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Reportedly signs with FlyQuest
April 13, 2018
Santorin has been signed by FlyQuest as their starting jungler for the 2018 Summer Split, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN Esports.
After being benched by H2k during the Spring Split, it looks like Santorin is on his way back to North America. FlyQuest is looking to revamp their roster after a lackluster Spring Split and think that Santorin will give them the best chance at success. While the player is European, he falls under Riot exception as he is one of 10 players who claimed North America as his permanent residence despite this not being his original home. As a result of this signing, AnDa has been benched.
Benched after poor start
February 9, 2018
Santorin has been benched after a rough start to the season, lolesports reports.
Santorin will move to a reserve role as Caedrel, who lost his mid lane role to Selfie, moves to the jungle. Santorin has had a rough start to the season, resulting in a 1-5 start for H2k. Santorin will be benched for the foreseeable future as H2k try to fight their way off the bottom of the table in the EU LCS.
Unkillable despite one-sided loss
February 2, 2018
Santorin ended Friday's loss to UoL with a 0/0/3 KDA as Zac.
Santorin finished the game involved in all of his team's kills, leading H2k with three assists. Despite the high kill participation and deathless performance, Santorin struggled to make plays, eventually leading to H2k's downfall.
Sets up double digit kills
January 20, 2018
Santorin ended Saturday's win over Fnatic with a 1/3/10 KDA as Jarvan IV.
Santorin was heavily involved during H2k's upset win over Fnatic on Saturday. He ended the game involved in 11 of 13 kills, leading H2k with 10 assists. His use of Flag n' Drag and Cataclysm set up double digit kills to help H2k dominate teamfights throughout the game.
Little impact in one-sided loss
January 19, 2018
Santorin finished Day 1 of the EU LCS with a 1/3/1 KDA as Kha'zix.
Santorin had almost no impact on the game as Vitality snowballed from a very early stage en route to beating H2K. Santorin was involved in two of three kills, finishing second on the team with one kill and one assist.
Unable to push lanes ahead in loss
April 3, 2017
In Gold Coin United's 2-3 series loss to Team EnVyUs, Santorin posted a 10/11/17 KDA.
One of the best junglers in the Challenger Series (a somewhat-unfair label since he was an LCS player), Santorin is a lot like LirA in terms of being the catalyst for his team to snowball to early-game success. However, Santorin likes to focus on Drake control and not being too aggressive in order to prevent unnecessary deaths from being his fault. He affected lanes well, but he didn't match LirA's pressure in the top side of the map, instead choosing to help his ADC and support. The results were varied, and when it worked in favor of GCU, it won the game. His teamfighting was good enough, and his early jungle pathing was great, considering the constant counter-jungling pressure by LirA. Also like LirA, Santorin suffers from not opting to play tank junglers. This is more of a feast-or-famine gamble for Santorin because he simply isn't as talented as LirA.
Free Agent
Performs well, given the circumstances
November 29, 2016
Santorin ended the 2016 NA LCS Summer Split with an 80/66/263 KDA.
One part of the former TSM squad that won the IEM World Championship, Santorin's had a rough time of it in 2016. After being predictably let go by TSM, Santorin played a split in the EU CS before being picked up by NRG for summer. Over the course of the split, he played the most games by far on Rek'Sai, on whom he had an impressive 8.57 KDA ratio, despite winning less than a third of his games on the champion. In fact, although NRG finished 9th in the regular split, Santorin still managed to break into the top ten players in terms of KDA, making him probably NRG's strongest player in the summer. Still, he was consistently outplayed in the jungle by players like Svenskeren, Reignover and Meteos, and usually couldn't do remotely enough to take wins, partially due to the fact that this NRG roster just never seemed to gel much at all. After being swept in two straight series in the Spring Promotion tournament, Santorin was released from NRG along with the rest of the team.
Has contract with NRG terminated
August 11, 2016
Santorin has been let go from NRG following the team's relegation to the Challenger Series, reports Jacob Wolf of ESPN.
