play
October 14, 2017
957 finished Saturday's win over Flash Wolves with a 3/0/4 KDA as Cho'Gath.
957 helped take out Flash Wolves for a second time by providing a massive front line tank for WE. He was involved in seven of 12 kills, finishing with the second highest kill total and third most assists. With the win, World Elite punched their ticket to the knockout stages.
Stoic top lane presence
September 29, 2017
957 ended WE's sweep of Young Generation with a 6/2/16 combined KDA.
957 finished Game 1 with a 3/0/2 KDA as Rumble. He was involved in five of nine kills in the game, using Rumble in teamfights to deal plenty of area-of-effect damage. In Game 2, 957 used Maokai and earned a 2/2/8 KDA. He was involved in 10 of 13 kills, using Maokai's tankiness and multiple forms of crowd control to set up eight kills. Using Maokai again in Game 3, 957 was unkillable during a 1/0/6 performance. He again showed off Maokai's crowd-control abilities, frontlining effectively to close out the series.
Does what he can in tank role
August 26, 2017
957 put up a 12/10/26 KDA in WE's 2-3 loss to RNG in the semifinals of the LPL Summer Playoffs.
957 was pretty consistent from start to finish in this series. He had a nice hold on his tank champions and builds, but at the end of the day he came up just short. It's not as though the loss should be put on his shoulders one bit, however. He roamed well, especially on his Renekton in Games 1 and 5. His weakest showing was probably on Rumble in Game 2 of the series, but even still, it wasn't anything overtly so. They'll now have to await the outcome of the finals to see if they'll make it straight to Worlds. An RNG win puts them in as the two seed, while an EDward win sends them to the Gauntlet.
Flounders his way to loss
August 18, 2017
957 managed just a 1/9/10 KDA in WE's loss to Snake on Thursday.
957 started this series on a strong foot before things went completely south for him and WE. He was on Shen in Game 1 and made great decisions on when to roam and had a generally strong impact on teamfights. His Gnar in Game 2 was strong in the early and mid game, too. But then the late game hit, and they lost a teamfight and Baron, which gave up full control over the game. That seemed to break their will a bit, as their play in Game 3 was extremely off. They gave up kill after kill onto Mystic's Kog'Maw, which was the center of their whole composition. For his part, 957 had no impact at all with a 0/4/1 KDA. While their playoff spot is safe, this was certainly a poor loss for the strong team.
Pressured in top lane during loss
July 7, 2017
957 finished WE's loss to Flash Wolves on Friday with a lackluster 1/3/4 KDA.
The top lane simply where the action was at in this game, but even in the 1-vs-1, 957 came up short. While he was up in farm in the early portions of the game, this didn't last the entire time. When his team was ahead, he did make some nice plays, however. He used his Teleport effectively to pick up a kill in the bot lane, but once he went back up to his lane, things started to fall apart for him. He was pressured a ton by Flash Wolves and ended up losing the lane. MMD took down more of 957's towers, which gave FW a sizable gold lead that they eventually pushed to a win.
Lowest death total in one-sided loss
July 7, 2017
957 finished WE's loss to SKT with a 1/2/0 KDA as Rumble.
Not much can be said for this game as SKT were dominant against WE. 957 gave away the least amount of deaths on his team and finished the game with 50 percent kill participation. He picked up WE's first kill of the game in the 11th minute, but could do nothing more as SKT snowballed quickly.
Solid utility tank play in series win
June 24, 2017
957 posted a KDA of 1/0/18 in Team WE's 2-0 series sweep of I May on Thursday in the LPL.
957 had a solid performance in Game 1 as Shen, playing the utility tank well as WE took a minor early game lead. While IM would pull ahead slightly, 957 was a rock in teamfights, posting a 0/0/10 KDA as he helped WE, and specifically Mystic's Caitlyn, blast through I May in a 37-minute Game 1. 957 returned to another utility, CC-heavy tank in Gragas for Game 2, where he was more of a bystander as the rest of WE went ham across the map. Only managing a 1/0/8 KDA, 957 didn't need to do much as WE surged to an easy 32-minute win.
Struggles in loss to G2
May 22, 2017
957 ended Team WE's loss to G2 with a 10/12/19 combined KDA.
957 found things difficult throughout the series against G2. He ended Game 1 with a 1/3/4 KDA as Gragas and followed in Game 2 with a 1/3/3 KDA as Rumble. He struggled in both games to impact teamfights as WE dropped the opening two games of the series. His best performance came in Game 3, finishing with a 5/1/9 KDA as Shen, but in Game 4 he ended with a 3/5/3 KDA as Kled. Overall, 957 struggled to really impact the series as Team WE crashed out of the tournament.
Takes down GAM
May 19, 2017
957 finished Day 5's win over GAM with a 3/3/7 KDA as Fizz.
Despite being killed twice in the opening four minutes of the game, 957 rebounded to help WE to an easy win. He picked off Stark for WE's first kill and picked up a kill during a 4-vs-4 fight in the mid game. He had six assists and a kill in the game's three teamfights, helping WE dominate 5-vs-5 situations en route to the victory.
Unable to make things work with Gragas against SKT
May 15, 2017
957 earned a 2/2/2 KDA on Gragas in WE's defeat against SKT on Thursday.
Although 957 was able to play decently well for his team throughout their game against SKT, he wasn't able to do quite enough to claim a victory. Starting off by keeping the gold even until the later stages of the game, it seemed as though he would transition to the late game nicely and bring his team a convincing victory. After getting sufficiently tanky, he found himself unable to make an impact in teamfights, failing to find a strong initiation onto the enemy team, allowing them to kite around and win teamfights. Shortly after, SKT was able to secure a second Baron, with 957 unable to contest. As a result, SKT was able to quickly close the game out in 33 minutes.
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