When NRG lost to Echo Fox on Sunday, it was not only the end of the team's run in the LCS, but the end of the players' run with NRG. This was due to a clause in their contracts that allowed for their lawful termination should they ever be relegated from the LCS. All hope is not lost for Santorin, though, as he is said to be in high demand after having his best split to date. He is reportedly open to all offers from both North America and Europe, but he would wish to stay in North America.
Takes a game off top tier TSM
August 1, 2016
Santorin ended Sunday's series loss against Team SoloMid with an 11/6/23 KDA.
Santorin had a rough Game 1, even though he earned first blood on Doublelift when he countered Svenskeren's counter-jungle and caught out three TSM members. This strong start disintegrated when NRG could not gain any objectives or map control from their early game lead and the gold advantage was entirely negated by the fact that Santorin was being run around the map by Svenskeren. Santorin fell behind by almost 40 CS in the jungle, and was being triple buffed well into mid game. He could barely show his face in the side lanes because if Sven was there to counter, Santorin was as good as gone. In Game 2, Santorin avoided falling into the same trap, keeping up with Svenskeren and even surpassing him by finding successful ganks on Hauntzer and Bjergsen. He played Olaf and found a great deal of success tunneling for Doublelift and eliminating him before the fight began. He took this success into Game 3 and was overly aggressive because of it, running straight for the backline even when his team wasn't in position and would get taken down by the entirety of TSM's collapse. Santorin seemed desperate to make plays, aggressively turret diving and ganking and bleeding kills because of it.
Unable to control neutral objectives throughout series
July 31, 2016
Santorin played well on his way to earning a 9/5/21 KDA, but it wasn't enough to best Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday.
Santorin focused his efforts on ganking and trying to get his teammates advantages in lane throughout the series. While it worked out well sometimes, it mainly let Xmithie control the neutral objectives as Counter Logic Gaming didn't give up a dragon buff throughout the series. The only neutral objective Santorin got for NRG was a Baron buff late in Game 2, and it was an important one as that helped seal their victory and force a Game 3. Besides the lack of neutral objective control, Santorin played well in teamfights and had one of the better kill participations on NRG eSports. Santorin will have his work cutout for himself on Sunday as NRG takes on Team SoloMid in their final game of the split.
Can't protect backline from threats
July 25, 2016
Santorin earned a 4/4/4 KDA in NRG eSports' series loss to Team Liquid on Sunday.
Santorin tried a tank, followed by a damage carry jungler in the series and neither were very successful. In Game 1, he finished with a 1/1/3 KDA on Rek'Sai. Santorin tried his best to engage and peel during teamfights, but neither seemed to help. Team Liquid had too much dive and it allowed them to disrupt NRG eSports' backline during teamfights. NRG eSports kept things close for the first half of the Game 1, but fell apart quickly in the second half. Santorin tried Graves in Game 2 and finished with a 3/3/1 KDA. He had the second most damage dealt to champions for NRG eSports, but still had no answer for Team Liquid's ability to pounce on the backline and take out the other damage carries. Team Liquid started to run away with a gold lead in the second half of Game 2 as NRG eSports failed to put together a winning teamfight. NRG eSports has struggled against the top tier teams all split, but they'll have a couple more chances to change that in Week 9 as they face Counter Logic Gaming and Team SoloMid.
Tries to outpace Reignover in his own jungle
July 24, 2016
Santorin finished 7/3/10 KDA after NRG eSports' loss to Immortals.
Santorin had a decent performance in Friday's series, despite the 0-2 loss, coming out with a 5.67 KDA ratio and an 81 percent kill participation. He started off very strong, catching Reignover on his weak side trying for a greedy start. Santorin not only forced Reignover off the blue, slowing the Nidalee's clear time considerably, but also set up a collapse on Huni who had tried to stay in top lane and helped Ohq pick up first blood. After this early play, however, Santorin had no more ganks, and was unable to stop Pobelter and the rest of Immortals from shifting lanes and finding their own ganks. NRG struggled to control the map or to predict where IMT was going to pop up, and so they were always late to defending their members from ganks. Santorin helped his team find several catches, such as Pobelter being too far up in mid lane or Huni wandering into the jungle, but even when those plays went well, NRG was not gaining real map advantage off of them. When they secured the Baron and decided to fight instead of flee, the eventual ace spelled the end of NRG. In Game 2, Santorin found first blood ganking for Ohq again, helping save his duo from a matchup that was already starting to bully them. Again, however, Santorin was not making proactive movements and was instead trying to react when IMT showed themselves going for a gank. Sometimes it worked out because IMT left themselves in precarious positions, but more often it meant that Immortals had more members in ready positions to fight off the NRG members that came in one by one from all different directions. Santorin simply could not control the map and NRG's lack of pressure and vision spelled their downfall as they chased directly into Immortals' traps.
Superb Game 1 of sweep against Team Envy
July 17, 2016
Santorin earned a 4/1/17 KDA in NRG eSports series sweep of Team Envy on Saturday.
Santorin had a spectacular Game 1 on Rek'Sai as he finished with a 3/0/13 KDA. He made a good gank early for GBM and got him first blood as well as putting him ahead in lane. Santorin was great in teamfights throughout the game and finished with the second highest kill participation. NRG eSports really dominated in Game 1, but had a slow start in Game 2. Santorin wasn't able to make a huge impact in the early teamfights, but played safe and contributed when he could. NRG eSports fell behind in the second half, but were able to turn things around after winning a teamfight over Baron. The Baron buff was enough for NRG eSports to group and push their way into Team Envy's base. Santorin's only death of Game 2 would come as NRG eSports knocked down the bottom lane inhibitor en route to finishing off the match.
Outmaneuvered by Inori in loss to Phoenix1
July 17, 2016
Santorin went down to Phoenix1 and scored an 8/5/17 KDA.
Santorin had a variable series, finishing with a KDA ratio of three and a 78 percent kill participation. In Game 1 on Gragas, Santorin gave up first blood when he was caught in the topside jungle by a four-man P1 squad. This set the tone for an underwhelming performance. Santorin had some technically solid plays that didn't pan out because his team was scattered by P1's stronger engage and damage output. He was again caught by the Braum ultimate at a Dragon fight and when it ended, he used his ultimate to separate out Zig and Inori from the rest of the team. Despite that positive result, the timing on when he managed to throw the ultimate was so late that all it did was send the tanks closer towards his fleeing, low health teammates and left him with the damage dealers to die. Game 2 went a lot smoother, as he pulled out the damage-dealing Graves instead of a utility pick and having the extra carry around really helped out NRG's teamfight. Because Quas was such an effective tank, NRG just needed to dish out as much damage to P1 as they could in a short time, and Santorin accomplished this brilliantly. Not to mention his ganking, which was also quite smooth, helping GBM pick up first blood on Inori, getting Quas a kill on Zig in top, and then moving down to the bottom for the counter gank after P1's tower dive went too long. In Game 3, Santorin's effectiveness began to taper off because Phoenix was no longer looking for teamfights, and the damage heavy Graves found himself a bit useless in the rotation and defending turrets game. He failed to exert any control over Dragon, and the stack of Mountain Drakes gave P1 the pressure they needed to take the Baron and then the game.
Little production in series loss
July 11, 2016
Santorin earned a 2/2/10 KDA in NRG eSports' series loss to Cloud9 on Sunday.
Santorin put together a so-so Game 1 on Rek'Sai, finishing with a 0/0/2 KDA. While his stats weren't the great, that was more a result of team as a whole being pretty inept in this game, as his two assists gave him 100 percent kill participation. He did his best to help losing lanes, but wasn't able to keep up with Jensen roaming on Taliyah. In Game 2, Santorin picked the damage carry jungler, Graves, and finished with a 2/2/8 KDA. While he managed to keep his deaths down, he also tied for the lowest kill participation on NRG eSports. NRG eSports managed to get an ace late on Cloud9, but all it did was delay them from getting Baron and finishing the series.
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